Easy Halo Eyeshadow  | Makeup Tutorial

Easy Halo Eyeshadow | Makeup Tutorial

So my brows and my foundation are already done and you can click the little link bellow to find the videos so you know how I'm going to go in with my BH Cosmetics Galaxy chic palette And I'm going to use my sigma E 55 brush, for the eyeshadow Now with the bh cosmetics palette use aphrodite Apply that do the almost inner corner , leaving the direct inner corner empty and the top on the lid Work that colour into the crease and outer corner of my eye Repeat to the other eye Use the sigma E21 brush, take Aphrodite and apply underneath each lower lash Use Mars and E55 sigma brush, apply that colour to the crease and outer corner to create depth With the wild child palette from BHCosmetics, use the gold colour and apply to center of lid Use prometheus apply ontop the gold shadow and the inner corner This gives a nice two toned effect to the halo I'm going to apply a white eye shadow to bellow the brow bone To blend the aphrodite colour for a gradient effect Using my holy grail liquid liner by physicians formula I'm going to create a nice thing winged liner on both eyes Make sure to fill in blank spaces close to the lash line Now with a black eyeshadow and my sigma E17 brush, I'm going to apply the shadow to my upperlash line This cleans up any empty spaces Prepping eyelashes with a curler for mascara Going to use my holy grail mascara the covergirl clump crusher Using lotus mink fur lashes number 151 Duo lash glue to attached the lashes to my eye Now lining my waterline with black eyeshadow Using my fantasy hair extensions, apply them to the crown of the head This gives oomph and volume Now curl sections of my hair with the Bellami curling wand Curl away from your face and it creates more depth Now doing my lips with Brink from colourpop lippie stix to go Hi everyone it's Caitlyn here, I just created this very simple easy to follow, super easy to follow halo eyeshadow look and I did my hair Just because I wanted to get a little dolled up because as you can tell from my voice I'm still a little sick well not 100% sick like I was but I'm still trying to get my voice back from when I was sick So this is as good as it gets right now This look is very great to do for a date night, girls night, or just going out I actually just wore this out to my friends birthday party at a restaurant and I wanted to film me doing it for you guys because I like doing makeup Lets be real here, I like doing makeup I saw a lot on the internet of the halo eyeshadow looks and I just wanted to do a very simple easy to the point follow along halo eyeshadow look because they just look so hard to follow and just too much detail lets be real here I like simple things to do with eyeshadow except for when it comes to my eyeliner, my eyeliner I'm very picky about, take my time, very percise it takes me like 5-10minutes to do my eyeliner because of how detailed I get into it Ok enough about that little rant, my eye liner, lets get over that So this like I said is great for anything Don't forget to like, favourite and subscribe to my channel to watch more of moi As well as comment bellow if there's another halo eyeshadow colour you would like me to do like purple or blue or brown or black.

something if there is another halo eyeshadow you would like me to do, let me know in the comments below and I will do it for you guys as well as, just comment below if you wanna chat I love just talking and getting to know you, all the people that follow me.

It's an amazing community and family that I've created here and you guys have created with me, and I couldn't be happier with it So stay beautiful guys, bye I know I'm sick, I got dolled up but I'm that type of person.

I like to get completely dolled up when I'm sick so that people don't know I'm sick Because if I just crawled out of bed , washed my face and went.

Like I wanted to I'd look like the crypt keeper, or the walking dead just coming out of the friggen coffin like ( moanging girggling noises )ghasdrgvbnskr I probably just made some very sexy faces for you guys.


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