Donald Trump Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Donald Trump Inspired Makeup Tutorial

I'm YesReneau, and today I am doing aDonald Trump inspired makeup tutorial.

So, all the makeup being used today is gonna come from the collection: "A Woman's Value Comes from Her Sexual Appeal".

Yeah, you're going towant to go ahead and purchase the entire collection.

This way, when Trump refers to women as "fat pigs", "dogs", "slobs", and "disgusting".

you'll know he's not talking about you.

So first, we're going to want to take our primer; I'm using this new brand I just bought called, "The Facts".

So you're just gonna want to rub it into your eye.

You know, like, don't worry if it's perfect.

We're going to end up manipulating and glossing over "The Facts", anyway.

Sometimes I like to paint over "The Facts" with a shadow called, "Blatant Lies".

Today, however, I'm using a different shadow called, "I'm Really Rich" gold.

Really really rich.

The goal is to apply so much of this that the shimmer temporarily blinds people.

You know, like, blinds them into thinking that the ability to make money is synonymous with the ability to lead a country.

it's not.

So yeah, you're just gonna want to take that and apply it to the tops of your eyelids.

Next we're gonna take this brown shade called, "Incredibly Offensive" and apply it to the outer part if our eyelids.

Trust me, this shade is going to make our eyes look HUUUUUUUGE.

You know, huge like the immigrant constituency Trump offended when he said, "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best.

They're bring drugs.

They're bringing crime.

They're rapists.

" Trust me, this shadow will really give you that, "oh my god did he really just say that" look to your eyes.

So yeah, just take this and start applying.

Finally, take your shade called, "Make America Great Again", and just blend everything in to try and make it look like it makes sense.

If you'll notice, this color glimmers a little bit.

Much like a revisionist's history of the United States that refuses to acknowledge we're a country built on immigration.

I'll believe it if you do! Now, you're going to want to take your eyeliner called, "Great Wall", and draw a border along the southern edge of your eyelid.

And, I know, this is expensive and a little unnecessary, but.

don't worry my friend, Mexico, paid for this.

Ahh! Mascara time! This is my favorite! This mascara comes in all colors, but I especially love the blacks.

Just like Trump, I have a great relationship with "the blacks", um, I've always had a great relationship with "the blacks".

When I apply this, I like to hold my mouth slightly agape.

You know, like, how I did the first time I heard Trump say, "laziness is a trait in blacks".

Ahh! You know? Ah–uhhh.

If fallout occurs, as it inevitably will.

you're just gonna wanna wipe that away, you know, pretending like it never happened.

Uh, next step we're going to fill in our eyebrows with a color called, "China".

If the past, Donald Trump has made the claim that global warming was invented by and for the Chinese in order to make U.


manufacturing non-competitive.

So when you apply this shade, you're going to want to raise your eyebrows in a skeptical manner.

Like, whaat? That doesn't sound right.

Yeah, don't think too hard about this one.

Concealer's next.

Uh, this one is a great shade called, "Even the GOP Wants to Disown Me".

Aggressively attack all your zits as if they're.

your own party members.

Next step is BB Cream.

This is like the underlying foundation for everything else.

This shade is called, "Women: You Have to Treat 'Em Like Sh*t".

Which is an actual thing that Trump actually said.

Then you're going to want to put on your warmth.

Fun fact! This was originally going to be called, "I Will Be So Good to Women".

which is another thing Trump actually said.

But then the name was changed to "Contradiction".

because it seemed more appropriate.

Now onto our actual foundation.

This one is called, "Fodder for Terrorists" because it's the color that people will actually see when your likeness.

is being used.

as terrorist propaganda.

If you'll like closely, this color has elements of anti-Muslim sentiment, hatred, and.

just pure stupidity.

Make sure to apply it in circles! Lastly, I want to end with my favorite lipgloss, called, "Hate Doesn't Equal Great".

Know who you're voting for this election season.

I'm YesReneau, and thanks for watching America.

*music for outro*.

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