Eyeliner By Sephora – Fingertip

Eyeliner By Sephora – Fingertip

Hi everyone I hope you are well.

Today we are left to a new video, and I'll talk about the new Sephora eyeliner so the Fingertip which looks like this.

I loved the concept of the blow does draw his line Eyeliner with his finger, I thought ahhh I must go at Sephora, and I bought it for testing.

In addition it's been years that I use my cake and my angled brush and frankly it is quite enough to me so I'm not going elsewhere.

And therefore it might be the right opportunity to reconcile with brush to style because the base I do not really like these brushes and I was never too comfortable with these brushes.

When my video will be published you will probably received discounts at Sephora for Mother's Day.

I had it coming like this.

You have 25% of your perfume and 20% on your favorite product, and bag offered end they do it every time.

It may be good opportunity to go Sephora at the same time for your mom and you.

When I go to Sephora there was an advertisement behind the eyeliners that said it was quite fast and simple, you have a line in less than 2 minutes.

So we'll see if it's as simple as that knowing that I really not used to these brushes to.

So we start right away with eyeliner.

The brush looks like this.

Start with the right eye, the eye or personally I have no worries.

The right eye is now finished and it gives this.

So we will go to the left side, that side I hate, I always much harder to make up that side, why? I do not know but it's true that I put a lot more time.

Tell me if you do that you done the same? Because frankly I feel a bit lonely sometimes.

Lets' go.

Here I finished the left too, so it This gives.

I also forgot to tell you so just before there is a small catalog for promotions for Mother's Day and they talk to you eyeliner and marked it.

Simple Fast, the fingertip precision eyeliner after fingers.

For eyeliner, really top, right it is accurate it is simple quick yes, good for just under my left side but that, that is my business.

I hope this are not you.

The color is matte it dries quickly.

Frankly I like.

So you can find it in all Sephora 6.

95 € and there are 5 colors, brown, purple, blue, gray and black.

It is the one I used, I did not test the other colors because they are not colors I usually met.

I think it could reconcile some people with eyeliner, especially those who are unable or those who have never tried, tested it because of the sudden you are really precise, it is really tested.

So here the video is finished I hope you enjoyed it, leave me a comment if you have already tested this eyeliner or if you counted the test, it really would make me happy to read your comments and respond.

See you next and I you huge kisses.

Source: Youtube