DIY Candy Lip Balm

DIY Candy Lip Balm

hey guys, It's Marissa and Brookie and today we are making three different DIY candy lip balms a chocolate heart lip balm, a galaxy cotton candy lip balm and gummy yellow blast Candy!! you're going to love the gummy flavor and the sparkle stay tuned to find out so to get started the chocolate heart lip balm all you need is a few chocolate kisses some coconut oil a little bit of cocoa butter and just an empty or almost empty eos containers that you are done using start by unwrapping one of the Hershey chocolate kisses and you know gotta take a break for chocolate just a little bit of the coconut oil to the hershey kiss and add a little bit of cocoa butter that wil keep your lips so soft then just grab a clean bowl and start by scrapping out the excess EOS chapstick that you didn't use use the sharp tip of a knife to pop off the center portion of the EOS contain' EOS containers are really cool there's tons leftover even after you think its gone put both of your glass bowls in a pan with a little water this creates a double boiler it will melt your ingredients with out burning them take your melted chocolate lip balm and pour into the top part of your EOS container pop it in the freezer to coo.

l use the sharp tip of a knife to pop the chocolate lip balm out and then place it on a plate and get ready to sculpt you can make this shape into just about anything a little bear star or even your best friend's initial today I chose the heart Wow because you know i love chocolate again I'm using my sharp knife to carefully cut away some of the chocolate to make it cute little heart put your needle into warm water and smooth out any rough edges on the heart there go, a perfect heart now i'm just putting the heart facedown on the top of the EOS container pour the melted lip balm over the chocolate heart put the center portion back on the EOS for the remaining melted lip balm into the EOS container until it covers the top to the bottom back glass pop it in the freezer for a few minutes and waits till it cools there you go your DIY chocolate heart lip balm this could be a special gift to your friends your sister or even your favorite teacher next we're going to make our galaxy lip balm just add some coconut oil beezxaw and some cocoa butter place and it in a double boiler to add color you can use some face crayons or even some of your mom lipstick i'm also adding some very fine glitter to make it look like stars we're using some smarty candies to give this is on a little flavor and sweets scent but your smarties even to a small grinder or food processor this way this candy will dissolve a little quicker grind them up until they make a very fine powder again place your small bowls into a double boiler the candy powder wait patiently and mixed it all of this pour half of the base into the pink and half into the blue stir until it's all mixed together wow wow that is really pretty im using an old chapstick container and just make sure it's rolled all the way down use a small spoon a little pink and a little bit of oil and a little big again this will give you that awesome galactic marbled effect check out those often glittery galactic swirls our final lip balm we are doing a gummy yellow blast Just add some coconut oil can fine glitter and some sour patch watermelon gummies add some beezxaw and put on the double boiler there and wait patiently because the gummies do to take a little more time to melt for into another us contain and repeat the steps mentioned before I hope you enjoyed this DIY candy lip balm video enjoy all of your new candy lip balm flavors you're gonna love with gummy flavor and the sparkles Gummy is my favorite Thanks for watching.

we hope you enjoyed the video comment down below which one you would like to try.


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