Cómo hacer un Labial de Starbucks con masa elástica

Cómo hacer un Labial de Starbucks con masa elástica

To make this lip we'll need a bottle of water or other soda elastic dough, you can use any brand Apli, Alpine, that is, Vaseline moisturizing lip or any other place you please, nail polish, can be transparent, we will also use white paper and adhesive that we use to cover books.

The first thing we do is the little pot where will the lip or in this case Vaseline.

That cut the top of a bottle As we did in the lip of Oreo (I will leave it in the description if you have not seen it) and also cut the bottom, which will be the bottom of our little pot in which we will put Vaseline.

We have used a little for what the little boat is not very large bottle.

Then we cut well all around the top to stick to the bottom.

We remove the cap and stick now.

We put a little hot glue, you can use any glue that serve to glue plastic.

You can stick it in or out As interests me is higher than it is, I stick in the direction protrudes, the bottom portion.

Well I stick and now I do once the glue has dried, It is to cut the edge to make it right, to make it even.

And I have a little pot worth a thousand things for me I remind you that the other day we saw to do with tarritos, good with eggs Kinder, in our latest video.

You can see it if you have not seen it.

Well, I put the lid and go.

I used to almost everything in order but we will continue.

As we are going to make a cup of Starbucks, the first thing we do is catch white elastic dough and place it on the bottom to make it taller and the glass stays more proportionate.

Eye with this: You can use any mass.

I use elastic mass because it has a property that I like, and it does not weigh anything, then I like to use this mass.

but you can use any mass air dry.

First I put a little down and now get around.

and extend her against the table.

I remind you that the winners of the contests can see on our website at ideas2s.

Com We follow: I have removed the cap to figure out where I have to put the top of the glass, a slightly wider part.

I've maybe been a little, you put a tad less.

Well I made a roll and now get around.

Check that looks good and then put the plug because otherwise not close well.

Well, I'll let dry and I will decorate the cover.

To decorate the top you can use whatever you want.

I decided to use a color like vanilla, like a milkshake caramel or vanilla, clarito or coffee.

Then I put up a little elastic dough that way so it looks like foam, And that I'll decorate it with cream.

It is as if he were a little whipped cream on top part.

For that I do a roll, and I roll around my or my vanilla shake.

Remato putting a piece of drinking straw pricked like the straw shake.

Well now I have the essentials, which I remind you that you can do it with any other mass.

Even with Play Doh I think it can because it also hardens.

And now once it is dry what I do is put a glaze over.

I in the cream you'll put white enamel to make it whiter still.

And it's a way to protect because this elastic dough yes what happens is that quite dirty with use, or when we play.

Moreover I will take, and while the enamel I'll take purpurina is not dry.

You can take any color, huh? Now the party has no cream, which is vanilla, I laugh because it is not vanilla dough it is elastic, but good is a way of speaking, I'll put normal enamel, just shine.

Well, now I have two logos printed Starbucks and I'll see what I like big or small.

I think I like the big.

I'm going to cut it, but I'll cut only the logo could also be cut only the logo, Short also a strip of paper put around the elastic mass because that protect the mass and not be noticed imperfections.

So now I stick to the adhesive logo paper, that we use to cover books.

Well I stick.

I have removed what is the part that does not stick paper, Now I hit my logo on it and fixed to make it bright.

and this will put around my glass.

For that I stick with a little hot glue you can use any glue.

Then I stick it all around, and I say that only could have put the logo.

And I have it almost.

You See? I put the lid and almost is.

But for me to stay better put some clear nail polish over the glitter, so that glitter is not out, and I can at the edge of the glass, which had not paid.

Now if I want to serve me lip what I do is take Vaseline.

In that case I bought this in Mercadona, but we sell anywhere and is quite cheap and I'm filling my little pot with it see? With a popsicle stick I'm filling.

and it is already.

If you liked give I like! Cris Fijaros my daughter liked it a lot.

He liked the idea of ​​the little boat.

Well you know that in this channel videos climbed Monday and Friday.

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Nothing, until the next tutorial.

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