DELINEAR los ojos facil y rapido /Eyeliner easy and fast

DELINEAR los ojos facil y rapido /Eyeliner easy and fast

Hello that such ? Hello everyone welcome to my channel again, today I bring you this video that goes on like eyeliner , I have asked me a girl on youtube.

Thanks Grace for me this video I dedicate it to you and to all my beauties.

and nothing as you can see I have crazy hair , I made ​​it back in order to best makeup.

as you can see I have this eye and makeup , I'm not made ​​up in detail , I just put a little color, not to leave her face.


and show you how to delineate the eye because all I want to send greetings to Grace of Puerto Rico , thanks for watching my videos heart , I hope everything will go very very well and God bless you very much.

and nothing will begin to outline the eye I will outline in pencil pen , but also you can do it with a normal one or one liquid but as I do mostrate have chosen this , it is a Wish eyeliner pen , which already do a video on products purchased Wish.

Okay hearts? go for it.

I approach.

if not well appreciated in this position.

what we will do is take from this part , from the little hairs below , the end of the eye, to make the cat's tail pints upward to the height you want, here , I want it here , I hope that this looking good.

Then we go to the center and outline what we are going to have as a guide , I come to look good.

now what I do is I go from almost the top of my cat's tail to the center.

when rotlador its ink is not very black , you have to go over it , but is fine for this type of representation.

especially recommend for beginners people, it is easier than the liquid eyeliner , I manage well with the liquid but to show you how I do it chose the pen come now? hae it almost alone, then I 'm leading my eye to whet a line , then put the eye as well , to the mirror , the mirror I have it on this side and just keep my eye.

and the thickness haceis you what you will, more intense, less whatever you want , you can follow below to enlarge the eye.

this is the whole process , not much more , if I was not very clear you can replay the video as many times as you please your needed.

I'm recording with the phone and I 'm recording with face.

sorry , I'm recording with front camera and has very good resolution and this.

is not difficult , but it is true that if you have no experience will be a little difficult at first, but it's just practice I also practiced 2 times and caught him , and keep perfecting it , because makeup perfecting always go.

sometimes you say, look at that girl that well he does or another girl from another youtube video that well it does but all that we are on youtube we have had our learning, and practice because nobody is born taught girls , so you just you have to dare and do.

and you comenteis to me that it was you.

finally I will apply the mascara because the eye looks super rare.

has nothing to do with each other.

and anything just tell you that you dare and tell me as I have been , especially your Grace that you are who asked me the video, Try it and tell me beautiful.

I hope your comment I apply the mask so looking down, that way I avoid to stain the above, always with a mirror low.

I 'm looking down in the mirror , though ye see him not , the mirror is here.

so you do not stain , sometime you can spot but this way is very difficult to spot you then we look ahead and give a pat.

and tabien tabs below.

okay? and nothing else is so.

for even here my brief , my super short video , I hope you liked it , please give like , and subscribe.

thousand kisses to all paise who see me a big kiss for Puerto Rico, kisses Grace.

and nothing girls see you in my next video, bye my beauties.

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