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I know that you love DIY,so keep another.

He is not very big, butunusual.

Today I'll show you howmake lip balm of gum tasteful cudand the smell of gum.

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Well, let's move on alreadyto DIY We need softgum.

Any suitable, which is well wrinkled.

I check how thedifferent types of gum and I think the bestbalm turned to orbit, because like gum completelydissolved, and does not become in a sticky lump.

Also, we need oldlip balm, (it can be replace petroleum jelly) and capacitancein which we are ready to put Balsam, the smaller thebetter.

As I said, I'm moreliked option with orbits so I pull out 2 recordsand I put them in a container, in which we will all melt.

There also add oldlip balm or petroleum jelly, and so I decided to addsome color, but it it is not necessary,however if you do not, just drive in.

All that we put into the container,you need to warm up, here choose the most convenientoption for you.

I dropped the cup into boilingwater, but I think you can just put in the microwave.

Well, all interfere to completedissolution.

I have the whole process tookabout 5 minutes.

Importantly do not forget to constantlystir.

I prepare the masses to transfusecontainer.

Well, yes, I'm a little calculatedcontainer and I turned 10 times more, so grabsmaller container.

Now get everything in the fridge,Balsam is fully cools down and then pull out,it really smells chewing gum and very wellmoisturizes lips.

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