– [Voiceover] Hello, everyone.

My name is Effie Trinket,and you're watching my Effie Trinket makeup tutorial.

If you want to know how togo from looking like a poor, meager resident of the districts to glamorous high-societyresident of the Capital, well, you've come to the right place.

As you can see, this is a very subtle, everyday Capital look, for something simplelike grocery shopping, so you'll only need a coupleof very basic supplies.

You will need moisturizer,foundation primer, liquid foundation,concealer, powder foundation, eyeshadow primer, a gluestick, translucent powder, a white eyeliner pencil, goldeyeshadow, marsala eyeshadow, highlighter, blush, an eyelashcurler, black eyeliner, false eyelashes and glue,black mascara, bronze lipstick, brown eyeshadow, andabout a thousand different makeup brushes, just your basics, really.

First step is to make sureyou moisturize and prime your face, or you willlook like absolute trash.

Now we want your skin to look flawless with a capital F, so be sureto cover your face entirely with liquid foundation before moving onto concealerto cover those trouble areas.

Be sure to cover your lips aswell, because we will want to entirely reshape them later.

Now set it all with powderfoundation and a brush that is big and fluffy, like my cat, Mr.


Then prep your eyelidswith some eyeshadow primer.

Now it's time to get out yourglue stick to cover up those dreadfully boring eyebrows.

Squish the glue stick into your eyebrow in every which direction, ending by smoothing it down flat in the natural direction of hair growth.

Go ahead and whisk away anyflaky pieces with your finger.

Now, wait a minute for theglue to dry just a bit.

Then set them lightlywith translucent powder.

Now, put on a second smooth coat of glue, wait another minute for it to dry, and set it again with translucent powder.

Now whisk away any excess powder with your fluffy foundation brush.

Now, use a white eyeliner pencil to trace a large sideways capital D around your eyebrow.

Then carefully fill it all in with white.

This white will act as a baseto make the gold really pop.

Be sure to be extra careful with the white on top of your eyebrows.

Try using the side of thepencil to shade, as it is much more delicate thanthe point of the pencil.

Then go over all of that whitewith a nice glittery gold eyeshadow.


Now, with the gold eyeshadow, reach a bit below the whitearea, towards your eyelid, to make blending easier later.

Grab a sparkly marsala eyeshadow, fill in the rest of your eyelid, and blend it in with the gold.

Grab a powder highlighter, and highlight the bridge ofyour nose, your cheekbones, your forehead, your chin, and your lips.

Then use a powder bronzerto define your cheekbones and your nose.

Use a bright rosy blush tocover your entire cheekbones for a nice subtle look, and blend it in withyour foundation brush.

Quickly curl your lashes,then line your upper lash line with black eyeliner.

Then fill your waterlinewith some white eyeliner.

Now, for the false eyelashes.

My favorite part.

Carefully apply glue to theedges, and give them a minute for the glue to dry and become tacky.

Then carefully press themon top of your upper lashes, as close to your lash line as possible.

Blend your real lashes with your fake ones using some mascara, and don't forget to apply some mascara to your lower lashes as well.

Now for the lips.

Apply bronze lipstick just tothe inner portion of your lips to make a small, pouty mouth.

Now give them some shine witha few dabs of gold eyeshadow.

Then use dark browneyeshadow, or lipliner, to carefully line your lipsand give them dimension.

Just perfect! Your lips look adorable.

Now throw on the most glamorousgold hairpiece you can find, and you're done.

You're ready to go groceryshopping in the Capital! And may the odds be ever in your favor! Thank you ever so much for watching.

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Happy Hunger Games!.

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