EYELINER & LIP TATTOO a PRUEBA | Funciona??? | Lizy P

EYELINER & LIP TATTOO a PRUEBA | Funciona??? | Lizy P

I wear glasses on and I know you know what does that mean yes, yes sir today we will try things we will test things in this laboratory Let's go there to time Hello everyone How are you going today I hope you're Super good I'm fine Thank you I was so glad to see you again and if it is the first time you pass my channel because.

Hello! Your welcome.

and I encourage you to subscribe in the little button below to not miss any videos and join the fun And in today's video we will test some things Today, here in my little laboratory we will test some products that you know that I am some time doing this series of products we test something to see if it works or does not work.

I wear glasses because it looks much more professional in plan, laboratory, but it goes right ?.

na Today we will test these products that you see here are tattoos or tattoos, stickers basically for lips and also eye liner as lately seen a lot these things on pinterest instagram also I have seen a lot and I really wanted to try it to see if it works I especially wanted to try eyeliner that is what I see most practical this not at all.

I have received many comments from girls telling me that I've already seen 50 800 thousand youtube tutorials on eyeliner and still not leave me Well then perhaps that may be the solution for occasionally if you fancy.

Oh, I lost one! So today we will try some of these things that you know here in my channel I like to try everything to see if it works and give it a pass or fail.

If you think, let's get started! Let's start with the eyeliner, I have no idea how it is used but hey, let's see.

All this I think to buy it for ebay or amazon do not remember, let's open it.

Accordingly we have to start with clean, dry skin I have no eye makeup just a little mascara, but I'm also good clean the lid well.

I think this eye test first, yes, because if I close this, bad going because of this I see nothing but this goes.

There are all these, I think I'll try eeeste here which is the average here it seems like there are tiny marks I'll follow I'll cut it I could cut it, it took me a little perhaps because the scissors also very large but.

ssss has not been very practical that the truth.

We will remove part because it is transparent, see, valee'll see now.

this is supposed to be stuck here Okay.

NO !, below, I got it, I got it.

And theoretically have to dip a algodoncito in some water, okay, you have to pass it through all this Not if it takes too long to be transferred and is now supposed to peel take this, see, Ohh!.

Wow, I can see? If it worked! It has not been perfect but I think it's more my fault because I did not know how he had to put it.

Maybe a little more down because I do not know if you can see that being a little skin well, is not bad.

I will try to let me in the other eye, to see that such Oh !, go, what do you think ?, Well, the truth is that is not bad, eh you surprised me I not really thought it would work and I was surprised I think this is something that can easily be fixed, because it's a little pencil, simply, and fills the gaps that may have not been well but good shape you have done and that is what sometimes costs the way, right? Hacérsela well, because I think with this we have done and the way is nothing wrong.

I'll see if a little filling it looks good and presentable and I'll give my verdict whether it works, right back.

Well, I've filled the buequecitos and I've put a little mascara and I have to say I'm pretty surprised, I like, I quite like it and see that nothing was convinced.

I'll give you my honest opinion I think it's pretty good about the fact that if, for example you can not very well give delinearte because it is an option, not every day but perhaps once you say you are that want me a lot and not me delinearme out, for good it is a good choice.

As a negative point I would say that you entertain a little to clear perhaps to be the first time did not know how read my instructions and it worked exactly you are equal is also difficult but like all I think it's a matter of practice when you have already made a couple times I think in the beginning because you can go fast.

But for those who already you know do because I believe it is not necessary then in short and watching the results I have to say that for me it works, yes sir for those times when someone does not want to carry it works if it works quite well.

Now that we've tried the eyeliner and we have led a pleasant surprise, or I'm at least going to try the lip tattoo.

And I took two models obviously there are different models, there are also different patterns There are smooth, with dots of different colors.

I opted for those that are not too discreet, I know, but I thought good, overall what does it matter, if I will not see anyone (RISA) and is not something that I will put to go to the street then why not, I'll opt for these.

Here are the instructions and here tells you more or less, we will try to more or less the instructions are quite similar to what we have put here then I do not think that it is very difficult.

He is going to go first upper lip, valee, and here as a kind of lines that are supposed to It is where you have to cut it in terms of, your lips, your lips far.

Here tells you.

to see, a must try doing a form of "A" relaxing our mouth the lips slightly noticeable rare little weird, does not hurt or anything, but as well as the eyes, nor notice here note, rare, it has been twisted me is a little above though this, this lip is much more difficult than the eye without doubt but hey, I'll try the bottom to see how it goes.


So this is the result and I've applied on the lips It looks a little weird, MJM.

I will give my vedericto.

I think, work, work because it fulfills its function, lips are noticed a little weird and a bit difficult to put on.

Honestly for such an occasion you want, get something strange as it may be fine.

I for honestly the day day, do not see, I see it at all practical, then I have to say that I'm going to give Unnn.

half works, it works because its function does well but I do not I see practical honestly see much more practical as eye I prefer just to paint the lips and order and this, this pattern is funny, I obviously did not take to the street another pattern would be much more discreet.

Really I do not know what such duration as to put it there about four to eight hours so if you think and if you want what I have to do is be here for a while I'll eat something and in a little while I return to see how it is and I I explain my final verdict shall we? it comes in a little while we are.

Hoola, has spent about an hour and a half or 2 hours after recording the video and and We have dined, right Micky? (LAUGHTER) I'm here a little sitting on the couch, I have dined well and carefully with knife and fork is not that I have eaten a sandwich or something like that and I have to say that on the outside looks fine but inside there, I mean, this whole part right here has taken off, I I'll teach closely everything is well, is super uncomfortable, in short, everything that is skinning and true for me is not comfortable and that it's only been two hours and there was written that could take as long as 4 or 8 then for me honestly, it has not liked anything and I can not find anything practical truth.

Nothing, boys and girls, that's all for today I hope you liked this video, I bring you entertained, just you there indeed have a good time.

I honestly I've had good, I liked to test these two products If you liked this video and have had a good time please do not leave are to give me a I like I like very big because you know it makes me very happy and show me that you like my videos and follow and what You want to continue making new videos.

By the way these are my networks social that I have Snapchat, finally I've done Snapchat, you can follow me here because I'm catching up and I was like, well, do different videos out there by Snapchat that you may know me a bit more.

And finally this is all I hope in the next video to be in very little and please do not falléiss because I'll be as long but much would throw a lot of less so in very little (blows a kiss) Adiooos!.

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