[ENG/THAI] BLACKPINK Jennie Makeup Tutorial 블랙핑크 제니 메이크업 l 이사배(Risabaeart)

[ENG/THAI] BLACKPINK Jennie Makeup Tutorial 블랙핑크 제니 메이크업 l 이사배(Risabaeart)

Today, we are going to do Jennie’s makeup from Black Pink.

The reason why I like Jennie’s makeup is that not only she is really pretty but also we can do it as daily makeup.

Generally when you do this makeup, you can add more moisture to the skin because it’s winter.

But since I am doing a tutorial, I am going to do a matte finish and define the look, especially around the cheek areas.

My dark circles are so bad right now.

I am going to cover them with peach color.

I am going to match the skin tone with this vanilla color.

It is Armani Designer Lift Foundation #2.

First, I am only going to apply it lightly.

I am going to focus on other features to look more like Jennie.

I need to emphasize the cheeks today.

I just applied one layer.

I am going to use MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette and light up the areas under the eyes with lemon color and some other colors as well.

I am going to touch up the delicate areas.

The inner cheek right under the eyes Towards the outer edge of the eyes, highlight slightly upward.

I am doing this to make the side cheeks more round The bridge of nose becomes more sharp here than the top.

So I am only highlighting here.

Let’s blend.

Her eyes are cute plump.

All around I am going to cover blemishes with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage that I always use.

With Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact, I am applying powder on the blemishes that I just covered, and I am going to cover them again with the concealer.

That way, it’s completely fixed! Now, I am going to apply powder and then do some contouring.

It shouldn’t be too matte overall.

Press down the powder where the skin looks nicely matte and smooth but not oily.

For that, this type of brush would work the best.

If you’d like to make it super matte, use a puff.

Let’s apply contouring now.

Jennie’s contouring has some red brown tone.

I am going to use Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin.

I am dusting off the end of the chin to make it look round and short.

I am only going to touch along the jawline horizontally so that it doesn’t look too sharp.

Little bit below the cheekbones I am now going to contour more detailed areas.

Jennie always seems to shade the hairline.

So I am doing the same.

Slightly apply more on the side to give more volume to the center of the forehead.

With what’s left on the brush, create the bridge of the nose so that the nose doesn’t look long.

Jennie looks like a bunny with her cute nose.

I am going to shape the tip of the nose.

And contour the sides of the nose to make it look sharp.

I am touching up the rounded sides of the nose and define it like Jennie.

Draw a small line.

There is a small shade under the nose.

Then shade the left and right edge of the lips.

To make the lips look fuller, I am slightly applying shade under the lips as well.

Just do a little bit.

With the same color, draw a line under the eyes to create “smiling eyes”.

I am swiping from the inner side of the eyes.

Then, I am shading both sides of the nose bridge and blending with fingers That’s it! Jennie has some shades around her lips.

Let’s move on to the eyes now.

This is Espoir Eyeshadow #10 Warming Up.

It is a shade of orange.

I am going to apply it on the eyelids.

Apply it upward at the outer corner.

The other side as well Next color that I am using on the lids is MAC Eye Shadow Soba.

I am applying the color across the entire lid.

And sweep outward.

Carry it to the underline from the outer corner and make it gradually lighter as you get closer to the inside.

Jennie’s eye makeup is yellowish coral gold brown.

It has a lot of colors.

That’s why it’s hard to use one tone of the eye shadows.

I am using the color on the right from NARS Duo Eyeshadow Isolde and applying it horizontally.

Sweep along the lash line and outward.

I am using the same color for the underline.

I am going to use Bbia Jewel Shadow Big Gem to the center of the lid.

It has white gold glitters.

Apply it on the lid.

Press it down at the center, creating one line.

Then slightly blend it, highlighting the center.

Press it down at the center and blend back and forth.

I am going to use Sixteen Pencil Liner Champaign Gold on the inner half of the underline.

From the starting point of the eye pupil, connect it to the inner tear duct.

Shade some more with MAC Eye Shadow Soba that I used earlier.

I am now using the dark orange brown color on the left from NARS Duo Eyeshadow Isolde.

I am accentuating the outer corner and dragging it outward like drawing eyeliner.

I am using Sixteen Pencil Liner Black to fill the upper lash line.

Curl the eyelashes lightly.

I am going to line the outer half of the lower lash lines with MAC white pencil.

Jennie has big wide eyes.

I think she often uses this technique with this type of pencil.

After finishing the outer half, I am going to use a brown pencil to line the inner half.

If the white feels too much, you can sweep a swab to blend.

I am going to use Pro Eight CheongDam Gel Liner Black as eyeliner.

But first, let’s draw a dot like Jennie’s.

It is Kiss Me brown liquid eyeliner.

I am going to apply gel liner.

I am going to apply it along the upper lash line and drag it upward.

I am also going to line the inner edge to make it look like Jennie’s eyes.

Start from the outer corner and create a wing.

Like I said, I am extending the eyeliner on the inner edge.

It looks a bit overly done.

You can skip this part.

Again, I am doing it because it’s a cover tutorial.

The other side as well Using Sixteen Pencil Liner Brown, I am going to add more eyeliner.

Connect it with the inner line.

Shade the bottom line under the white line.

Accentuate the wings by adding more eyeliner.

I already cut Piccasso EyeMe Eyelashes #38 into smaller pieces.

I am going to put them on between the eyelashes.

I just thought that I can add a bit of light on the underlines.

I am using Bbia Jewel Shadow Big Gem that I used earlier.

Apply it onto the center of the underlines.

And the inner edge I am only going to apply mascara on the top lashes.

Jennie doesn’t seem to do much on the bottom lashes.

I chose the shortest false eyelashes on purpose today because she doesn’t accentuate her eyelashes.

I am skipping mascara on the bottom eyelashes.

Heat up a wooden stick and cool it off not to burn the eyelashes.

Then, run the stick along the lashes to balance them.

My eyes look very different from Jennie’s.

I am defining the underline little bit more with VDL brown eye shadow.

I am now going to draw eyebrows.

Her eyebrows are ash color and natural looking.

Even though my hair color is darker right now, I am going to use her color in this tutorial.

It is MAC Veluxe Brow Liner Strawberry Blonde which is ash color.

Gently fill in the head of the eyebrows.

Because my eyebrows are shaped risen, I need to fill more in the head.

The arch peaks high.

Fill in the rest of the eyebrows.

You can think of it as adding colors and shaping the brows that you already have.

Fill in sparse areas with Shu Uemura Hard Formula #02 Seal Brown.

Fill in the bottom line of the eyebrows.

It is KATE eyebrow color N BR2, and it is ash tone.

Tint the eyebrows with more ash color.

For the blusher, Jennie used a pink blusher.

It is 3 Concept Eyes Pink Gradation Bold Blush Peachy Beach.

Pat the cheeks lightly.

For the lips, I am using MAC Lipstick, Relentlessly Red.

Apply it along the inner part of the lips.

Swipe it again.

Blend it outward.

Because I want to make it lighter, I am putting on some concealer.

Done! This is a finish look of Jennie make up from Black Pink.

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