Everyday Makeup Tutorial in Under 5 Minutes | COVERGIRL & BeautyPolice101

Everyday Makeup Tutorial in Under 5 Minutes | COVERGIRL & BeautyPolice101

Hey, guys.

It's Sarah.

I'm here with CoverGirl to show you howto get this five-minute makeup routine.

Let's get started.

So I'm starting out myfive-minute makeup routine by using my CoverGirlTrue Blend foundation.

I'm just going to pump thison the back of my hand, dot it on the high points of myface and also on problem areas.

And I'm just going to blend that evenly.

This is helping toeven out my complexion and give my face a nice, natural look.

This is very light coverage.

It's very good for everyday–especially if you're just in a hurry.

And then next, I will be applyingmy True Blend Fix Stick Concealer.

And I'll be applying this under myeyes and on any other problem areas.

I like to make a V shaperight underneath my eye.

I really like the look it gives.

I'm also applying this to my eyelidsto kind of work as an eye shadow base and just even out mycomplexion a little more.

And just using yourconcealer as both steps will really save you a lot of time.

And then I'm just blendingthat in with my fingers.

Since it is five minutes, I'mjust going to skip the contouring and highlighting.

I'm going straight toblush in this look, and I'm going to be usingmy CoverGirl Cheeker Blush and just applying it tothe apples of my cheeks to give my face a little bit of color.

I'm going to be applying aneutral eyeshadow to my lid.

By applying a neutral eyeshadow to yourlid, it takes away all the excess oil, and it won't make youreyeliner smudge later on.

Using just one shade ofeyeshadow is a really simple way to get up, get ready,and get out the door.

And it still makes you feel a littlemore put together than normal.

Next, I'm taking my CoverGirl PerfectPoint Plus in the shade Expresso and just lining in a very thinline on my upper lash line and blending that out a little bit.

Since this is a very easylook for the daytime, I went with brown insteadof black, because I feel like black is more likea vibrant, nighttime color.

And I just wanted to be a littlemore put together than usual.

So I'm taking the back, thesmudger part of this eyeliner, and just blending it in alittle bit so it's not so bold.

With this, I'm looking fordefinition without the hard line.

I'm going to lock in the eye look reallyfast with my CoverGirl Blue Mascara.

I love this mascara because itgives more of a natural look, which is perfect for the daytime.

And that is it for the eye look.

And to finish this wholelook, I'm just going to be applying a simple lip gloss.

I chose the CoverGirlColorlicious Lip Gloss.

This is in the shade ofBerrylicious, and I'm just going to do a quickapplication and be on my way.

I picked this lip gloss colorfor my five-minute makeup routine because it's not a darkcolor that you can mess up.

It's very easy and simple to apply.

So that's it for myfive-minute makeup routine.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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