Date Night Eye Makeup Tutorial by TOM FORD Beauty | Neiman Marcus

Date Night Eye Makeup Tutorial by TOM FORD Beauty | Neiman Marcus

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I'm Philippe Chansel.

Today, I'm going toshow you date night eye.

The first thing we're going to want todo is get the eyebrow structure here.

It's part of face structure.

It's part of basically thearchitecture of the face, so it's a very important step.

A great little trick toknow, if you're not sure where to start to shape the eyebrowor where the eyebrow should end, you take the brow sword, you gostraight up the side of your nose.

You can make a littledot there if you want.

When you're lookingstraight in the mirror, look at the outside line of youriris, and that will be your high point where the eyebrow arches.

And if you follow fromunderneath your lower lashes, just take the brownsculptor and go straight up, following that natural line, andthat's where your brow should end.

When you start, justtake your brow sculptor and then blend it along thetop edge, because that's where you're going toget the cleanest line, and it's where it's going to giveyou the actual shape of the brow.

Then what I'll do is I'll bringit backwards through the hair, and that helps to get the pigmenton the underside of the hair.

Comb it through, and itlooks very, very natural.

So now we're going tostart with eye shadow now that we have our beautifulframe in for the eyes.

So using actually ourconcealer brush, I just bring it along the whole entire lid,right up until where I feel the crease, and that's my guideline.

So you follow that allthe way to the outer edge.

Blend it in, and then I soften theedge with the softer dry brush.

And that will immediatelyblend it out for you, and it doesn't give you ahard edge on eye shadow.

So taking the same shadow and the samebrush, I go underneath the lower lashes until I hit the brow bone.

When you feel the brow bone withthe brush, just push upwards on it, and that will give you theperfect outer edge for your eye.

A lot of women think that theyneed to use two or three eye shadows to get dimension on the eye.

The advantage of acream shadow is that it blends very easily, it's got a metallicfinish so it gives more dimension to the eye and it reflects light.

Next, I'm going to linethe eye with pencil.

This is a soft coal-type pencil,so it blends very, very easily.

All I'm doing is actually tracingright at the very edge of the lashes.

At the outer corner, I actuallymake a few strokes with the pencil.

And then using a small brush, Iactually blend it into the eye shadow, and the two blend together.

But it gives me a little moredepth on the outer corner.

Also with the pencil, I just brush itthrough the lower lashes underneath, and that way it helps todefine the underneath part.

And then the finishing touchobviously is always mascara.

So I always like to startmascara with bottom lashes first, because that way I'm notgoing to get mascara on the top lids if the top lashes are wet.

Now, when I do top lashes, I startwith a coat on the underside.

But another trick you can do is actuallybring it down on top of your lashes, and that way you coatyour lashes on both sides, and you get more coverage that way.

So now that I have a nice beautifulfull lash using the Extreme Mascara, a trick I like to do,I go with a very quick coat with Ultra Length mascara.

It's a finer brush, and I can getright to the root of the lashes.

And it just gives itthat little extra length on the lash that givesit that extra boost.

So you see how easy that was– oneshadow, one pencil, and mascara, and you have a beautiful smoky,sexy eye ready for date night.


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