Classy Everyday Makeup Tutorial with Sona Gasparian | COVERGIRL

Classy Everyday Makeup Tutorial with Sona Gasparian | COVERGIRL

Hey, guys.

It's Sona.

I'm here with CoverGirl to show you howto achieve this everyday makeup look.

I'm going to start withmy foundation, and I'll be using at the Outlast Stay Luminous.

I usually recommend two to three pumps.

I think that's plenty for the face.

So you want to buff thefoundation into your skin.

And you want to make sure youblend it all the way, because you want this to seem asnatural as possible, given that it's an everyday makeup look.

And you want to make sure youtake this down to your neck area as well so that everything matches.

You don't necessarily haveto wear concealer every day.

I mean, most of us probablydon't have that much time.

So just it take all theway to the eye area, and you can totally skipwearing a concealer.

I'm going to go ahead and highlightmy face using an eyeshadow actually.

This is the Bombshell Shine Shadow.

And it's great, because youcan also use this on your face.

So it's not just used forthe eyes, which I love.

So I'd like to just apply thison the high points of my cheeks and kind of just blendit with my fingers.

And you can also take thisall the way to the eye area.

And this is great, becauseit will also play as a base.


So after highlighting, I'm goingto go ahead and contour and sort of give my skin a little bit of color.

And for that, I'mgoing to use a bronzer.

I like using a fluffy brush and sortof blending this around my cheek area.

And then take it all theway to the forehead area, a little bit on the jaw line.

It just instantly adds a lot ofcolor to my skin, which I love.

I'm going to go in with CheekersBlush and apply this just on the apples of my cheeks to givemy skin a little bit of color.

I'm going to go ahead and fillin my brows using POW-der Brow and just very lightly start from thecenter and kind of work my way out.

All right.

Now for my eyes, I'm goingto go in with Eye Quads.

And I'm going to apply sort ofa blush tone to my eyes today.

It changes every day.

So I like to use a damp brushwhen applying these shadows, because I feel like the pigmentsshow up a little bit better.

So just wet your brush a little bit.

And then go ahead and apply thefirst color all over your eyes.

You also want to highlight with this, sotake it all the way to your brow bone.

Next, I'm going to usethe third color, which is a really pretty sortof champagne blush color.

And I'm going to go ahead andapply this just on the lid.

I think the colors juststand out so beautifully.

All right.

So lastly, I'm going to pick upthe darkest color in the palette to give my eyes a littlebit of definition.

So this time, I'm not goingto wet my brush, because we're going to do a lot of blending.

So starting from the outercorners, you want to get this color and sort of define your crease.

So blend it all the wayto the inner corners, and blend until all theharsh edges are gone.

This is going to totally lift your eye.

So if you have a heavy fold, youshould definitely try this trick.

I'm going to go inwith the darkest color again and define my bottom lash line.

So if you have a pencilbrush, go ahead and use that.

And start from the outercorners and kind of bring it in.

This is just going to make your eyeslook bigger, because you're just basically contouring this area.

So I'm going to go aheadand use a black liner today.

And this is the Perfect Point Plus.

And I'm going to usethis to tightline first.

And then I'm going to use a littlebit of it on my lash line, as well, and, of course, kindof blend this in place.

So if you mess up, youcan definitely just go ahead and blend it with your fingers.

And if you need to, kind of takeoff a little bit of the makeup, and of course, apply the foundationto kind of cover the redness.

I like to really blend thiseyeliner on the outer corners, because I just preferthis on my eye shape.

If you like a more precise line,then, of course, skip blending it and kind of just leave your liner as is.

All right, lastly on the eyes, I'mgoing to apply a little bit of mascara.

And I'm going in withCoverGirl's Lash Blast Volume.

And I'm going to just applymaybe two layers of this.

So you want to start at the rootand kind of just roll the brush up.

I'm also going to applythis on my bottom lashes, because I just love the intensity.

All right, I think that looks good.

We're going to move on to lips,and we're done with the look.

So I'm going to go in withsomething long lasting.

So these are the Outlast Lip Colors.

And I'm going to first applythe color, because this is what's going to help thecolor stay on for a long time.

It's also buildable.

So if you want this to be a littlebit darker, go in for another coat.

The next step is going tobe to moisturize the lip.

And this is kind of like a lip balm.

So you want to just pop thisright on top of the color.

So this completes the look.

I really hope you guys enjoyedthis everyday makeup tutorial.

And for more videos from CoverGirl,be sure to click right here.

I'll see you guys soon.


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