Draping Makeup Tutorial: How To Contour with MARC JACOBS Air Blush | NM

Draping Makeup Tutorial: How To Contour with MARC JACOBS Air Blush | NM

I'm Tiana Luckett, MakeupArtist at MARC JACOB's Beauty.

And I'm here today toteach you how to drape.

Draping is a blush applicationtechnique which teaches you how to really shape the face using color.

So the first thing you want to dowith this foundation is shake it.

There are no bindersin here, anything that makes a foundation heavy on the skin,so it's essential that you shake.

Three to four dots of thisgives you full coverage.

So we're going to start withtwo, and just really buff it into our phase three brush, andblend it on to Kirsten's face.

And I'm just buffing, startingfrom the center of Kirsten's face and working our way out.

So now, it's time to drape.

The great thing about your AirBlush is that each and every blush has two shades in there.

There's a deeper shade to adddepth and intensity, and a lighter on for a beautiful, radiant finish.

So here I'm actually blending all ofthe shades together from our Air Blush, and really just focusing on the apple.

And I'm making a small, circularmotion for the application.

When you're applying this, youreally want to keep it high.

So literally, you want to make sure thatit doesn't come too far past your pupil and too far down below your nose.

So think about an L on your face.

Then we're going totake the lighter shade and actually sweep itaround the apple we just created for more of a halo effect.

So not only does this addradiance and volume to the face by blending in circularmotions, it's also going to give you thatreally soft focus effect.

The next application techniquethat we're going to do today is actually called balancing.

And this is using yourcolor to contour the face.

Take the deeper shadeagain and blend, starting from the hollow of theear and the cheek bone.

Blend it forward and lift off the face.

Then we come in sweep it upthrough the brow and the temple.

When you apply color allover the face in this manner, it really gives you a beautiful,natural, cohesive look.

Lastly, we're going to use our MARCJACOBS Le Marc Lipstick in magenta.

I'm actually just going tobounce this on Kirsten's lip to give a really naturalapplication of color.

And there you have it–draping with our Air Blush.

Source: Youtube