Hi everyone! It’s Sunny here 🙂 Today’s makeup tutorial will be on EXID Hani, in their music video of their new title song “AH YEAH” The orange and brown eyeshadow and bright pink lips are probably the focus of this look So lets begin this clean yet lovely look! I’m going to go for the healthy glow look today so, First up, I’ll apply a nourishing primer to my face Then, I’ll take a foundation that matches Hani’s bright complexion and layer it on I think this foundation is one of the best out of the drugstore foundations It's really similar to the Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation Is it because Lancome owns Loreal?? idk but its real similar With this concealer, Ill then cover up my dark circles because Hani seems to have none Han’s face is pretty much flawless and white so Ill layer a little by little to create a natural complexion Lemme tell u a secret lil tip on how to get a nice chin like Hani (bc i have no chin.

) Apply a bright concealer to the tip of your chin and blend away #YASS Your brows should be filled in clean, straight and short.

(Mine were filled in beforehand because I went blonde this particular day and I was experimenting with my eyebrows haha) Then, taking this peach brown eyeshadow that I love, Ill put this all over and under my eyes I feel like peach brown colors make your eyes look very mysterious Then, I’ll take this shimmery orange color and put it on the center of my eyelids Now here comes the most important part: take a brown eyebrow pencil or eyeliner and elongate your eyes Create a long shadow under your eye to make it look innocent Do the same to the top of your eyes, but make sure these two brown lines don’t touch! Now taking this black liquid liner, line your upper waterliner as thin as possible and wing it out just a bit.

Then, Ill take this gold baked eyeshadow and put it on my inner corners for brighter eyes Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara as clean as possible And only apply mascara to the middle part of your lower lashes This wig is from the korean wig shop, Pinkage I was pleasantly surprised because this wig is actually like the exact same as Hani's hair in the mv.

Even the curls But mostly, I think Pinkage makes the best bangs.


Apply a peachy blush on horizonally across your face Then, tone down your lips with a concealer and apply a nice bright pink glossy stain.

Then the makeup is finished! Hani’s makeup with her black hair and orange brown eyeshadow was trending recently, so I really hope you guys enjoyed The eyeshadow with the bright lip is so pretty!! Remember to subscribe, like, and comment for more! And see you in my upcoming video~.

Source: Youtube