Deep Blue SMOKEY EYES + SOFT PINK LIPS – SILVESTER Makeup | Marvyn Macnificent

Deep Blue SMOKEY EYES + SOFT PINK LIPS – SILVESTER Makeup | Marvyn Macnificent

hello & welcome back on my channel christmas is over, so it's time to get ready for new years eve & here I am with an intense makeup look so make sure to stay tuned for this tutorial first of all I'm using the 'too faced – shadow insurance' eyeshadow base protecting my foundation for fall out with the 'invisible' loose powder by MAC then I'm applying the blue eyeshadow from the 'Lapisluxe' palette by MAC using the Sigma #E55 brush applying the dark eyeshadow with the #211 by MAC next into outer & inner corner & the crease applying the same eyeshadow with the #219 by MAC to my bttm lash line to make it more intense I'm using this black eyeshadow called 'Carbon' with the same brushes applying 'Smolder' by MAC into my waterline using the lightest shade & apply it to the centre of my eye with the #12 by Kryolan applying 'Emphasize' with the #12 by Kryolan as the brow highlight to keep it not too shimmery using the #221 and the dark eyeshadow again for blending everything together using this fluffy brush to brush away the loose powder setting everything with the Urban Decay Setting Spray in 'Oil Control' so everything stays in place curling my lashes with this eyelash curler from MAC and applying my 'Extended Play Giga Blacklash Mascara' next I'm applying my #34 by MAC using the DUO with Vitamins adhesive bc I already did my contour with 'Sculpt' I'm just applying my 'Blushbaby' blush my go to for a more natural makeup look using the #187 by MAC for my highlight I'm using this super old one by the first highlighter I ever bought and as I said: it's super old.

and I'm applying it with the #184 by MAC and it's called moon dust by the way for face and cleavage 😉 can't go with a not shimmery brow highlight.

sorry guys next I'm using the 'rosette' lip eclipse by Sigma so that's it you guys! I'm in love with this lip gloss it's super not sticky at all! just amazing, I don't even know if it's really a lip gloss.

it's not going to go matte, but I love it if you also want to order this lip gloss, brushes or something else from Sigma keep in mind that my 10% off discount coupon is just valid till the end of the year 2015 check out the description box for more information feel free to leave a thumbs up & feedback for this video and don't forget to follow me on snapchat, twitter, instagram, Facebook take care & we'll see each other soon!.

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