CRUELTY FREE GRWM Date Night Makeup Tutorial with Winged Eyeliner| Modern Renaissance Palette [CC]

CRUELTY FREE GRWM Date Night Makeup Tutorial with Winged Eyeliner| Modern Renaissance Palette [CC]

Hey and welcome back to my channel.

Today i'll be doing a date night look using the modern renaissance palette.

First I apply BB cream as a foundation and then i do my eyebrows as usual using my autograph brow kit and NYX concealer I use my concealer to prime my eyes and to start the smokey rose gold eye look I use burnt orange and blend that in my crease.

the next shade i use with realgar and as you can see my pointing skills are not very good! (haha) but I just blend that on top of the previous colour.

I then took Venetian red and blend that into the outside corner of my eye I like to use a clean brush to blend that altogether.

I then take red ochre and blend that even further into the out corner of my crease just to deepen it up a bit.

again i take the clean brush and blend in further I apply primavera with a flat brush on the inner half of my eyes this color is so pigmented and really makes your eyes pop, i love it and on the out half of my eye i take red ochre blend that into the crease that's the finished look for the eyeshadow.

normally I would have left the eye makeup as it was but I really wanted to sharpen this look up and add some eyeliner.

I then apply concealer under my eyes in V shapes to contour and correct I put some on my nose and chin as well and I blend this out with a Beauty blender I take realgar put that on the lower lash line of my eyes.

I apply venetian in red on top of that one to make it really pink and rosy and romantic I then line my waterline.

I use black on top and white on the bottom and i use autograph's (M&S) 'never ending lashes' as my mascara Next I use some translucent powder and apply that under my eyes to set the concealer, i also do it around my nose.

the bronzer that i use is from the body shop and I only recently became aware that they were owned by L'Oreal, so I intend to use it up.

I use E.


F's moonlight pearls highlighter and as you could see it's almost running out because i love it.

I use it all the time and I use E.


F's blush which is also very good lastly i take my autograph lipstick and that's the finished look! I hope you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe if you did and I'll see you next time thanks for watching.

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