Eyeliner Hacks for Beginners! | Tina Yong

Eyeliner Hacks for Beginners! | Tina Yong

Hey guys it's Tina here, welcome back tomy channel.

Today's hack episode is all about EYELINER! Do you guys have the problem where youreyeliner transfers or smudges throughout the day? Well I've got a good hack for you.

To prevent your eyeliner from smudging it's a good idea to use a eyeshadow primer.

I likeusing the Urban Decay potion primer and I just pop out all over the areas of mylid especially where I'm going to apply liner, top and bottom.

After thatI'm going to set it with my Laura Mercier translucent powder.

This is going to helpset the eyeshadow base and also keep it in place and remove any oil residuewhich makes the eyeliner smudge even more Another great tip to help your eyelinerstay on for longer is to set it was the same colored eyeshadow as the liner.

So here Iused a black eyeliner so I'm going to set it with a black eye shadow.

You could also use theeyeshadow to create a faded gradient cat eye All you do is use the shadow to smoke out the ends.

The next tip I have for you will make it easier for you to draw on your liner.

Today I'm using a liquidliner and only gonna do draw dashes along my lash line.

Then your just go into connect the dots to form one line It's easier to draw a line bit bybit instead of drawing one long line.

Now I'm sure you've seen in this hackbut I'm going to included it just in case you haven't.

Basically you just usetape to do a winged liner.

So here I have piece of tape and all I'm going to do isjust to stick it diagonally to where I want my winged liner to sit.

Then I'm gonnago ahead and draw in my winged liner, extending itout as far as I want.

The tape helps act like a guide so that your liner is straight and perfect when you peel it off.

What if you ran out of our eyeliner? If you have mascara that'll do the trick.

Simple dip your eyeliner brush into the mascaraand use it as a liquid liner.

For those of you who are starting to wear eyelinerand do make the occasional mistakes here and there don't worry, I've got a reallygood tip for you.

I suggest you stock up up on these little baby cotton tips.

They're muchsmaller than the regular ones and all I do is dip into a makeup remover.

HereI'm using the Bioderma and because it is so small it's really precise and you canjust rub off any mistakes.

Another option is to use concealer.

Youjust want to cover where you've smudged the liner and just clean up the look.

This is gonna help sharpen up the liner and make it look more precise.

Now if want to turn yourregular winged liner to something a bit more fancy, try using a glitter liner.

For my look I'm just going to place it on the ends on top of the black liner.

It just adds a little bit of the sparkle.

This next hack is one of my favorite ones.

Basically if you've applied your eyeshadows and your eye makeup and you want to skip the eyeliner step because you're going to wearing lashes, pick a pair of lashes with a thicker lash band.

TodayI'm using the Thrive Causemetics lashes in Robin As you can see this pair hasa thicker lash band which is gonna help create that eyeliner effect once you applythe lashes.

So you can pretty much skip the eyeliner step and apply those lashes andvoila! This is a great tip for those lazy girls out there.

If you have lighter colored eyes like blue eyes and you find that black liner is a bit too harsh try using a brown eyeliner This is really day time look.

Also ifyou find that using black liner on your lower lash line is a bit too harsh substitute your eyeliner with a browneyeshadow.

This is gonna help your make up a little more daytime appropriate andmuch more natural.

Finally my last hack for you used to replace your white eyelinerwith a nude liner.

You know how if you want to look more awake and brighten up youreyes, you apply a lighter color? Get rid of the white and substitut it fornude linger.

It's gonna look much more natural.

If you want to add a pop of color and don't want to do use crazy colored eye shadows you can just use of bright colored liner on yourwaterline.

That it's another one of my hack episodes.

I'm thinking of doing ahair hack or maybe a eye shadow hack episode next.

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