Contouring Makeup Tutorial using truBlend | COVERGIRL

Contouring Makeup Tutorial using truBlend | COVERGIRL

[MUSIC] Here's how to contour like a pro.

Start with freshly cleanedskin, then prep skin for makeup using truBlend primer.

Dab onto cheekbones, forehead, tipof nose, and smooth under chin.

Blend well.

Follow with truBlendmakeup to even skin tone.

Brush onto cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Blend thoroughly usingsponge or fingertips.

Now start to sculpt usingtruBlend Contour Palette.

Start by highlighting the top ofcheekbones, onto center of forehead, down the nose, above cupid'sbow, and center of chin.

Blend well with a brush or sponge.

Next step– contouring.

Suck in cheeks and apply contour inupward strokes from mouth to hairline.

Then apply down nose to upperforehead and along the jawline.

Use a brush or a sponge to blend,using short, circular motions.

Blend thoroughly.

Once blended, your face shouldhave a soft, contoured look.

Use bronzer to give skin glow.

Apply under cheeks to the side of nose,bottom of chin, and around hairline.

Finish by highlighting theinner corner of the eye and under brow bone toaccentuate the arch.

Blend thoroughly and set the lookwith truBlend pressed powder.

Last but not least, use truBlendblush to give a soft, rosy finish.

Smile to find the apples of your cheeks,and apply in short, circular motions.

And there you have it–contouring as easy as 1, Tru, 3 by easy, breezy, beautiful COVERGIRLl.

Source: Youtube