Donald Trump-inspired Makeup Tutorial (with!)

Donald Trump-inspired Makeup Tutorial (with!)

– Hi, everyone! I don't know if you heardthe news, but Donald Trump is running for president.

Yup it's happening,and he said some pretty interesting stuff atlast night's GOP debate, so I teamed up withCosmopolitan.

Com to address the Trump campaign head on.

Without further ado, here'smy Donald-Trump-inspired makeup tutorial.

First step, as always, is foundation.

Usually I use the shadecalled Political Correctness, but as Trump said in last night's debate, America doesn't havetime for that anymore.

So today, we're skipping it.

Instead because I'm a woman, I'm going with a tinted moisturizer that Trump has formulated just for me: Fat Pig, Dog, Slob, DisgustingAnimal, a cute combination of all the slurs he'scalled women in the past.

It's election season.

So to prepare, I picked upthe Misinformation Palette.

I see this guy getting alot of use in the next year, especially with a guylike Trump in the mix.

My darker shadow todayis called Medieval Times.

I'm applying it to theouter corners of my eye because according to the Donald, it's like Medieval Times out there.

Where, how, like the restaurantor the historical period? Or were you referring to your archaic, Dark-Ages-style approachto women's health? Just wondering.

(chuckles) I'm using a shimmeryshade on my inner corners named after one of Trump'smost poetic quotes of all time.

This shadow is called"Somebody's Doing the Raping.

" Trump is very aggressivein his sweeping comments, especially towards Mexico.

I feel like I don't need torepeat all the offensive stuff he said, but let's just sayon the whole his statements have been as dumb andtone-deaf as that time he used a picture of Nazi soldiersin his promotional material.

It's illogical, insensitive,and it demonstrates a profound misunderstandingof just about every facet of the situation.

Next up is eyeliner.

I'm using a liquidformula in a color called Big, Beautiful Door.

Last night, Trump doubled down on his proposed immigrationpolicy, building a physical wall with a big, beautiful doorfor all the legal immigrants to freely sashay through.

Also Mexico's gonna pay for it somehow.

Hmm, a giant physical wallmarking a land border? Where have I heard that one before? Right well Trump has said(bell rings) that China's going to "steal our jobs.

" I guess we're going tosteal their miraculous 2,700-year-old wall technology.

You got Trumped, Beijing! For mascara, I'm using a fiber formula.

This brand used to be areally well-kept secret, but I feel like everybodyknows about it now, or at least I've seen ittalked about basically everywhere on the internet.

It's called LindseyGraham's Cell Phone Number, which you may remember was leaked by Donald Trump last month.

(laughs maniacally) (sharp intake of breath)Hilarious, except that Gawker then released Trump's cell phone number to level the playing field,so everybody stop laughing! How about a modicum ofrespect and professionalism, people, god! I'm going with a warm bronzer to match Trump's natural radiance.

Lay it on really thick,like unbelievably thick, almost like you're makingit really garish and uncouth on purpose for media attention or something (chuckles) crazy like that.

Here's a bonus step if you wanna get the real look of success.

Aww yeah, nailin' it! Finally for lips, I'musing a candy-colored shade called Media Circus.

We talk about Trump somuch despite the fact that his policies don'tresonate with most Americans, regardless of party lines.

It's exactly what he wants,and it's working for him.

He's ranked first in a fewearly Republican primary polls.

But at some point, we'regoing to have to shift focus to candidates that seriouslyand earnestly represent the America you want to livein, whether they're a Democrat, a Republican, or an independent.

Enjoy the show, but learn about all of your Election Day options,and don't forget to vote.

Thank you so much toCosmopolitan.

Com for teaming up with me on this video.

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