Everyday Flawless Makeup Tutorial with My Favorite AFFORDABLE Products

Everyday Flawless Makeup Tutorial with My Favorite AFFORDABLE Products

– Hey everyone! I'm Melea from Freebies 2 Deals.

I know it's kind of scary,seeing me without makeup on.

I've had so many of youask me what my favorite beauty products are andwhat I'm using on my face.

So today I'm gonna break itdown, show you what I'm using, and how you can save money on all of it.

(upbeat electronic music) In order to achieve a flawlessface, you have to have your skin and it has to be moisturized.

Um, I actually use a nightcream as my day cream because my skin is that dry.

This is the No.

7 Protect andPerfect Intense Night Cream.

You can get it at Target,you can get it at Ulta, um, and it's very inexpensivecompared to other products in this same genre.

So when readers have askedme how I get my makeup to stay on, and make itlook smooth and perfect and flawless, it's primer, guys.

You have to use a primer.

Your makeup stays on, it doesn't settle in your fine lines and wrinklesthat you have on your face, it's great.

This is the Smashbox Photofinish Primer.

It's the one that I like, it's oil free.

Um, this is the one I keep going back to, even after I've tried others.

There's another one thatI've recently tried, um, IT Cosmetics, it's theirSerum Collagen Veil Anti-Aging Primer.

This stuff smells amazing,I'm not gonna lie, it smells super good.

Um, I think this is probablymore to help your skin heal and a little bit of a primer.

I'm not sure if it works asgood as this, but I've just been using both at the same time.

(audio sped up so speech is indiscernible) Um, and then we're gonna do Smashbox next.

So, this is silicon-based,so I use about that much, hopefully you can see.

It's about a pea-sized amount.

My face, if you have anyimperfections like I do, I have one right here,and I have one right here, make sure that you get that over there.

You might need to get a littleextra to help cover those, because remember, thisis kind of like a primer, like when you paint a wall,so it's going to fill in all of those little issues that you have.

Okay, this is my newestand latest greatest find.

It is IT Cosmetics CC Cream.

If you don't know whatCC cream is, it stands for color correction.

I want you guys to look at my face, okay? I have absolutely no makeup on.

Um, it's like the older I'vegotten, I've had discoloring, pigmentation, um, like, itjust isn't the same, right? Like these are old like,blemishes, that have totally healed, but have stayed red.

Like all of those thingsthat I still have on my face that you know, you didn'thave when you were younger.

Um, CC cream is what you need.

I feel like every woman needs this.

And I bought probably six,um, I'm gonna do one squirt, I probably bought aboutsix or seven different CC creams that everyonehad said was the best.

This one by far is the best,and I tried all of them and I returned the restto Ulta because they have a 60-day return policy,even if you use the product.

So, this one is the best for sure.

Let me show you what it does.

This has been a game-changer for me.

If you guys buy one thing, it's this.

So on my last Instagrampost that I did, I had a lot of you guys ask me what foundation I use.

So, a few years ago Iheard about the Temptu airbrush machine, thisis what it looked like, or looks like, um, it wasawesome for a bunch of years.

The last year or so, it justkinda hasn't been working very well, and I was gettingsuper frustrated, so, like I said, I went to Ulta,and I spent probably $300 on foundations and CC creams,trying to find the best one and I was almost crying, thereis no foundation out there that I found that does whatan airbrush machine does.

Um, and I wasn't sure ifI was ready to try, like, another brand, like Dinair,I know some people use.

Um, but I really want afoundation that's silicon-based because if you don't, oryou get an airbrush machine, that's water-based, ifit rains, it washes off, it leaves streaks on your face.

So, that's not what you want (laughs).

So, I like Temptu becauseit's silicon-based um, and so when it does rain, it stays on.

Now, they came out with this.

It is their Air, so it's the Temptu AIR.

There is no cord, guys, no cord.

But you don't really haveto charge it that often, which I thought was awesome.

I just used the normalcharge and it lasted, gosh, a week, maybe a week and a half before I had to charge it again.

(faint mechanical whirring) K, so after you have your bronzer on, which here, up here, onthe sides of the nose, a little bit here, justto give you some color, um, if you find thatyou're a little more dewy than you want to be, um,you can just use a brush.

This is actually an E.



Brush, so it was a dollar and I got it at Target.

Um, this might have been oneof their $3 brushes, actually, but still, super cheap.

Um, this is the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Transluscent Powder.

I don't like using powder all the time, I think it really makesyour face look dry, um, and not like youthful andyoung, which is what I need right now because I'm getting old.

But you can use a littlebit of this, um, to just, a little bit, and um, tap offthe extra, so you just kinda, it's a dabbing motion, toanything that looks a little bit more than you need.

K, next, one of my favorite things is the Anastasia Brow Whiz Pencil.

Michelle Money actuallytold me to use this because I was using apowder on my eyebrows and she said this thing was the bomb and she was right, so, shoutout to her for telling me that.

I use medium brown.

This is amazing because youcan actually draw lines, so if your eyebrowsaren't the shape that you want them to be, oryou've accidentally pulled something out, you canactually draw whatever line you want and then fill it in,and then use the other side to kind of blend it.

K, see the difference already? It definitely makes a difference.

K, now that our eyebrows are done, I'm using the Naked 2 Palette.

The Naked, the Naked 2, the Naked 3, they all have different undertones.

Um, this one I like is 'causeit has gold undertones, I think it goes better with my skin.

Um, I've had this for overa year, use it every day, and it's like barely been used, I love it.

So it's a more expensiveproduct but it is worth it in the end because you geta lot of bang for your buck and it'll last you awhile.

One of my next favorite things is the They're Real Push-Up Liner.

It is so great because thisworks really well for people who might not feel confidentwith a liquid liner, but it's in a pen, andthe tip is super flexible so you can make cat eyesif you want, you can do a thin line, you can do athick line, it's super easy and it's basically fool proof.

This is my favorite mascara right now.

It's the They're Real Mascara by Benefit.

This stuff is awesome, myfavorite mascara was discontinued by Maybelline, so I literallybought probably ten different types of mascara, trying tofind the one that I liked.

This one was the best one that I found.

However, um, I needed awaterproof mascara last-minute for a trip to Lake Powell,and I just saw this one, and the reason why I boughtit is because of this brush.

Um, and kinda just took a chance on it.

You might not be able to seeit, I'm gonna get as close as I can, so it is like abillion different little strands to actually do your eyelashes.

That's why I bought it and it honestly rocks.

It's called Rocket Volumeby Maybelline, if you wanna go buy it, and it's likefive to seven dollars at the grocery store.

So I'm gonna use this oneso I can show you guys what I'm talking about.

Pretty good for $5 mascara, right? (laughs) Yeah, I think so too.

And then my otherquestion I get from people is okay, well, how doyou take off this makeup.

Um, I use the Almay Oil-FreeMakeup Remover Pads.

You'll see, it just, it comes off.

And if you are going to use this a lot, I probably would get thewaterproof kind, just to make it easier when it comes off.

If I'm just gonna berunning errands all day and not doing much, I usethe Covergirl Smoochies.

Sweet Tweet, I guess.

Um, I like it 'cause it justgives a little bit of color and it's more like a chapstick instead of a lipstick, and it doesn't look like I tried too hard.

K, and as a finishingtouch, I want a highlighter, um, to highlight thecheekbones, underneath the eyes, down the bridge of the nose.

So this is the one thatI'm gonna use from Temptu.

K, so there you have it,there's the makeup that I use and the quick routine.

Um, I think the Temptu isprobably the main reason why my face looks flawlessa lot of the time, it's because it can coverup just about anything.

Um, and then this is,the most important step, you have to put a spray onafter, a makeup setting spray.

I like the Urban Decay.

You don't wanna go through all that effort putting the makeup on,only to have it be gone within a couple hours.

This will leave it on for 12to 18 hours, which is great.

I never ever have to reapply my makeup.

That's my makeup routine,hope you liked it.

Hope you liked my favorite products.

I'll list all of those foryou in the YouTube description below, but I promised youguys ways to save money on all these ideas.

Number one is to go to Ulta.

Um, Ulta always has acoupon on their website, you can pull it up on your phone, um, and show it to the cashier,and that will get money off.

If you sign up for their rewards program they'll mail you a coupon.

You'll also get to own pointsevery single time you shop in store, and redeem it forfree money for beauty products.

Um, I've probably receivedover $100 in free makeup or beauty products atUlta so far this year because of all the moneythat I've spend on anything beauty-related at Ulta, soit's the place to do that.

Sephora has a rewards program,too, so you can go there.

Um, they give you freeproducts, or mini-products, that you can redeem with your points.

I think the Ulta rewardsprogram is a little bit better, which is why I like that.

Plus, Ulta takesmanufacturers coupons, so, um, if you see coupons forReal Technique brushes like there has been recently,um you can use that coupon plus the Ulta coupon inorder to save more money on these brushes, and theseare like my favorite brushes.

If you guys liked this easymakeup tutorial, don't forget to like this video, addsubscribe so you guys can get updates when other videos come out from me here on Freebies to Deals.

Thank you so much guys! It was fun to play with you guys today.

I'll talk to you later.

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