ENG) Aoi Yu makeup tutorial/ 아오이유우st 메이크업튜토리얼 :)

ENG) Aoi Yu makeup tutorial/ 아오이유우st 메이크업튜토리얼 :)

First of all, pore blurring product from Shu uemura.

Just a little bit, it fills your pores~ I feel so tired these days,,, Maybe because of the weather nowadays,,, It's caky,,,, It's caky,,,, It's already caky from the base stage~~ I should have used what I normally used,,,,,, Sunbase after it.

Even though it is not sunny at all outside, but we still have to cover our face with sun base cause we still get ultraviolet rays.

I think I'm coming down with a cold personally having a hard time this winter ㅠㅠ I applied just light lotion not even cream, but it is caky ,,,,weird ~ From a sample from Fresh~ Next, I'm gonna apply the light bulb foundation from Shu uemura #574 Aoi Yu reminds me of milky face tone So I chose this foundation today~ I'm gonna apply it with the foundation brush instead of the sponge I got it together.

with this Real Techniques brush~ I woke up at 3:00 a.


last night.

because~I went to bed around 10 P.


I watched Youtube clips and read a little, then decided to go to bed early yesterday because I felt tired.

It was only 3:30 am in the morning when I woke up.

So I was thinking if I got up at that time?? It would be 5 hours sleep if I got up then~ I said,,,no,,,no,,,,I gotta get some more sleep! Age rewind from Maybelline then,, when I woke up, it was 9 am in the morning.

If I had not slept enough, I would be so tired today.

So I thought I had to get sleep.

So I have puffy face~ I like to live an energetic life!!!! I have got lots of clips to edit.

but, it would be much better just after today~ Aoi Yu looks so pure~ I can't catch her but I'm just following her make up because I got Aoi Yu lipstick from Bobbi brown.

#1 salmon I was hesitating for a long time on purchasing this one but this time I just got it!! Women sometimes identify themselves with the celebrities when they use or have the same product they use!! I know I can't, but I'd like to go just somewhere around~hahaha Cover your lips as well~ I got face powder from Shu uemura which has pinkish color in it! I used HD powder from Makeupforever for a long time but this one has double amount set your foundation~ She has got such a gorgeous ivory skin tone! I love that skin tone! I will use hard formula from Shu uemura She has got such a natural straight eyebrows So I'll draw straight brows which go with me~ Sable color from Bobbi brown brows are covering eyebrow bones I already had 2 cups of coffee in the morning but still in my dream.

I think I got a cold~ This brush is from Espoir and it is broken.

Then, eyebrow mascara This is Toast from Bobbi brown I'm going to give a little bit of shade to my face.

With the leftover, apply nose shading or you can bring it from your eyebrows.

As I see her, her middle of the forehead is a little bit wider than mine, So I drew it wider than I usually do.

It looks wide, right? cause I started from further point~ under lines as well~ with Taupe, apply at the end of your eyes for more depth.

with Golden ember shade from Bobbi brown which is shimmery, I'm going to brighten my eyes~ I can't even talk,,,,, There are sooooo many gorgeous stuff in Bobbi brown, so I feel like to sweep everything in the store whenever I go there.

Apply underlines~ with blending brush, Blend away the boundaries,,, with drawing pencil from she uemura, chestnut brown She drew eyeliner very naturally~ just slightly~ She has got drooping eyes than me,,, so I'm gonna fill this area~ I'm going to apply blush first.

Majorette from Benefit, I'm gonna apply M521 blush from she uemura on top of it.

With art by Rodin from Too cool for school, I'm gonna shade my face I have got such a different face line from hers~ Mix these 2 shades with blending brush, I'm going to shade my nose, her nose gets wider to the end, So I'm gonna shade this area only At the end of my nose, Long & curl mascara from Kiss me, For more pure look, I'm going to fill waterlines with cover crayon from Shu uemura.

with salmon which is famous for Aoi Yu lipstick, I'm going to apply a bit of lip gloss on top of it.


Source: Youtube