DIY Eye Shadow Palette (inspired by Z palette)

DIY Eye Shadow Palette (inspired by Z palette)

HELLO Hello everyone, I'm Karman Remember these Etude House eye shadow in Korea Trophy film inside it? I found a new home for them to save seats Today, just like to share with you how to get your eye shadow right! Few material, and it is easy to find The most important thing is.

a total of only four dollars of new money (HK $ 25 mosquito / NT $ 98)! This method is suitable for the magnets to do eye shadow iron plate.

are you ready? All data will be written in the following information in the press "on" to see.

you need to Do you like box that I purchased from the daiso.

A magnet patch This is also found in daiso Do you like a printing paper A pencil A marker pen A ruler A pair of scissors A clip There are a needle The first use of a foot length and the width of the amount of what the box Please make sure your volume is the internal dimension! Use marker pens on a magnet drawing on the same size Then cut out with scissors.

Then put it to put aside The paper flowers out, in turn, put The magnet in the middle has been cut back with a pencil on paper along the periphery The expansion of 1 cm frame, first draw a few punctuation.

Then connect them into a big box type.

Pencil set in a small box in the corner, and then draw a diagonal line Do not need to be as accurate, but if necessary, foot angle is 45 degrees.

Along with scissors big frame shear wall.

The corners of the triangle are then cut out.

You can use the ruler to help origami, the lines will be straighter and more neat.

The magnet out.

Black is magnetic White is double-sided adhesive tape We must face it with black printing on white paper that side binding Collage and fold after the protective film can be torn sticker Then stick up Collage I remember after the first opposite longer sticky sticky on both sides This ensures that the paper with magnet close enough.

If there is anywhere in the box to protrude You can draw a shape on the magnet, then cut out with scissors.

Now you can put a magnet into the box Good press about it a little sticky tight So it will not fall out! We can put it aside.

Take out eye shadow, on the first needle behind the sticker tear You should see a hole If no holes, you can use a needle to dig eye shadow iron plate After cleaning up the glue is repeated until all the steps so far taken out eye shadow Now just put everything together The next step is to witness the miracle of the moment! Eyeshadow magnet will be attracted, clung tightly Do not worry about them falling out! You will be able to point force to pull out of the shadow Be free to replace the contents.

This cute and handy box placed my Etude House eye shadow! If you like this tutorial Click Like it! If you get their eye shadow, in these places to share with me.

I'd love to see your creation! Watch the video by pressing the left side of my basic skin care steps it! You can also press and press the right movie to watch my booty Korea If you like my video Click the button below to subscribe to my channel! We See you next week! BYE BYE!.

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