CRUELTY FREE Quick & Easy Makeup Tutorial in UNDER 10 MINUTES | Compassion is The Fashion

CRUELTY FREE Quick & Easy Makeup Tutorial in UNDER 10 MINUTES | Compassion is The Fashion

hi and welcome back to my channel.

Today's video is going to be a quick n' easymakeup look, which is just really useful for those days where you just dont have a lotof time to do your makeup.

The first thing that i do is apply foundationand today i am using my barry M flawless matte finish foundation.

I usually find that on days when I'm in arush, i dont have time to fully do my eyebrows, so all i do is use the lightest shade of myautograph high definition eyebrow kit and follow the natural shape of my eyebrows withan angled brush.

Im brushing this out with a spoole just tomake it less heavy and really natural.

then i go in with my tinted brow mascara inespresso from NYX and just brush the eyebrows in an upwards direction.

this step makes the eyebrows look really naturalas you can see each individual hair.

Then i use my ultra bronze bronzer in my creaseinstead of using eyeshadow.

this just gives a bit of definition to theeyes, but it is really quick and easy to do.

and then i apply a dark brown eyeshadow shadeas my eyeliner.

For this, i used cyprus umber form the modernrenaissance palette and with an angled brush applied this.

Then i use my NYX full coverage concealerunder my eyes and on any blemishes that i have.

And then i just go back under my eyes withmy bronzer just to give more definition to the eyes.

I then apply mascara.

The mascara that i always use is the neverending lashes from marks and spencer's.

With an everyday makeup look where I'm ina rush, i will push the mascara wand on to the top lash line instead of applying kohleyeliner.

And i always make sure to put as much mascaraas i can on the lower lashes as i really think it makes the eyes look fuller and it's justquick and easy to do.

I then apply bronzer on my cheekbones as lightas possible, just to give definition to the cheekbones and really shape the face.

I gently highlight using my ELF moonlightpearls highlighter and I do this on my cheekbones and gently on my nose, and then with a highlightingbrush from real techniques I apply it to my inner tear ducts and brow bones.

I then use my blush from ELF and apply thisto the apples of my cheeks, this just really gives the face a natural glow, and for lipsi just use my little moisturising blue tin from super drug and that is literally it.

This makeup look shouldn't take more than10 minutes, it took me less than that to film and i hope you enjoyed it.

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