Hello everyone and this is the champagne J.

In this video im going to show you how to do daily makeup.

Powder Brush stiff, Ji brush Lip Brush start by applying the foundation.

Application Basically I'm using stiffling brush.

When using stiffling brush, be sure to Use it in a circular motion and not the pressure at the bottom of the brush like this.

So once the base is spread evenly, you can take a little bit more with your finger and Use it as a concealer under the eye.

Instead of the use of hidden and this will help you For more coverage.

Once we're done with this we brush on some Lose powder for more than stipulated in the foundation.

After the application of powder your lose you're ready To apply some mascara.

Only about 1 or 2 coats.

Just a little bit more on the bottom line of eyelashes.

You may also want to take eyebrow pencil and just fill in the eyebrows a bit.

Now we are going to apply a little bit of blush to the apple cheeks.

When the red cheeks of your application you can go in a circular motion in an upward direction.

Now we fill in the lips with some lip gloss.

You can use brighter colors if you love for Brighter color is just going to make the whole pop look.

And it has a very clean, very simple and very very sweet look to do.

It is also very suitable For people who love the makeup but not bold enough or adventurous enough to do a very large number The things.

With this we can do.

This view is very, very simple and straight forward to do.

10 minutes, and you're ready To go to work.

Very stylish throughout the day and frills are very very easy.

A little Lose a little bit of powder, and a sign on a little lip gloss, and will continue throughout the day.

Im champagne J.

Thank you for watching.

Source: Youtube