Etude House One Brand Makeup Tutorial & Review | Indo sub | Molita Lin

Etude House One Brand Makeup Tutorial & Review | Indo sub | Molita Lin

Hi friends, I went back to making videos One Brand Makeup Tutorial and reviews And today from the brand Etude House I know your spirit, so we just started Today I use a Double Lasting Foundation in Tan The formula is thin but covering well So with one pump enough to cover the entire face I'll flatten it with a brush, but before that I will show you something really cool Tadaa! This is a brush rack Actually it to dry after washing your brushes But I found that it can also be used as a place to put the brush Makes me more easy to find a brush and look very decorative like I use a flat brush to flatten amid dabbing movement First foundationnya looks very moist and shiny But when it set, it becomes a bit dry Reinforce the fine lines around the forehead and when she smiles Aside from that, it looks smooth and flawless passable Next I use Big Cushion Cover Concealer in Beige Very creamy and easy to trim Can cover fairly well, but if used too many will look cakey I like leveling my concealer with sponge Because it gives the final look more natural and smoother Good, for eyebrow, I use Eyebrow Pencil Drawing I've been using this for a few years Very affordable, pigmented and there is a brush spooley I always use this everyday The pencil looks good for you who have thin eyebrows and distances But if the already thick eyebrows might appear too dark Unless you draw with a thin and carefully And also to draw a line that fits because the edges are not sharp I have 2 different eye pallete of Etude House The first is Play Color Eyes In The Cafe I really like this because a lot of the palette of colors that can be selected Korean Eye shadow is not as pigmented eye shadow American But I think Etude House eye shadow is pretty good I also love this palette, color is unique and quite pigmented except for a light brown color For eye makeup, I would use bright colors Since I've pretty much use regular brown color eyeshadow So I want to explore more beautiful because of the brilliant color Although makeupnya very colorful, but it can be used in everyday life I wear Taupe Brown to flatten all eyeshadownya until no harsh lines I will wear a pencil brush again I'll clean up the rest of the eyeshadow by rubbing Colour Cleaner Seriously.

this is my life hero Remove all the dirt on the brush like a freshly washed Now, I wear the colors Peachy Coral midst as the color transition I wear the colors Champagne again to highlight parts of the corner of my eyes By doing this will help brighten our eyes Now I would pinch my lashes After that I will draw the line and winged eyeliner with Eyeliner Brown Styling I do not recommend this because it can contaminate and not easy to wear Because not too sharp, I'll use a brush to draw winged eyeliner And do not forget to wear it at the bottom lash line After that I'll wear Mascara Fixer Mascara helps to make our eyelashes longer and tapering So wear as a baseline and then coupled with mascara It definitely helped my lashes look thicker and longer, but.

How good a mascara, I still need fake eyelashes Since I could not find the false eyelashes from Etude House I will wear false eyelashes of Albatraoz Very lightweight and easy to wear I like because sangking naturalnya my lashes look like the original I will be to contour my face with Contour and Highlight stick I really really like because the texture is creamy and easily flattened And also the color is very compatible with the skin of my face For highlighternya no luster I would wear it on the bridge of the nose, brow bone, cupids bow and cheekbone Then smoothed it with my finger The last one I got a Dear Darling Tint Color Berry Red I really like the color because it is not too pink and red And also the fragrance tasty and easy to use with aplikatornya But it tends to wear off and stick inside the mouth And just that I do not like Because I do not buy blushnya I would use as a blush tint As you can see disappear a little bit tintnya So I would add a layer on the outside Ok, I'm ready to makeupnya, I hope this video can petrify If you like this video please do not forget to like, comment and subscribe Thank you for've been watching, bye lagi.


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