Creepy Cute Doll MAKEUP TUTORIAL for a scary Halloween by Cathy Cat

Creepy Cute Doll MAKEUP TUTORIAL for a scary Halloween by Cathy Cat

Hello, my name is Cat Hello, my name is Cathy Together we are Cathy Cat! Hi guys Today I have the pleasure to do Halloween makeup and I'm going to show you how to create this Check it out and maybe try it at home I chose two types of contact lenses One for each side Black and Corona One of them is larger The dolly side is 14.

5mm The left side is 14mm I used grease paint which is made in Japan first time I applied this actually I was surprised it went really well I would recommend you.

This one actually you don't mix with water I thought this was the one who makes the water This one works without water just as well It does come with a bit of a shine Point is try to apply it evenly try not to get any dots What helped me a lot was having a soft sponge I tried this later with a harder sponge and it took stuff off again Have a really soft sponge when you apply this SHIRONURI makeup I used a little bit of the LA Colors shadow palette on a big brush For shading I use the Cezanne Four Color Lame shadow For the lame shadow I just used it little as a shading on the nose because SHIRONURI takes away all of your facial features so you have to kind of bring them back so pull down a nose shadow Funnily enough the product that I used the most is this 100yen eye shadow It was so convenient because i can use it for all kinds of shading so seriously just pick a cheap shadow that has a shade of brown and black in it and you're pretty much good to go! Again this one I used a lot for shading on my eye but later on I used this one on my nose and all parts of the face so very very convenient to have Purple is generally good because it kinda creates eery touch to it So I used the purple from the pallete and and I apply it on my eye One of the main features of this makeup style was LA Splash red liquid eyeliner eyeliner that I bought especially forthis makeup tutoria because I wanted stick with the colors Red, red white and black mostly So I used this one as an eyeliner all around my eye Add a little bit, and stretch that out later eyeliner all around my I did a littlebit stretched out late and also used And I used that later on, on my eye brow After applying line all around my eye Which makes the white of my eye stand out a little more so I look a bit unhealthy like I haven't slept Very blood shot eyes and on top of that I then added mascara just to see where my actual lashes are because they were disappearing under the eyeliner Then the eyeliner comes out again to actually create my brows my eye brows which I kind of wanted to have in a devilish shape coming downwards making it look a little angry so that's how I created those lovely eyebrows The cheap eye shadow came back out to make my eyes darker again and create like bags, tear bags under my eyes, making them more bloodshot and unhealthy looking I actually made my lashes out of two different pairs of lashes I chose a brand pair of lashes and a cheap pair of lashes and stuck them together The important point with those is: they should come out really long and kind of give you that eerie lash look On the tips of the lashes I applied little bit of the red eye liner again so we have red line on my brows, around my eyes and my waterline and also on my lashes This time I also chose really long lashes for my lower lashes many people don't even use mascara on their lower lashes because it makes them look really long and creepy but this time you wanna look creepy so I chose a pair of normal lashes for my bottom lashes My favorite black eyeliner came back out again The Cezanne Goku Boso! It's really good because it gives you so much control on the tips That just came out to blend my lashes in more naturally and and the red bits that were standing out all got in black so it works better Funny, the most expensive product i used, the eye shadow from Chanel was to make myself even more ill and it really had a big effect because it was used to shape my eye hole area top of my lid but went down to my nose my temples and under my face and that made me look so ill and unhealthy.

it was perfect! So Chanel and my very cheap products were literally absolute core opposites where the main core of my shading I use them both to give myself a skull-like devilish look in a combination they were absolutely perfect I used a type of latex lash glue for my mouth to give it some like a solid feel so added that just to the corner of my mouth and later on added the yes you guessed right, the redliquid eyeliner on top of it again blended that in a little bit and thenadded some black on top and later on shaded again with the cheap eye shadow Next we're going to the cute side of life I used a rose shaped little thingthat got in UK as a gift from my friend Joanne so I'm not sure where you can buy it but I guess it's one of those things you can use on your lips and on your cheek and the convenient thing about it is it's creamy you mix it BUT it's very different on SHIRO-NURI instead of being reddish, it came out a bit more pink I used a little of the dark super cheap super versatile 100yen eye shadow right on top of my eye just to give it a little of a shape because everything was disappearing in the white This time I drew my eyeliner up Thinking a little of what kind of Japanese doll or Geisha styles I tried to move my eye line upwards while the other one I moved downwards on the creepy side So I wanted to have change on the corner of my eye, too I used Dolly Wink to mark my water line to make it look brighter One side is red I wanted the otherone to look white in a bit more healthy next was the mascara there are on my lashes, they are coming back into visibility again I used a little bit of the pink for the LA colors on the other side of my face just to see where I want to place the rest of my eye shadow That Chifure red lipstick was used in our Loli-punk video and I would give it another appereance again since it's a really nice vibrant red however it came out pink on top of the white more and more pink so it's interesting that with SHIRONURI obviously colors come out very differently from what they usually would come out from when you do your normal makeup again the same lashes are used on the left hand side instead of doubling them up with the expensive lashes I only used one pair of cheap lashes again with very very long, long hair strands on top of my eyes also because my eyes don't go downwards but go upwards I cut the end part of it off to get it right shape at the end of my eye I used diamond lashes for my lower lashes I cut it in half just to create the right shape that I wanted because the red from the Chifure lipstick had become pink by the time and stood out too much I added a little more pink on top just to blend it in bit more natural with the white skin tone again for my eyebrows I chose the super cheap 100yen shop Black and browns again First the brown to find out where I want to set the eye brows and the second one in black just to settle them in and give them the kind of bushy look that you sometimes get with the Japanese doll and so on I was still missing the princess kind of look glitter stuff so so I picked up a glittery eye liner and added that to inner corner and little on top of my eyes then I used a little of pink from CANMAKE which really didn't come out as pink again to give my shape My face, some kind of shape because everything had disappeared into the SHIRONURI white again I used rose-colored little lip and cheek tint for my lips Finally took a nice cheap black wig with straight bangs which important to give a dolly look and to finish this all up On the creepy side we have the skelton On the cute side, we have the cute little bow my tears won't stop running I'm embarrassed.

Stop looking Keep looking at me!.

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