Surprise! Bonus Thursday video on my channel.

Feel both offended and excited.

This is a bonus video this week.

For two reasons.


I have purchased this family fun make-up kit.

Thinking I was gonna do some sort of.

funny, hilarious uh Halloween make-up tutorial type of thing.

And instead I made a video about how to be a Disney princess daughter.

But right after I shot that video, I was seeing all these make-up tutorials.

about how to make yourself into uh, an emoji.

And I realized no one was making themselves into my favorite emoji.


is this.

*mumbling* I wanna give him space.

It's the old man emoji.

And so I thought today I would try to make myself into the old man emoji.

Some of you will probably wanna be this for Halloween because it's gonna be great.

No, how can you live up to– How can you live up to that? Why am I even trying this? And the second reason that I'm doing this video is because I am part of the Ad Council's new campaign I Am a Witness.

An anti-bullying campaign, which I am really excited that they even asked me to be a part of.

The I Am a Witness campaign is launching today! October 22nd.

Talking about bullying sucks.

Because I think we've all been bullied.

I think talking about bullying is a great way to kinda take the power out of bullying.

You know, the more you say one word over and over again the less meaning it has in your brain.

And with that, the Ad Council has created an Anti-Bullying campaign centered around an emoji not the old man emoji.

I know.

I know, but that would be a weird message and wouldn't be direct and would take a lot of explanation Instead they chose this.

The purpose of the eye emoji is to use it when you are a witness to something.

"Eye" Am a Witness Send it to the bully or the bullied.

through a text message or through social media however it makes sense to you.

to just let them know you see what's happening.

I will put all the links in the description box below that you would need if you are interested in this campaign.

And I hope you are because I am.

And use the eye to let people know you are a witness.

Or recreate this old man emoji face.

Halloween tutorial.

And then just saddle up to the bullies when they least expect it.

Maybe in a dark alley when they're all alone.

maybe in their rooms when they're sleeping.

and just wake 'em up a little bit and then say, "No one will believe you this is happening.

" "Stop being awful.

" "to everyone else and this will stop.

" If that seems like a lot to do maybe just download the keyboard.

Grace VO: So before we officially begin.

we're gonna brush out our dirty, gross hair into a ponytail.

So that we can foreseeably put it under a bald cap.

But we don't have a bald cap so we can just put it in a ponytail and pretend.

If you can get your hands on a bald cap, congrats! Stop bragging.

But we couldn't, so I'm gonna use a nude tanktop instead I'm gonna replace it over my hairline like a bald cap Be impressed by how great it looks for a second then go back to being terrified that I'm actually putting a tutorial on my channel.

I'm gonna tie it in the back and we find that it looks terrible in the back because you only see me from the front You go out in the real world you might want to fix the back.

Then I'm going to poorly handle some foundation.

And then try to blend it into my face to blend my fake bald cap into my fake facial coloring.

Which I don't know that any of this is actually helping.

I think I just wanted to pretend I was a beauty guru for like a second.

doing something with coloring.

I think I might be color blind.

I then tried to use concealer to blend in my eyebrows and quickly realized that concealer does not blend in your eyebrows.

So watch other beauty gurus to figure out how to blend in your eyebrows.

Then I got to use my make-up kit that I bought after I turned it right side up.

And I tried to use some of the colors in there to blend in eyebrows and quickly learned I just don't know how to do it.

Maybe watch someone like Kandee Johnson.

So then I moved onto pouring old timey dust all over my face.

AKA setting my foundation with translucent powder.

From there, I moved onto bronzing my face because when you look at this emoji the entire outline of his face is very tan.

And contoured.

This man is retired.

And living in– he is not alive.

Which is important to recognize.

After this, I messed around with my lighting set up a bunch.

Like I knew what I was doing.

I continued to contour my face.

Like I was a beauty guru on an actual mission.

Rather than a solo Lewis and Clark just trying to get by.

Then I took an eyebrow pencil and decided to draw the three prominent wrinkles on the old man emoji forehead.

And took a look at myself and realized this is actually working out.

Absolutely nothing can go wrong from here.

And then grab the black pencil from the Halloween makeup kit.

Draw the oversized smiley mouth and realize I hated it.

So I used instead the black face paint from the Halloween make up kit.

And realized oh my gosh! So I just submitted to my own terribleness and drew the two shaded lines that come down from the old man emoji's mouth.

Then I went through a very long series of trials and tribulations.

I–well, tribulations on tribulations.

of trying to make larger cartoonish emoji eyes.

using white face make up and black eye shadow black eyeliner before ultimately realizing I'm not capable of this! So again, watch Kandee Johnson.

I took off all the terrible tries off my eyes and just went with some plain foundation covered eyes with some black eyeliner in the corner trying to make the eyes pop.

Then I moved onto making the grey tufts of hair that the emoji has.

I took some cardboard and cut it into two half circles.

and covered it in duct tape to get the grey color and duct taped it to the side of my head in a very crude alien, elderly Minnie Mouse like fashion.

? I went back through and tried to fix the mouth with some liquid eyeliner and there you go.

The creepy.

It wasn't supposed to be creepy! But it is definitely creepy! Old man emoji.

Halloween costume.

I hope on some level this made you want to download the "I'm a Witness" keyboard for Ad Council's "I'm a Witness" anti-bullying campaign.

I don't know.


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