Day & Night Makeup : Night Eye Shadow Makeup

Day & Night Makeup : Night Eye Shadow Makeup

Alright for this look I'm going to go fora pretty simple eye just some darker shadow, a little bit of contouring and some nice blackeye liner.

I have my contour brush.

Again like the blush brush angled from one shorterside to a longer side.


K? I'm going to go for a nice kind of soft brown and just lightlystart from the inside of the eye and working my way out right in the crease and blendingup into underneath the brow bone and then fill down a little bit.

Follow the previousline that you already have with your daytime eye liner and just blend, blend up with yourfinger a little bit to soften a line there.

Even though we're going for drama we don'twant any harsh make up.

Alright so come back and I'll show you how to apply the eye liner.

Source: Youtube