Christmas Reindeer — Face Painting & Makeup Tutorial

Christmas Reindeer — Face Painting & Makeup Tutorial

Hello! Are you Olga.

Nice to see you again on your channel.

Today I'll show you how to create one design for the winter holidays – cute fawn.

My first step – to put white on its face, in the middle of the forehead and eyelids.

I put color Steampunk sponge, forming the outline of the mask.

I set off the color of some parts of the espresso.

It is important that the paint was almost dry for this technique.

Then she gently blend.

For small horns I use a rounded brush and color espresso.

Form horns resembles the letter "V".

I draw a nose of the same brush, black paint.

I fill the ears pearlescent red.

Lightens ear tip and gently tushuyu edge finger.

I use the same rounded brush strokes.

The paint on it to be semi-dry, so you can create soft contours and fur effects.

If you are looking for more inspiration for the winter holidays, check out my other lessons.

Round brush of black paint №3 allocate muzzle and eyelids drawing beautiful lashes.

Round brush №6 nanoshu white paint creamy consistency in the form of oval spots.

Done! I hope you enjoyed it.

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All the holidays and see you soon!.

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