Emerald Fall Smokey Makeup Tutorial |   مكياج أخضر خريفي سموكي

Emerald Fall Smokey Makeup Tutorial | مكياج أخضر خريفي سموكي

Hi guys! Welcome to my channel If you'd like to see how I created this green reddish orange look; please keep on watching I'll see you guys in my next video! In today's look we will be using the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette This is probably one of my all time favourite palettes EVER! So it's perfect for today's green smokey look Now, I'm gonna be taking my Morphe s21 brush; any fluffy brush will do! I'm gonna be dipping my brush into the colour Peaches&Cream and blending it all over my eyelids You don't really need to be super neat with this step; you just need to warm up your lids Using a smaller blending brush the Morphe S12; I'm going to add to my crease Puree and Summer Yum Same as before, don't bother being neat! Just make sure you don't over blend and turn it all into one colour Continue to add colour bit by bit, so you can control your blending a lot easier I'm gonna try to blend the colour into the inner corner of my eye I'm gonna continue using the same colours, except I'm going to switch a smaller tapered blending brush The brush I've chosen is the base shadow brush by Real Techniques because of how fluffy, yet tapered it is Let's go in with some Puree This time I'm going to focus on my outer corner for some depth and intensity Moving on to my lids, I'm gonna use the Dose of Colours Eyedeal Duo in the colour Mermaid I'm gonna start applying it on the centre of my lids I'm gonna try my best not to applying it too high, so it doesn't end up ruining my crease when I start to blend it out Going back to the same flat brush I used, i'm gonna apply the Dose of Colours Glitter Start packing it on softly Also, try keeping it in the centre of the lid And now I can move on to my lower lash line I'm gonna be using the same colours, except I'm going to be adding this brown eyeshadow with a grey undertone It'll minimise the red undertone of the other colours So, I'll take the same colours as before.

I know you're bored of me repeating the same thing but.

Let's go Summer Yum &Puree! I'm applying it on my lower lash line And now I'm gonna go in on my lower lash line with Espresso by MAC And now with the colour white peach I'm going to highlight my brow bone Now I'm going to apply Benefit's they're real mascara on my lower lashes I honestly don't know how I'm going to apply mascara while keeping my mouth shut After that, I'm going to line my lower waterline with a SEPHORA Nude Kohl Liner Finally for some lashes! I'm going to be using HUDA BEAUTY'S Mink collection lashes in Bridget It's my first time using her mink collection, but it's supposed to be real hair and I'm hoping they look good! They look like this I'll apply the lashes, and I'll be right back Hi guys! I'm back.

uhh the glue hasn't dried yet; but that's okay As for lipstick; I'm using Lime crime's Cashmere So guys, this is the final look Thank you for watching my video! If you'd like to see more videos, please like and subscribe! xx.

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