Disney Star Darlings SCARLET Makeup Tutorial #AD

Disney Star Darlings SCARLET Makeup Tutorial #AD

[Star Darlings theme song] Hi everyone! My friends at Disney have sponsored today'svideo, which is all about their new series, Star Darlings! I have been so hooked on this series becauseit's all about girl empowerment and positivity and dreamingbig, all things that I strive to bring into myown life every day.

I am getting so attached to all of the charactersso far, but my favorite character of all is Scarlet.

I find Scarlet especially relatable because growing up, I always felt like a bit of anoutcast which Scarlet is too.

She isn't like the othergirls and that's okay! She embraces that and celebrates her individuality and is so confident in herself and her wish-grantingabilities.

And of course, I love her punky style! She is just so cool! So let's get started with today's Star Darlingstransformation! To start off this transformation, I am going to put in pink contacts to geteyes like Scarlet.

Next up is my base makeup, which is foundation,concealer, and powder.

Starting with my foundation, I apply it allover my face and then blend it all in with a damp beauty blender.

And once we're all blended, it is time tomove on to concealer! I put concealer under my eyes to hide anydark circles and blend it in with my finger.

Then I set my base makeup with a translucentpowder to lock it all in place.

To get this colorful look rockin' and rollin', I'm going to kick off with my eyebrows.

Using a pink eyeshadow, I am filling themin.

Scarlet's makeup, specifically her eyebrows,eyeliner, and lip color, vary a little bit between the books and theanimated series.

I'm doing her look from the book, but if youwant to do the animated series, you'll go with more of a purple-y burgundycolor for each of those things.

Scarlet's eyeshadow is pretty soft.

There aren't any sharp edges on it.

It's just a pink color that starts off strongand blends out nicely.

So to achieve this look, I'm starting by layingdown a bright pink on the bottom half of my lid first.

Then I am taking a lighter pink on a big fluffybrush and blending the top edge of the hot pink shadowout.

After that's blended, I will add a naturalhighlight color below my brows.

She doesn't have any kind of dramatic popof color there, so just something simple works great! When I am recreating animated characters, I like to use liquid eyeliner to be able to get that crisp, clean line thatthey usually have lining their eyes.

Scarlet's is purple so using a purple liquidliner, I line my upper lash line with a pretty thick line.

I also line my lower lash line all the wayacross, connecting both the inner corner and outercorner together with the top eyeliner.

Then I curl my lashes to get them lookingtheir best before coating them in purple mascara.

Colored mascara shows up great on lighterlashes like mine, but if your lashes are darker, you may need to prime them with a white primerfirst to get it to show up.

Then I apply falsies to make my eyes lookeven bigger and more cartoony.

I also put that purple mascara on these falselashes too to help blend them with my natural lash andjust to turn them purple! Scarlet has super cute rosy cheeks with freckles! So I am adding some blush to my face, focusing the most color right on the applesof my cheeks.

Then using a light brown bronzer and a teenytiny brush, I make little freckles across my cheek andnose.

It's always helpful to have a reference photonearby so that you can see what hers look like whileapplying them to your face.

Whether you are using a bronzer like me, oran eyeshadow, or an eyebrow pencil, or liner, or anything, you can lighten it up by tapping on the topof the freckle with your finger.

This helps it blend in a little better andmakes it look a little bit more natural.

And now we are almost done with makeup! It is time to add some color to our lips! I am using a natural pink color to line mylips first.

I picked this color because it doesn't reallydraw much attention and can be easily covered up.

I am just using a lip liner to keep my lipglosses from sliding outside of my lip line, not to add any colors to this specific lookso something subtle like this is perfect.

Scarlet's lip color in the book is purplewith a pink shine on the bottom lip.

To achieve that look, I'm using the lightercolor first, which for this look is bright pink.

So I put that down where I want it on thecenter of my bottom lip.

Then I add the darker color which is purple! I put the purple across my whole top lip, and then along the bottom right up to wherethe pink stops.

To blend the two together on my bottom lip, I just tap the area in between the two colorswith my finger.

This transfers enough of the product to blendthe two colors together.

Now let's talk hair! To create Scarlet's signature hair style,I started off with a pink bob.

I begin by cutting in her sideburns firstbecause it's the only part of the styling process that really needs to be on my head to do itright.

This way I can make sure the sideburns arethe right length for my face.

After that, everything else can be done ona Styrofoam head.

To give the hair the purple streaks that Scarlet'shair has, I will be using colored hairspray, aluminumfoil, and a hair dryer.

I start by pulling up a section of hair thatI want to streak.

Then I lay the aluminum foil down to protectthe hair underneath it from being blasted with purple hairspray.

I clip the foil to the hair just because Idon't want to hold it, but if it's easier for you to hold it, gofor it.

Then separate a few chunks of hair.

I'm going to break this section up into threepieces.

I take the middle piece and clip it up outof the way because I want that one to stay pink.

If I did them all purple, it would just bea big purple clump of hair instead of streaks, so make sure you leave some pink.

Once I have my pieces all separated, I startcovering them with purple hairspray.

Remember that hair spray is made for realhuman hair, so it may not stick to the synthetic fibersof a wig right away.

I will usually spray generous amount and then work the color through the hair withmy fingers until it looks fully coated.

Then I use a hair dry on a low setting todry the hair spray.

After the first round is colored and thendried, I will add another layer of purple spray toadd some more pigment to the hair.

The more layers you do, the darker the colorgets.

And always remember to dry the spray in betweeneach layer.

After it's all dry, you can remove the aluminumfoil.

Look at those streaks! They will stay that dark and pigmented ifyou don't brush them out, but remember you're using hair spray.

So they will be crunchy and hard and they won't move like normal hair unless you comb them out.

For me, I'm willing to lose a little colorto have the texture match the rest of the hair, so I comb them out gently.

And those are the general steps for streakinga wig! Then I trim the front of the wig to matchScarlet's hair cut, then color it, dry it, comb it, and pin itinto the little swooshy bit that her hair does.

Using freeze spray, I hold all of that inplace and leave it all clipped how I want it until I'mready to wear the wig.

To prep my hair for the wig, I just pull itall back, put on a wig cap, and slide the wig on! Release all of the clips and take out theponytail and ta daaaa! Scarlet hair! Hmm, it still seems like we're missing somethingthough.

Oh! Glitter!!! Of course! The finishing touch will be to add some sparklesto the hair and face! I'm also going to give myself a little glitterhighlight right on my cheek like Scarlet has in this promo shot! It just looks so cute and extra sparkly! Ilove it! Sketch out a white base on your cheek witha pencil liner or highlighter pencil, and then apply glitter in a little sparklepattern on top of that! And now you're ready to head off to Starling Academy! [Star Darlings theme song] Thank you so much for watching this Star-charmedStar Darlings makeup tutorial! I hope you loved it! If you did, give it a thumbs up and subscribeto my channel to see more! Big thanks to Disney for making this videohappen.

If you want to see more Star Darlings, checkout their YouTube channel linked here and in the description box below.

Disney also has books and dolls and even anapp for all you Star Darlings lovers out there! And I would love to hear in the comments belowwhich of the Star Darlings is your favorite, so do share your thoughts! Until next time, always wish from your heartand believe in yourself.

From Wishworld to Starland, stay charmed!.

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