Childish FAIRY MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Kawaii fashion model YUI MINAKATA | 皆方由衣の幼めフェアリーメイク

Childish FAIRY MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Kawaii fashion model YUI MINAKATA | 皆方由衣の幼めフェアリーメイク

KAWAII pateen: Makeup Tutorials – hairstyle – Cosplay by Japanese models! Makeup Tutorial: childish fairy by the Japanese model Yui Minakata Hello, my name is Yui Minakata.

Today I want to show you how I accomplished a juvenile fairy makeup.

Enjoy this tutorial, please.

Base: foundation First, I apply a basic foundation.

I use one of the Integrate brand.

I use a pink eyeshadow brand MAJOLICA MAJORCA.

First, I add a light pink glitter on the inner corners of my eyes in an arrow shape.

Eyeshadow: Pink Then I added a bright pink under the fold of my eye.

Eyeshadow: brown I will apply the darker brown of brand palette CARDINAL I apply it in the form of an arrow around the outer corners of my eyes.

If you apply a little dark brown on the outer corners of the eyes, they will have the larger and more youthful look.

False eyelashes: Brown For false eyelashes, I use those in the Diamond Lash's Rich Brown series.

Added on the outer corners, they give the effect of doll eyes, so I'll put the most possible outside.

The reason I chose brown fake eyelashes this time because I wanted to give the Fairy look even softer appearance.

Eyeliner: Brown – For the liner I use a brown liner K-range brand.

I associated with my brown eyelashes.

I just drew a line on the outer corners to make it look bigger my eyes.

Decorations: hearts I'll add three glitter heart-shaped line on my lower lashes.

The hearts are easier to fix if you put glue first.

Cheeks: Pink To my cheeks, I use a pink blush of CANMAKE brand.

By applying it to the area below the pupils in a circular motion, I will create a more youthful look.

Decorations: Stars I will add a little star-shaped glitter on my cheeks If you apply some lotion beforehand, they become easier to stick.

Decorations: hearts Finally, I again added some glitter heart-shaped.

Lips: roses To my lips I used a product of CANMAKE brand.

I associated the color with my cheeks.

Generously apply will give a more youthful look.

I applied a huge amount and I am a little past.

Coming soon: new tutorials féé hairstyles.

Stay tuned !.

Source: Youtube