DIY Makeup Life Hacks! 12 DIY Makeup Tutorial Life Hacks for Girls

DIY Makeup Life Hacks! 12 DIY Makeup Tutorial Life Hacks for Girls

Get ready to take your beauty and makeup gameto a whole new level because I'm about to show you 12 amazing makeup life hacks andDIYs that will change your life! Hey guys! Today I'm sharing with you 12 amazing makeuplife hacks and DIYs that will blow your mind.

And even if you're not that into makeup, Iknow you're going to love these because they are just so cool and fun to try.

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Hey! Party tonight? OK, see you there! Lips! These are all so boring.

I know! If you really want to make a statement withyour lipstick, this life hack is perfect for you.

We'll be making amazing glitter lips! I'll show you a couple of different variationsand the first one is black.

I don't have a black lipstick so I'm usinga black pencil eyeliner instead! A bonus hack right here – use eyelinersas lip liners and vice versa – it's so much fun trying new color combinations.

It's time for glitter, ah who doesn't lovethis part! Make sure to use cosmetic grade glitter sinceyou are putting it on your lips.

Load the brush with glitter and press it onthe lips.

If the lipstick or the liner that you usedas a base is creamy enough, the glitter will stick on nicely.

As you can see I have no fall out at all.

Otherwise you can also use a thin layer oflip gloss to help the glitter stick in place.

There you go – how gorgeous are these glitterlips!! I think they are absolutely perfect for any party, New Years, Halloween or other special occasions.

They look so glamorous, special and just handsdown gorgeous.

Let's be honest, no lipstick could ever makesuch a statement! You don't have to go all vampy and dark withblack lips as I did.

You can use any lipstick color – here Ichose red! I like the look when you match the color oflipstick with the color of glitter that goes on top.

So now it's time to play with red glitter! OK, load a brush with these sparkly beautiesand gently tap it on the lips, leaving a beautiful glittery trace! Look at this perfection, come on now! Isn't this the best thing ever?! Just thinking about how many different coloredglitter lips we can create makes me excited about life! Pretty embarrassing but I love it! Why? It was my favorite! Don't cry, we're going to fix it! Well I'm not just going to show you how tofix a broken eyeshadow or blush – Instead, I'll show you how to make something way moreawesome out of it! We're making a pink galaxy blush! Take a few old or broken blushes and eyeshadowsin different shades of pink and purples.

Put each color into a separate pot.

I'm using a white, purple, 3 pinky colorsand a little bit of glitter.

Get a bit of alcohol into the dropper andsqueeze it out into each of the pots where you have powders.

We're doing this just to get that paste-ytexture, which is easier to work with.

Give all the colors a little stir.

Set these babies aside and grab an empty blushcontainer! All we got to do now is scoop small chunksof different colors and place them randomly around the container.

Place a tissue on top of your blush and pressit down using a rounded object.

This will make the blush nice and flat.

Remove the tissue, let it dry for a coupleof hours and you're finished! Look at this gorgeous pink galaxy blush thatwe've just created! This is a great way to recycle broken or oldeyeshadows and blushes.

If you want to just repair a broken eyeshadowor a blush and leave it as a solid color – all you have to do is squeeze some alcohol intothe container with cracked powder, flatten it down and leave to dry! Here I also made an eyeshadow recycling myold pink, purple and blue shadows – how pretty it turned out right?! What a fun way of making unique and epic designson your blushes and powders.

Ah I love my new lip gloss, such a prettycolor! What?! Why is there no color on my lips?! Why did I buy you?! Has this ever happened to you? Well don't you worry girl because here's anamazing hack that will make your lip glosses super pigmented and gorgeous! Take a lip gloss and an eyeshadow or loosepigment.

I'll use a pink eyeshadow to intensify thecolor of my lip gloss.

Scrape some of that shadow on a piece of paper.

If you are using loose pigment you can ofcourse skip this step.

Grab the lip gloss and pour in the eyeshadowpowder.

I made a little paper funnel to make thatpart easier.

If you're having troubles getting the powderinto the lip gloss bottle a toothpick or a kebab stick will come very handy.

Mix the gloss and the powder together andBOOM! Look at how much more pigmented gloss we'vejust created! It's hard to believe that these glosses werethe same only a minute ago! Our new lip gloss actually gives a reallynice pink color to the lips in contrast to the original gloss – which was transparentand didn't do anything at all! The lip glosses always look so gorgeous inbottles so I often buy them.

But when I put them on they look completelytransparent? Like where's that pretty pink color?! At least now we have a solution – I lovethis life hack.

This is the original lip gloss – nothingspecial, and here's our pimped lip gloss! The difference is enormous.

And think about how many different lip glosscolors you can make! I'll mix this pretty silvery pink pigmentwith some transparent lip gloss.

Pour some of the gloss into a little pot.

Add a bit of pigment or eyeshadow in any colorand mix it up.

I seriously enjoy so much making these makeupDIYs because they are just so satisfying! Take a look at this liquid silver, wow sopretty! We need to make a swatch to see if it's goodenough for the lips.

Yep definitely, let's do this! A pretty epic and a little crazy lip color,right? I love it! I also made one using metallic pink pigment.

I know I'm obsessed, I want to try all thecolors.

Having a transparent lip gloss is so handy,because you can simply mix up any gloss color that you want while getting ready.

Put a blob of clear gloss on the back of yourhand, add a small amount of pigment or eyeshadow, mix up and you have a brand new and uniquelip gloss in seconds.

So yeah, never throw away a lip gloss.

Even if you are bored of a particular colorthat you own you can always revamp it and make a completely different product out ofit! Plus mixing up different makeup products isso much fun.

Makes me feel like a little lab scientist! Most of us girls have that special bond withglitter.

It's like we connect on a level that somepeople just can't understand.

Ah the world without glitter would be a boringplace.

Glitter is just so sparkly, magical and beautiful.

until we try to put it onthe face.

Then it just becomes a big old mess! Glitter allover the face, on our clothes.

Everywhere! I hate glitter! Luckily there's an epic life hack that willmake the glitter stay exactly where you put it! All you need is any kind of lip gloss! Open it up and apply a very thin layer on the lids or wherever you want to apply the glitter.

Now it's time to take the star of the show– glitter! The lovely, the gorgeous, the most beautifulthing in the world.

OK, I'm going to stop.

I'm using these pinky holographic stripesbut any glitter will work! Pick some of these magic sparkles onto a flatbrush and gently tap it on the lid.

Look at that! The glitter stays exactly where you put it- no mess whatsoever! My first eye is done, and as you can see myface is not covered with glitter fallout, which totally happens when you're not usinga lip gloss underneath.

Now look at this perfection on the eyes! This hack is seriously a life savior whenit comes to epic eye makeup looks! Great for a date, night out with your friendsor you can totally rock this on a daily basis because, you go girl, you can do the thing! Anyway I hope this life hack will give youthe courage to open the glitter container more often, because now you know that glitterand mess don't come as a couple! The lip gloss hack is so potent that it evenworks with beads! These little beads would never stay on thelids.

But when you apply some lip gloss underneath– they just won't budge! Isn't this amazing?! You can basically stick on your lids whateveryou want, the lip gloss has you covered! Some mascaras have two sides a black and awhite one, which is a primer.

If you are like me then you almost never useit.

What?! Who has time for this? Instead of throwing away these white mascarasyou can actually use them to create amazing colored mascaras! That's right – how cool are these?! All you need is an eyeshadow in whatever coloryou like.

I chose blue because blue is my favorite color.

Scrape some of that pigment on a piece ofpaper.

How pretty is this blue color, it will makethe lashes look amazing! If you get some bigger chunks like I did,you can crush them into smaller pieces with a toothpick.

Take your white mascara primer and open itup.

I made a little paper funnel, which I'm placingin the opening.

Now I can pour the eyeshadow into the mascaratube.

You really don't need much eyeshadow to colorup your mascaras, so don't worry about wasting it.

There we go our blue mascara is all readyto use! See how pretty it looks! And it works amazing! Just make sure that you are using quite pigmentedeyeshadows or loose pigments – these will make your lashes look super nice and colored! Look at my crazy lashes.

I also made another mascara using purple shadow.

I love how you can make a mascara in any possiblecolor out there.

These colored mascaras are perfect for parties.

They are so fun for all of us who like playingwith makeup and experimenting with different looks.

My purple mascara turned out just as amazingas the blue one! I really need to try making a hot pink andgreen one, I bet they would look awesome! This DIY life hack is so quick and easy plusit's really fun to make and your lashes will be slaying! Love it.

What a girl doesn't like having bright coloredluscious lips, right? I love them, but sometimes I am absolutelyfed up with my lipstick smearing everywhere.

I'm never wearing you again! Aaaaaaaa! To avoid these awkward situations you canactually make your own DIY lip tattoo using only two ingredients! You need a peel off face mask and food coloring! Start by squeezing a small amount of facemask into a little pot – make sure you are using a peel off face mask otherwise you'llnot going to get the same tattoo effect.

Grab some food coloring using a toothpickand mix it in the face mask.

Here I'm using red.

You really don't need much food coloring forthis – a drop is more than enough because this stuff is potent.

I want to try all the possible colors thatI have so I'm making a green, orange and blue lip tattoos as well.

OK, all of them are ready, which one shouldI go for – let's chose a classic red.

Take a bit of that red gel on a brush andapply it all over those lips.

It looks so glossy and epic, but this is justa temporary look because we're going to be peeling it off in a few minutes.

When your lips are all covered, you need togive the tattoo some time to dry.

How much this takes it depends on how thicklayer you applied, but after a few minutes it should be ready.

Yay my tattoo is dry so I can peel it off! This is so weirdly satisfying! The tattoo gives a really lovely red colorthat looks completely natural.

As you were born with such pretty rosy lips.

And the best part – no prints on the tissueor even on the glass! I think this is so useful especially for school,sports activities and other occasions when you don't have time checking up whether youhave lipstick on your teeth.

I'm going to quickly show you the swatchesof other lip tattoo colors as well.

Now you can of course make crazy blue or greenlips, but these are so useful for other things too.

For example you can draw little stars or heartsas temporary tattoos or you can even make a fake tear drop tattoo using a blue color.

These are so much fun to play with.

I mean look at these awesome colors! And they survived the tissue test as well– no smearing whatsoever.

And don't worry the color won't stay thereforever – It stayed on me for a day and then it got rubbed away.

Getting bored of the same old eyeshadow lookthat you wear all the time? No worries! This life hack will help you slay the eyeshadow game in seconds! All you need is a nail art tape or just anormal scotch tape.

If you're using the scotch tape cut it instripes using scissors.

With the help of these tape pieces you cannow create awesome eyeshadow designs.

I decided to stick 4 tape strips on each ofthe lids vertically and diagonally like that.

When you're finished with your tape design,all you have to do is apply any eyeshadow of your choice! I went for a navy blue on the outer cornersand yellow-y green shade on the inner part of my lid.

You can apply your eyeshadow with a brushor using fingers.

I like using fingers when I want the shadowsto be brighter and more opaque.

When you're done, simply remove all the tapestrips and reveal your eyeshadow masterpiece! Wherever you had the tape you get a stripeof bare skin which makes an epic contrast with the eyeshadow.

Like, look at that – isn't this insanelyawesome?! Such an amazing eyeshadow look that doesn't require any makeup skills and not even a makeup brush.

I think this is a great idea for a party orany other special occasion.

I bet all your friends will be asking youhow on earth did you do that! Also, be creative with your designs! You can make horizontal lines, triangles oreven a hashtag sign – that would look so epic! I could wear this one! But why am I so pale.

I wish I fake tanned yesterday.

I have an idea! Take a normal body lotion and a golden eyeshadowor pigment to make your very own DIY body bronzer! Squeeze some body lotion into the pot.

Grab a golden pigment or eyeshadow and poursome of it in as well.

Give it a good stir to combine the two ingredientsand that is pretty much it! You can now apply this body bronzer and it will give your skin the most beautiful sun-kissed glow.

You can also add in shimmer and you're gonnashine girl, trust me! Instant body bronzers can be very pricey,while you can make your DIY version for cheap and it works just as great! Mat lipsticks have been very popular lately! How wouldn't they be – they are super pigmentedand they don't smudge.

However, they can be very drying and afterhalf an hour we end up looking like this.

Give your lips a break from all that drynesswith an extremely moisturizing tinted lip balm which only requires two ingredients:A vaseline and food coloring! Squeeze some vaseline into a lip balm pot.

Grab your food coloring and take some productout using a toothpick.

Stir it into the vaseline to get a prettyred balm.

Optionally you can also add some flavoring– I'm using strawberry extract so that my lip balm will smell amazing too! Mix it again, put the lid on and since packagingis important, I also decided to place on a little heart sticker.

Voila we got ourselves an amazing moisturizingtinted lip balm in like 30 seconds.

I regularly put vaseline on my lips everyevening and now I can use it during the day as well.

It makes my lips super soft and it gives thema nice rosy color.

And not to forget it smells like strawberries! Especially in the winter when our skin getsextra dry this lip balm is a must have! I always run out of makeup products when Ineed them the most.

Luckily an eyeliner can be easily replacedby a usual coloring pencil! You can use black or just any other colorof coloring pencils – yep get ready for some crazy eyeliner looks! Come on, I'll show you! First you need to fill a glass with warm water.

Pop your coloring pencils in with the tipfacing down.

Wait for about a minute and you are readyto use your pencils as eyeliners! Warm water softens the pencil making it creamyand very pigmented – just like an eyeliner.

Make sure to use non toxic pencils when doingthis.

And keep in mind that pencils are not madeto draw on skin every day.

You can use this hack as an emergency whenyou run out of eyeliner or for a special occasion when you want to make that crazy eyelinerlook! As you can see I made a rainbow eyeliner usingred, green, blue, orange and white pencils.

This hack works so well it's almost incredible.

I mean, you can see the color payoff, it'scrazy! All the different colors are working likemagic, even better than many of the eyeliners I own! I am truly impressed.

My gosh I'm so late.

OK brows! Right, brow gel.

Too late! Every second counts when getting ready inthe morning, right?! To save you some precious time you can transformyour two step brow routine into a one quick step routine.

Make your own tinted brow gel! All you need is a clear brow gel and someshadow that you use to fill in your brows.

Scrape some of that shadow onto a piece ofpaper.

I like to combine dark and light color toget the perfect eyebrow shade for me.

You can make a funnel from a piece of paperand tape to help you pour the brown shadow into the tube.

I'm also using a toothpick to push the productdown.

Lastly we have to remove the funnel, put thelittle plastic lid back in the opening and we are all done! You can shake the bottle a little bit to helpmix the gel with the brown shadow and you're ready to use your DIY tinted brow gel! This thing works so well, I was honestly surprisedwhen I tried it for the first time.

I know you can also buy a tinted brow gelin store but normally they only have two versions – light or dark.

My brows are somewhere in-between and I lovehow I can mix up the perfect shade for myself! Whoa, how did you do that? Oh it's an epic hack, I'll show you! -Yeah! OK, this makeup hack may not be somethingthat you use every day for school or work, but it's just so cool that I had to includeit.

I'll show you an easy way to make a gorgeousmermaid makeup.

I started with coloring the lips in white.

White base will give a beautiful contrastto the colors, which I'll apply later.

Now for the fun part! Take some fishnet tights and pull them onyour head like this.

I know it looks scary, but we only need thistemporarily.

Let's start with lips! Dip a small brush in any eyeshadow of yourchoice and apply it on the lips.

Make sure to tap the brush on the lips insteadof swiping it back and forth.

This will make sure we don't ruin the fishnetdesign we're going for.

For the lips I decided to combine dark blue,light blue, purple and pink colors.

I'm now switching to a bigger flat brush andI'm going to apply light blue on my cheeks and temples.

Again use tapping motion instead of swiping back and forth.

Lastly I'm going in with pink and I'm applyingthat below the blue.

If you want to create a pretty gradient betweenthe blue and pink, just tap some of that pink over the blue.

When you're happy with your design pull thetights off your face and look at this epicness! I mean you need absolutely no makeup skillsand you can create something so gorgeous.

Of course this could be a perfect for Halloweenor masquerade makeup but I think that it's an amazing party makeup too.

If you used the usual blush colors like pinkor peach and rosy or red on the lips, you actually get that subtle fishnet pattern thatlooks so beautiful and not over the top at all.

You don't need to spend a ton of money onmakeup products, when there's so much you can do from what you already have! And you don't need to be a makeup artist tocreate awesome makeup looks either! All you need is an open mind and some epiclife hacks.

I hope you find these ideas helpful and willtry some of them out! With all these epic life hacks, you're goingto slay that makeup game for sure.

Give the video some love if you enjoyed itand tell me in the comments what is your favorite makeup product right now? Mine is probably concealer because it's justlike magic, it erases all the imperfections.

Thank you so much for watching guys, I loveyou and I'll see you soon! Bye! There is so much more you can do with makeupwhen you start thinking outside the box.

Be creative, be curious and have a lot offun experimenting! What!?.

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