Citron Blue | Makeup Tutorial

Citron Blue | Makeup Tutorial

Today I'm doing a tutorial on this look right here.

I actually don't think I've filmed a tutorial yet with my haircut.

I pretty much just got like a back chunk cut off.

If you look back at some of our first videos, that is when I started growing my hair out.

So I had it really really short and I've been growing it out since for over a year.

And then I got it cut a couple weeks ago.

So I'm really liking that it's not like an awkward chunk in the back.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy today's tutorial! I'm going to put a little bit of this Becca Cosmetics Priming Filter on.

I was given this at an event.

It is literally just moisturizer.

They were saying something about like the tint makes your skin like liven up and gives you like radiance.

I didn't notice that.



I don't know.

Some of these things that these companies come out with are soo gimmicky.

And I know that Nyx primers are supposed to be amazing.

You don't need to go drop $42 on an over priced primer.

Then I'm putting on a little bit of the Jack Black lip balm.

This is a sample size.

I'm priming my eyelids with little bit of Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Then I'm taking a flat shader brush from EcoTools and this brown color from the Sonia Kashuk matte palette and just placing this all over my lid.

It's pretty close to my skin color, just a little bit darker so it adds a tad bit of definition.

And it kind of just smoothens out my lid color so it makes my entire look a little bit more clean.

Next I'm going to tight line.

I'm taking this little smudger brush and this color from Nabla Cosmetics and I'm just getting a little on the brush and smudging out my lower lash line.

I'm not going to wing it out.

I'm just going to keep it pretty much where my lash line is.

And then I'm going back in and adding a little bit more of this black eyeliner to my tight line to make it more smokey.

With the same smudger brush I'm getting a tiny bit of of this black eyeshadow and smoking out the bottom lash line a little bit more.

Next I'm going to make a little wing with this blue liner from BlackUp Cosmetics.

This was sent to us from Octoly.

I like the color and how it is a sponge tip applicator.

It makes it pretty easy to apply.

I do think it's a little bit too expensive for what it is.

You can find options at the drugstore.

So Imma make a small baby wing at the outer corner.

I kept the wing more at the outer third.

I do want to mention.

It is kind of hard to layer.

And the blue dries a little dull so you want to use two layers to make it bright.

So that's kind of disappointing.

I wouldn't really recommend this product.

Now I'm going to load up on some mascara.

I like to wiggle the mascara at the base of my lashes and then do the full strokes of mascara.

Although I'm pretty bad at putting mascara on.

Meghal is so much better at it than me.

Don't forget to do your bottom lashes.

Alright, now for brows I'm going to brush them through first with a spoolie.

And then fill them in a little bit.

Meghal always gets mad at me because I never put enough at the tail of my brow.

Brush the product through.

And then I'm going to go in a little bit Glossier's Boy Brow.

This was given to me.

They are not cruelty free.

I do like it and I'm really mad they're not cruelty free.

I know on some sites they are considered cruelty free but on the one that we use it's currently on the pending list sooo I'm going to put a little bit of this mattefying tinted moisturizer on from BlackUp Cosmetics.

It's a pretty good color match for me.

And I like how thin it is.

It's a good alternative to something that gives you a little bit of coverage but you're not on a full foundation.

I was telling Meghal one of my goals this year is to get better at doing my base makeup.

I don't know how to though.

I'm definitely happy with the way it is but I just want it to look like when Lisa Eldridge does people's makeup.

Now I'm going to put on some concealer.

And I always blend it in with a Real Techniques setting brush.

There's just something about this shape of the brush that's magical.

And then I'm setting the concealer with some of this Becca Powder.

Now I'm going to use this contour powder from BlackUp cosmetics and I'm using this Real Techniques sculpting brush.

I feel like this powder goes on strong at first but then it blends in really nicely.

And then for lips I'm putting this BlackUp cosmetics lip color in 31M.

I'm actually just gonna get a little bit on my finger.

I'm going to warm up the bullet a tiny bit.

Just so it feels like a little melty.

And then I'm gonna dab it all over my lips.

And because I put this lip balm before it kind of turns this into a tinted lip color.

And warming the product up on your finger allows you to control how much you're putting on and just help it mix in with that lip balm.

And I really really like this color.

And the formula is really nice.

I've worn it like full on and not just this thin layer way and I really like it.

And that is the makeup complete!.

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