Easy Quick  Monolid Hooded Eyes with Puffy Droopy Eyelid Cat Eye Makeup

Easy Quick Monolid Hooded Eyes with Puffy Droopy Eyelid Cat Eye Makeup

Hey guys, welcome to my channel Do you think it takes some time to apply eyeshadow for hooded and monolid eyes with puffy and droopy eyelids Look at my eyes a little puffy on the outcorner of my eyes So when I put on eyeshadow and open my eyes the top lid just comes out and reduce the depth So I'm going to introduce this easy smokey cat eye makeup, which is easy and fast to make the eyes bigger, longer and upturned.

not much blending work I really like this monolid look I will skip the foundation routine First Apply pink eyeshadow to the top lid and middle part of lower lashline and inner corner of the eye then apply the pink shrimmer shadow of the Body Shop shrimmer palette 06 and apply this colour to lower lashline and define the wing and bring it back then fill with the same colour and connect with the pink shrimmer apply this colour to connect the dark brown and the pink shrimmer the same to the lower lashline Apply this colour to blend the top of the wing to soften the edge I will just add more colour to the wing Use cream liner to fill the lashline and connect the eyeliner wing with the eyeshadow fill the lower lashline to define the eye shape and blend a bit I will use the cat eye effect false eyelashes I will use eyebrow powder to make a flat eyebrow shape just draw two lines to define the shape and fill the colour Tint my eyebrow Apply contouring to the outline of my face and my nose I really dont like strong contouring A soft pink colour under my eyes area and soft pink lip gloss So this is the finished look not much blending work easy and fast I hope you like this video Thank you so much for watching I'll see you next time :).

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