DIY RainbowDash Gökkuşağı Lip Balm Nasıl Yapılır

DIY RainbowDash Gökkuşağı Lip Balm Nasıl Yapılır

Hello friends ✋ Today we will prepare you to colorfully rainbowdash lip balm.

Storyteller I was the new channel's name is? Gush gush friends you subscribe hopefully encourage you to visit our coscos channel you share there is also good content there will redirect anyway you like toys hunt TV will even start to direct even us immediately collared am In the meantime, you can find the description of the Cos Cos.

I use fabercastel in pastel no I do not want to present something I started late registration Before, we used the pink Now we'll take a little Vaseline into the here We get lip balm with stories these days lip balm, but we got um stun but We forgot to put our bags in a safe I have stayed there whether you get health We made this way with vaseline We have done it before you biliyosunuz yes we did in that So very quickly melt me ​​şaşırtıyo I think it's enough to warm up We put the paper in the following way A dam is going to be shifting occurs and We're blocking the flow Now I cut a new board for the second color next to the first color I want to buy a carton and a smoother way alabama I wonder Not bad eh so that when this is over, but it will look very prüssüz 🙂 hope that ediyorummm Now I will make it as the color red I suggest you wait a bit before pouring When light solidifies eeeee at least it does not leak flowing out of cardboard I'm waiting for now freeze Even he began to freeze The paper lay like me, because now I paint kidnapped in He ran into the rear of paint to a lot of missed it I was forced to flee to invest We now continue with the yellow color is darker green edicem live in the same house with an artist is not easy.

I constantly concert I spoon up my knife freezing while waiting for my temizliyce My other color hazırlıyca I now blue ekliyce blue attaching I think was better You're not crooked cardboard like mine, it will not be smooth or line I see it as blue screen perhaps eeee but it will not appear UmdAkilerle really got close to a beautiful lilac purple in purple tones You're very welcome, you're very kind Welcome eveeeeet Let him aside to cool a little color ready for our last I blow the candle, we're done with our Right here is with cardboard I think I çıkartıca without damaging This output was not very nice shape I'm going to try to set up the transition of color I will try to ensure the smooth, I hope this success You really visually see that the bag was very nice, I think very convenient to carry I do not think that applies to me is not appropriate to apply this way olurmu Cos Cos you know the way we opened a new channel but there is now very little video clip will be installed at least 3 weeks in there what you say you will be there again as weight You can find the description of Cos Cos.

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