Choosing the Right Eye Shadow for Gray Eyes | MORE

Choosing the Right Eye Shadow for Gray Eyes | MORE

Lots of my clients come to me and asked mehow can I compliment my gray eyes with different eye shadow colors and what I've always foundlooks the best on somebody with gray eyes that's something darker, it's contrast likegray.

So you're gonna go with a dark smoky black, dark purple or a dark brown to reallymake sure you got that contrast and that's gonna be the best way to highlight your eyes.

Our model Veronica today, we're gonna be doing something and kind of a smoky, silver, blackcolor.

Just really playing up to lash line, (her perpendicular?) eyes.

She don't havea lid space here to work with so we're gonna really make sure that we concentrate the colorout her lash line which is gonna make a lash looks longer instead of trying to do somekind of contoured eye and we're also gonna do since she has smaller eyes is we're notgonna put a lot of product on the water line as they can close them off and really we'regonna focus the color out here in the corner it's gonna make her eyes looks bigger andwe're gonna put a light highlight on the water line which is also gonna make her eyes bigger.

First we're gonna start with a little eye base (prep?) in the lid so the neutral toneon the close.

It's very important to make sure that eye shadow stays in place and nevercrease it's a little bit of a (summer wind?).

Now we're going to grab our shadow.

We'regonna pickup a kind of (topi?), gray, black mystery color if you will and your brush doesright along her lash line and up in to her lid.

Now we're gonna grab some liner and we'regonna do a little bit of liner right in the corner of the eye on top and bottom doinga tiny little V but we're not gonna put that liner in the water line.

To start with thisliner in the corner of the eye, we're just gonna follow the lash line.

We're gonna doit on the bottom.

Don't worry if you feel like it get looks little rough that's okay'cause now you're gonna go in and blend it so you gonna need a brush, that's small enough.

I like the (throng and?) square, firm we're gonna pickup some shadow with it and we'rejust gonna go underneath those lashes and just smudge that shadow right into the linerand do the same thing on top.

Look at me.

I picked up a little bit of dark gray shadow,three and four (start?) crease on top.

You can see right now from one eye to the nextthe eye looks little bit bigger because we pulled that shadow out just a little bit ofa massage which is (soaky?) when you have eyes that are (close set?) it's really toput them out versus putting some dark and mystery color.

We're gonna go in a littlebit of silver on the bottom when we looked up.

Putting a little bit of eye cream underthe eye we can use it to brush away any of this fall up and the shadow which is justlike that.

And start an easy way to bring out the grayer eyes but I (can see?) it'ssomething a little bit darker.

I'm picking up on the (hands of?) silver.

So just a recap,we use a couple of different shades here mainly in the gray family to closer lids.

You cansee there's a kind of fat (mix top?) color with a little bit of silver highlight in thecenter of the eye and then we pulled up it's a dark, plaque liner which we blended withdark shadow if you look up.

Kind of the same thing on the bottom so topping by were kindalike a mirror and we really focus most of the color the depths of the color on the outsideof the eye to make her eyes looks bigger.

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