Fall Makeup Look: Glitter Eyes Brown Lips

Fall Makeup Look: Glitter Eyes Brown Lips

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Today, I am doing a Fall makeup look withglitter eyes and a smokey brown lip.

I hope that you'll enjoy, let's get rightinto the video! To get started I am going to apply my NYXjumbo pencil in milk.

And that is going to help prime my eyelinerand also um, allow the vibrant colors to pop through.

Just making sure that I blend that in.

Now I'm gonna go ahead and take this lightbrown shade from my MAC palette, and I'm gonna put that right in, well right above my creaseas a transition color.

I'm just applying a very light applicationof it, I just want it to be there for the transition.

Next I'm gonna go in with this dark burgundycolor, it actually is a little bit darker on my eyes than it is in the palette.

And I'm going to use that as my base for today.

I"m just patting that on to allow a lot ofthe color to transfer.

Next I"m going in with um, another color frommy MAC palette it is sort of a mixture between a light brown and gray color and I"m gonnaput that right in my crease.

Next I"m going in with my Kiss um, lash adhesiveand this is what I'm going to use to adhere my glitter.

I am using this glitter from my Mineral Lustreum, loose pigment eyeshadow Trio.

It comes with um, this gold glitter, a veryvibrant gold loose shadow and another dark color.

Now I'm gonna go into MAC's Rice Cake andthat's what I'm gonna use, I mean Rice Paper excuse me, and that's what I'm gonna use tohighlight underneath my brow.

Now I'm going in with my Smashbox Photo FinishFoundation Primer to prime all of um the areas.

And I almost forgot to go ahead and make mywinged liner, I'm using the Maybelline Master Precise Curvy um liquid eyeliner marker.

And it is so much easier, this is actuallymy first time using this marker and I don't think I"m gonna use any other liquid linerfrom now on.

It is THAT good! Oh and it's very inexpensive just so you guyswill know, I think this um, I got it from Target, and it was about $6 I believe whereI am here in Chicago.

By the way guys this glitter got EVERYWHERE,I don't know if you guys can tell, its in my hair.

Next I'm going in with my BH Cosmetics liquidfoundation, I really cannot tell you guys what number this is but this shade is actuallyjust a little bit darker than my skin tone, but I am going to set it with the Ruby Kissesum, foundation, like a um um, pressed powder and that's a little bit lighter so, its gonnakinda even out.

Right here I'm just patting it in with mymakeup beauty blender.

And I"m just applying the Ruby Kisses pressedfoundation powder.

I believe this one is in coffee.

Then I'm gonna go ahead and apply my lashes,applying lashes is really difficult for me, but um, I mean it's gotten a lot easier, butthese are just some Kiss lashes that I got, um, from Walgreens.

Now I'm going in with my LA Girl Pro Concealerin Warm Honey to highlight.

I'm going to blend that in with my BeautyBlender so that it is smoothed out and it actually doesn't make me look like a clown.

Ok now I'm gonna go ahead and set that undereye highlighter with my ELF translucent powder.

Gonna set all of the areas that I just highlightedso that it doesn't start to crease, because for some reason the LA Girl Pro Concealerdoes start to crease, for me at least.

Now I'm going in with my um, Estee LauderHigh/Lo Stylo Contour Highlight pencil and this is in medium and deep.

And I'm just using MAC Blunt to contour mynose.

I think my husband was talking to me rightthere.

I'm just going ahead and blending that allin.

Now I'm just getting all of that extra powder,the translucent powder off my face.

I am using Dior um Dior Show in Blackout mascarato blend my lashes with the falsies as well as on my bottom lashes.

Now I'm applying MAC Frost um blush and thisis in Hipness.

To just the apples of my cheeks.

And this is Essence um from the brand Essenceit is a um highlighter.

And its cream to powder, its a cream to powderhighlighter.

By the way all of the um, products that Iam mentioning is in the description box below, so you guys can go ahead and check that outif you um cause there's probably some things that I missed.

Ok now to line my lips, going with the Essencebrand again I am using the lip liner in Honey Berry.

And I am going in with MAC's Antique Velvetas my lipstick for today.

And its actually like a dark brown but forsome reason, its coming off kinda like a wine color on here.

Now I'm just using my NYX Dewy Finish LongLasting Setting spray to finish up the makeup.

And I decided at the last minute that I wantedto go ahead and use that dark burgundy color from the MAC palette, to go underneath myeyes.

Right on the lash line.

And the look is actually complete, I hopethat you guys enjoyed this look if you do please give me a thumbs up and, don't forgetto share and subscribe thank you so much!.

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