Double winged eyeliner- Full face | Delineado con doble rabito- Rostro completo

Double winged eyeliner- Full face | Delineado con doble rabito- Rostro completo

Hello everyone, welcome back to the channel Today I am doing this double winged eyeliner look so let's get start it To prepare my skin for the foundation, I use this primer from Mac.

I put it all over the face with my fingers Then I use Born this way foundation from Too Faced First I apply it with a foundation brush to the whole face and the I blend it out with another brush from sigma Using this Concealer from Make up Forever, I cover my under eye circles in a triangle shape and I put it in other areas of the face to highlight the face To set the concealer, I use this Meteorites Perles from Guerlain and to set the rest of the face Lancome Absolue Powder I fill in my eyebrows real quick out of camera Using ABH Brow Pomade and the clear gel As eyeshadow primer, I use this from Urban Decay I place it all over the eye blending it out very well The palette I will be using for today's look is the nude 2 from L'Oreal Taking these 2 light shades, I set the eyeshadow primer Then taking this one, I place it in the crease but making sure is well blended up and down Then, using this purple eyeliner, I create the wing in the upper lashes With the tattoo liner from Kat Von D I create the wing in the lower lash line to create the double wing and I take it to the inner part of the eye a little bit Then, I clean with some concealer between the 2 wings so it gets sharper and cleaner And then I blend out the lower lash line, but not too further down.

Using this shade for the outer part and using the same one I used in the crease for the inner part of the lower lash line To add more color to the look, I use this Eye Pencil from Urban Decay called Ultraviolet and place it in the water line I use the Maybelline eyestudio gel line for the upper one and then I put on these falsies from Kiss they are in the style Shy I coat my upper and lower lashes with some mascara this one is the Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced To add some dimension to the face, I use this bronzer from Milani I put it all over the face like bronzing out the skin, not contouring As if you were really in the sun I use this blush for my cheeks And then to make to look cleaner, I use this powder from NYX and create a line from the corner of the mouth to the ear and taking that off with a duo fiber brush Then I highlight with the Mary-Lou Manizer I put it on the highest points of the face and I go over with the beauty blender.

This makes it more natural, more as if the skin is glowing instead of shimmery Then I use this lipstick from L'Oreal and I set everything with the Fix + from Mac Here is the final result.

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