DIY Labial de Slush de Coca-Cola con un brick de leche

DIY Labial de Slush de Coca-Cola con un brick de leche

Hello everyone! Today we will make a slush of Coke or a slush to fix them we had also prepared for off liquid but that we will put you at the end of the video if you fancy seeing it.

Let's do the simplest version.

We need to make, we will use this time a milk carton, the top.

liquid glue if you want to do the moving, hot glue gun and a stick silicone, sweets coke.

Anyway, we started.

Well as I said we've cut a carton of milk, we use it to make a craft in our other channel at Party Ideas.

And now let's remove it from the cap and the thread.

I like more than the bottles is more shortie, it is not so great.

The other is very large and is more difficult to work with.

Fijaros Well, let's take it off.

For that to peel it off starting strong enough but I prefer with scissors dig a bit different and then it comes out better.

When he has stuck out like a piece of silicone on the bottom, good hard plastic.

Well, I was going to remove.

That helped me scissors Beware this part.

That will help someone if you are small, but no.

Well now I have very nearly the container for my lip.

As I said, you can also use brics juice, whatever you want.

Now I cut all that excess plastic around me to make me stay well as a small box.

Well actually a little box with no bottom, but hey, now we fix it.

It also has another problem is that these caps usually carry as few as tabs there, do you see? They are a little uncomfortable, but look for this same thread plug I just any cap coke, ie, are as universal plugs.

You'll see, taste.

For the bottom I can put a piece of plastic bottle or I can put a piece of hard plastic, I'll take this plastic was a bazaar bars you see.

So you see? I fuck my hot glue or strong glue, it does not need to be hot glue, and I hit the thread of the cap to the hard plastic.

Once this already dry, what I do is cut the plastic is left me and I have prepared my box.

I served for many other things besides lip.

If you eat at school or in the office you can take the salt there, whatever you want, or pills.

Well then I will use this plug which is as silver and I'll put a little white.

As I commented in our Calls, in @ ideas2s, the idea was to have left this blank, then I say more.

Tapo that white and a little tapo the end of my box, my container.

Now grab a rod and make silicon chips.

If you have no silicone bar anyway, you are worth pieces of transparent plastic, eh? I'll do the bottom using a glass of this holiday, well this is coffee, cardboard.

If you have no glass nothing happens.

I'm going to use because I like the white band above, that just gives you more real aspect.

But if you do not have you can use a piece of cardboard and wrap it around.

Well for now I stick around my box.

To paint what is the top and the side, you can use brown paint.

but if you have fijaros what has happened to me.

We get clear nail polish and we put Nesquik.

ie no excuses if you do not have brown.

You can always find all kinds of colors.

Many times you tell me, I have no dyes.

For Apanate.

We have to do one day a video of dyes to see where we can get different colors.

As you see, I have brown.

I'll paint a little at the top of my lip of my container and I keep working.

To make the party down my glass I will also use a piece of glass that I cut but you can use any card.

But before putting the lid to fill it with something.

I'm putting it elastic dough but we do not care.

You can put whatever provided that it makes the bottom is hard and not spoiled whenever going to open sores.

If you do not have in elastic dough you can use pieces of plastic bags whatever you want.

Or even rice or lentils though it weighs a little more.

And now I will be putting the ice I've done with my silicone bar.

Some similar cups have seen is the craft merme doing things for dolls, and an American website called Kin spire DIY Also it made a similar lip soda while not quite like how it is done, or the inside lip.

Well we cut and the bottom of the cup and now we just have to take a printable.

I have them on the web.

If you want to enter in to the web to see them, to catch them and cut that come with the logo of Coke.

We put it around And in principle we have a glass a little weird because the white band is a bit special.

In any case then we manage.

We will make the central part of the lip, I think it's the interesting thing about this video, that is how we got to know a coke.

For this we use jellybeans.

If you use gummy coming of cola with sugar you have to wash it first to prevent sticking then too.

If you use a coke regular cola like this, you can do two things: either use the white part or use the brown part.

If you do not want to have you do you use colored banking and if you want to have color and happens to me I enjoy it a little oscurito, use brown.

I will also give flavor, color.

Well, to make the taste of cola cokes put these in a bowl, I incorporated Vaseline.

This Vaseline I bought in Mercadona sell in huge jackpots.

You can also use any bar or any Vaseline and cocoa incorporáis him some water.

Meteis in the microwave or bath for a while, and now I just wanted to stir well.

Well now we have it once well mixed, we put it in our container.

In the container of the brick that we had done.

I also put a straw.

I cut a straw of these soda, I've cut a small piece, and now I'm going to paint side.

I wondered Calls, remember? that if he painted it or not and finally decided that I would try both.

but we liked the painting.

That's it.

This has left us, eh? Very easy.

And if you test, nor is it something to eat Vaseline, but the taste is very rich, a coke.

Well, I'll say more things we go.

For the first fijaros say that tomorrow at 6 pm Spanish time, there will be direct.

May direct and in it we will go very well.

Let's make drawings, challenges we will do, we will do many things.

And now I'll have aa different things I did for video.

For example.

To get the taste of coke, I decided I picked up half pot of coke and put to evaporate water carrying coca cola, so that I would take the classic Coke syrup, that would have much flavor.

Nothing, I did.

Fijaros put it on the fire and watch what was left syrup, eh? Almost nothing.

The truth is that it is almost like tar, eh? Well that tar mixed it with Vaseline and the taste is not half half good that we have achieved with jellybeans.

So I decided that this or I was going to teach, I teach you good so do not do it.

Well I give you another option is fijaros: To the bottom of the glass, we will use the technique of clay and hot glue.

Make a mold into the clay, I saw in the video cupcakes, and now that I can fill in perfectly with hot glue and I have the bottom of the vessel.

Easy eh? Well and the next thing I was going to teach also did, It is instead, take the typical container of glitter, I have thousands of these because I go running and have the glitter, and we cut.

This has its complexity, eh? All that we cut it to us for ice if you do not find ice.

I say that is because much complexity broken, then I had to sand very, very well.

And once I had sanding, now it serves as glass.

but I also wanted to make a special cup that I said earlier.

This is not the glitter glass, this is a plug that I have a lacquer.

If we make a liquid glass, all you have to do is put transparent glue, then we put a little water so that the glue is not as dense and finally coloring, our Nesquik, see? Then we remove this and we miss our ice.

In this case as are ice down, I'll put silicone bar but also a little biggie.

And I joined this cup.

As it is still heavy, I'll put a little more water to the ice dance more inside the vessel.

Nothing, I remove and already have my liquid lip.

Only you I have to put the part of the container top.

To put I'll stick with hot glue.

I've seen a video today of Karina Garcia wearing a cap.

And it seems to me a very good idea.

She did it to make pens with this liquid.

You can also use here a little plug for fixing well.

You have only to remove the excess glue and it would be.

Why I have not done? Because I'm afraid that being a lip that much this is going to spill the bag used.

So why I have decided to make the best choice.

But let's funny is funny.

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In addition I leave the link for direct to us you may continue tomorrow.

Nothing see you next Monday.

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