Easy Make Up Tutorial Video

Easy Make Up Tutorial Video

Hi everyone, so today I thought of doing amake up tutorial as some of you may already know, we lived in an island for about 7 months.

So, during that time I barely wore any kindof make up.

So, I've never been as comfortable in my ownskin until that time came.

But of course, we are no longer at the beach.

We are in the city and specifically The Woodlandsin Texas.

And so, you know, it's different not wearingmake up at the beach and different not wearing make up in the city.

If yo are like me, who don't really like puttingon a lot of make up everyday; here is a tip on just how to put make up to look decentbut not too made up.

So I'm just going to use really very verysimple items, like for example a concealer.

Right now this one I'm using is by Maybelline.

So, it's not really the expensive kind ofmake up.

So, something that's going to be affordablefor everyone.

I use, uhh, well, this is from The Philippines,I don't know if we have this brand here; and I'm in the U.


but it's left over from whatI have brought to America.

And it's NIchido.

And it's basically an eyeliner in a brushform.

I like it because it kind of stays put andit's pretty much water proof.

I use a mascara and this is called BetterThan Sex.

And it is kinda good because you don't needa curler for this.

And I use Into It's eyeshadow make up whichis actually can double as a bronzer as well.

That way you have less items to worry about.

So really I just use pretty much these itemsand of course I've got my trusty brush set that I have left over from when I was a newsanchor.

And I thought it would be handy to just kindof keep it.

So I'd just start off with light make up andthat's pretty much just the concealer.

And I don't actually put it to my entire face,only on areas where I feel like I need some coverage.

So, it's almost as if I'm putting on a veryvery light foundation.

And once again, this kind of make up routinetakes less than 10 minutes.

So if you're like me and you don't have thetime or don't have the energy to spend 30 minutes putting on your make up, well, thisis one way to do it.

Although I do like the occasional time I doget to spend putting on make up for special occasions.

You know, that's a rare treat.

I wouldn't want to spend 30 minutes to anhour putting on make up though.

I mean that's just a lot of time.

Plus I'll tick off my husband having to waitfor me all the time.

So I'm using the eyeshadow set as a bronzer.

As you can see I'm just brushing it.

And then I'm just following my jawline.

You can do this to your face so that you cansee where your jawline's at.

So right now if I do that, that's basicallywhere my jawline's at.

Do that on the other side, and then afteryou've done both sides; you simple go ahead and follow the sides of your forehead.

So that would be this side and then this sideover here.

Basically what you want to do is you wantto have your forehead and the front part of your face pop up and create a shadow ontothe side.

This gives that more oblong shape of a face.

Which I think is the most sought after, whyI don't know, but that's what people say you should have.

More of an oblong face, maybe because if youhave too much of a round face, it kind of makes you look a bit heavier, so it's to slimdown the face; at least a technique.

There you go.

Now normally, I don't usually do the wholeyou know nose contouring thing but just to do it for you who may want to do it; simplyfollow your eyebrow and just do this.

But leave a little bit of a line right therewhere your nostrils kind of flare out.

So do the same thing.

There you go.

Some of you might need a lot more.

Same thing that I'm using for the make up.

What I've noticed as well is that when I wasworking with CNN Philippines is that the make up artists usually wet their make up or theydip the brush in a bit of water.

And I found that to sometimes be useful andsometimes to not be useful.

So, if you'd like to try that, you can goon ahead and do that.

I'm going to do that.

For example, I'm going to use this.

It's water from Jack in The Box, which isold water from yesterday soI'm dipping a little bit of the tip of the brush and wetting thesame palette I've been using as a bronzer to kind of just fill in my brow.

I did have my eyebrows tattooed, but I feellike sometimes if I'm going to put on some make up, it's nice to just define it a littlebit.

So, not too much, just a little bit.

So, a little bit on the side.

There you go.

And then now we do the make up per se.

What I'll use is the same palette.

I'll use this lighter brown one.

Lighter brown goes on my entire lid.

Once again, we are trying to aim for a naturallook.

A look that makes you look presentable butnot too made up.

Doing it on the other side.

As you can see I'm just really dabbing itin there.

And this can actually go much quicker if Iwasn't explaining and talking at the same time.

Like normally when I put on my make up I justgo whoosh whoosh whoosh.

(LOL) And it's done.

And as you can see it just gives it a littlebit of color.

Okay so that's using this kind of brush.

And then the next is going back to the brushI used for my eyebrows.

Dabbing a little bit of that in water andthen using the third color, which is the darker brown.

And kind of just brushing it on the side.

Same thing.

Now it's okay if it doesn't come out as evenas you would like it to be that's why you do it one step at a time.

You know, I'd like to think that putting onmake up is kind of like drawing, where if it doesn't come out perfect initially butthen kind of do your remedies.

You add color here and there, a brush strokehere and there and then basically blends it.

As you can see, this is a bit darker thanthis one so I need to just kind of fix it.

So, I'm just going to go ahead and do that.

As you can see I'm just following the outsidefor the darker shade and just kind of blending it in.

And to make it stand out a little bit moreI going to use the darker shade.

So that's this one.

Again with a wet brush, I go and use it likean eyeliner.

Same thing on the other side.

There you go.

And doing the same thing with the bottom part.

Alright, opps (LOL).

So right now it just gives it that color inthe eyes.

Once again we're not trying to look too madeup.

We just want to look presentable.

So, now's the time to do the eyeliner.

And you really just want to do this from themiddle of your eyeball all the way to the side if you want a wing tip sort of look.

So, I've never done this before in front ofa camera on a computer which is kind of weird.

But I'm going to try.

Yeah this is weird.

I'm going to need a mirror.

(Laughs) Hold on.

There you go.

I got a mirror right there.

You're going to do this.

And it make take a while to kind of get thestroke right but you know it's just practice.

Kind of like with drawing.

If you've never drawn before and you starttrying to draw a tree, it's a bit tricky.

But if you keep practising then it becomeseasier.

Same thing with making sure that it's perpendicular.

That it is symmetrical to each other.

Obviously, you don't want one eyeliner uphere and then the other side down there, because then that would give you asymmetry which isthe opposite of what beauty is supposed to be.

A beautiful face it supposed to be perfectlysymmetrical.

Kind of like Natalie Portman's face or TomCruise's face for men.

So there you go.

Is it symmetrical?It looks symmetrical enough.

So as you can see adding a bit of the wingtip ont he side already gives my eye a little definition.

But it doesn't look too made up.

And so now, I'm adding the mascara.

Once again, I don't even use a curler.

becauseI've had a bad experience of using an eyelash curler where I curled my eyelashes and aftersqueezing for a few seconds; when I unsqueezed I noticed that my eyelashes had been cut andit was stuck onto the curler.

So I literally cut off my eyelashes.

So, I have been traumatized by it.

So we're just trying to do the eyelash now.

So all I do is just try to apply it.

Not too thick, not too thin.

There you go.

And you know you're getting too thick whenit starts clumping up.

So right before it starts clumping up juststop.

And you can always go back to it after anyhow.

So there.

This one's got some curl because of the mascara,and this one doesn't.

It doesn't really show much because I don'thave much of eyelashes.

Other girls are really lucky with really thickeyelashes.

But as for me when I was working as a newsanchor I had to wear those falsies, every time I went on camera.

Just to make my eyes pop my eyes open wide.

Thick eyelashes really open up the eyes.

For example, Indians have really expressiveeyes.

Because they usually have thick eyebrows,thick eyelashes above and below their eyes so it kind of makes their eyes pop up.

Which I love about my Indian friends.

So there you go.

It's a very very subtle look.

So now, we're going to work on the blush.

And for the blush on, I mean you can justuse pretty much whatever blush on you've got but I have here a set that also is a souvenirfrom when I was a news anchor.

it's a Mac 3 palette, 3 plate is that whatyou call it.

I rarely use this because it's very 80's,but I use this a lot and and this is pretty much the bronzer, blush on portion of thismake up kit.

So, I usually jump from using any one of these.

Depending on what color of lipstick I want.

Since I want a natural look.

I can just stick with a little bit of a pinkishsort of glow.

So I'm going to stick with these 3 actually.

I'm going to combine it.

So, just brushing it there.

And just applying along my cheek bone.

Or the apples of my cheeks rather.

Just to give it a bit of a glow.

There, so you know, it's a very very slightdifference that you see, but once again if you saw me earlier right, it already makesup for it.

So, the trick here is not to look too madeup because it's for an everyday sort of look.

The trick is just to look presentable.

So, just keep dabbing that on, until you feellike you've had enough.

You can put a little bit on your chin, onyour nose for that pinkish glow.

And I think we're done with that.

And I'm very very bad with lipstick, but ifyou need to put some lipstick on I can suggest that it basically is all about what dressyou're going to be wearing.

So I'm always in my gym clothes.

So, I don't usually wear lipstick becauseit would really be weird if I wore red lipstick with work out clothes.

So, pretty much this is what I already do.

Sometimes I put some lip gloss on.

But, this is already the natural make up lookI think that I have.

And without talking once again, this usuallytakes me between 5 to 10 minutes to do so I can be ready in a jiffy as soon as it'stime to head somewhere.

So, hopefully this helps and in my next video,I'll show you how to curl your hair.

Because that's also one of the things I reallylike to do.

That's for another video.

I hope that you enjoyed this video.

In the meantime, if you have comments, suggestions,or questions or things that you'd like to ask me, please comment below and please subscribeto my channel.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video andtill later bye!.

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