[English Subs] Tear Bag Tutorial with eye shadow.

[English Subs] Tear Bag Tutorial with eye shadow.

Hi, I'm gonna show my "Tear Bag" makeup tutorial.

First of all, begin by applying Maybelline BB cream.

Use a concealer to reduce skinn redness.

Apply NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

And then powder your face.

Next, pencil in brows.

Lightly outline the shape that your eyebrow will take.

Fill in the brow using a shade that matches it.

Then apply an eye primer.

Apply the bottom of KATE eye shadow, the golden one.

Also don't forget to cover a lower eyelid.

Line just a smudge above the natural crease of your eyes with the same shadow.

This enhances the double eyelid lines.

Apply the top of this shadow, the white pearl one.

This will make your eyes wider and bigger.

Trace your eye bag lines with the golden eye shadow.

For a natural impression of depth, apply the darker color at the outer corners of the eye.

Make sure the eyelid is covered and the shadow is dense enough.

I've done like this.

And then get contouring your nose.

Fill in any gaps between the lashes with an eyeliner pencil along your upper lids.

Apply the liquid liner in smooth strokes.

To soften, smudge the line using the dark brown shadow.

Curl your lashes.

After curling lashes, apply mascara.

Take the second coat of mascara with the curved side.

That gives the length you desire.

To complete eye makeup, apply false eyelashes.

Apply under a false eyelash at the outer corner of the lower eye.

Apply a blush.

Blend toward the hairlines, then down to soften edges.

Using a brush, apply a highlighter.

Also brush the powder across the under-eye.

The eye makeup is complete here.

I use the YSL lipstick.

That's the "Tear Bag" makeup tutorial that makes your eyes brighter, I hope you enjoyed it.

Source: Youtube