Charmander Makeup Tutorial – Pokemon Style Transformation

Charmander Makeup Tutorial – Pokemon Style Transformation

I choose you! Charmander, go! Welcome to my Charmander Inspired Makeup Tutorialand Style Transformation.

My name is Alexa and here we go.

Of course, I am going to start by wearingmy Charmander kigu which I practically live in.

It is the most comfortable thing on this planet.

Mine is from KawaiiKigu.


They have a huge selection of all kinds ofcharacters, but of course, I chose Charmander becausehe's the best.

Charmander's eyes seem to change colors fromblue to green depending on what version you look at.

While I think they are usually blue, I amgoing to wear green contacts to match the Charmander on my kigu and on the shirt that I'm goingto be wearing later on in this video.

I am going to start my makeup applicationby putting concealer around my eyes and blending it in with my fingers.

If you get too much concealer, you can alwaysjust blend it around to anywhere you may want a little bit of extra coverage.

Now I am going to apply foundation all overmy face, uh, again with my fingers because that's justhow I like to apply it, but you can use a brush or any other methodof applying foundation.

Now I am going to set my foundation and reduceany shine by applying a powder on top of my foundation.

I have started carrying this powder with meeverywhere because I love it.

It is L'Oreal's True Match Super BlendablePowder and it is awesome.

Next up is eyeshadow primer to prep our eyelidsfor eyeshadow.

Just apply to the eyelids, blend it in and let it dry a little bit.

Now we get to start the fun part by addingcolor to our eyelids.

I am going to use Maybelline Color TattooPure Pigments in Wild Gold.

It is like a yellowish gold color which isthe perfect base for this eyeshadow look.

Then I will come in with the second eyeshadowcolor which will be orange, and apply it from the middle of the lid outtowards the outer corner of the eye.

This will give it that fiery look, which if you're watching this video, you probably already know, Charmander is all about.

Now I will just use a white eyeshadow to popa highlight in along my brow bone.

Then using my favorite liquid liner, I am going to create a winged eyeliner look.

The easiest way I have found to do wingedeyeliner is to just draw a diagonal line out from the outercorner of your eye up towards the end of your eyebrow, and then draw another line that connects itto your eyeliner, and then you just color in that little wingshape that is created when you connect those two lines.

Now I'm going to use that wing as a guidefor where I want to apply my black eyeshadow.

Work the black eyeshadow in up along the wing, kind of up and outwards towards the eyebrow, and then blend it in for that smoky eye typelook.

You can't have fire without smoke.

If you get color on your eyeliner, you canalways go over it again to darken it back up.

Now I am going to put on some mascara whileI decide where I want to go next with this look.

If you want to create a sharper edge for yourmakeup, this is a really easy way to do it.

Just grab a makeup remover wipe and wrap itaround your finger, and then wipe off any excess shadow that maycause your eyeshadow to not look as sharp.

Then you can go back in with concealer andfill in what you just wiped off.

For my bottom eyeliner, I am going to splitit between white and black.

I'm going to use white eyeliner on the innercorner of my eye and about halfway across my waterline.

And then I'm going to come in with black andfill it in the rest of the way.

I like doing this split eyeliner look because the white eyeliner still gives you that wide-eyedawake look, but the black liner ties it in to the heaviereyeshadow on the top lid.

Now I'm going to use my liquid liner underneathmy waterline to complete the eye shape.

Then I will use the same gold shimmery eyeshadow to outline what I've done underneath the bottomhere and out along the wing.

This just gives it a little extra pop of colorthat I think is kind of fun.

And I'm just going to add some to the innercorner for good measure.

Now finally, I'm doing my eyebrows.

I'm just using a dark brown eyeshadow to fillthem in, but you can use whatever you like to use tofill in your brows.

There are lots of good eyebrow waxes and colorsand dips and powders and all kinds of things to fill inyour brows, so just do whatever you like to do for youreyebrows.

Since the fiery smokey eye is kind of a sassierlook, I think that Dolluxe Whiplash Attack is theperfect eyelash for this look.

After applying lash glue to the band, wait about 20-30 seconds or however long ittakes the glue to get tacky, and then apply the lash as close to the lashline as you possibly can.

I like to use a damp Q-Tip to secure the lashes.

It has been a while since I've done underlashes,so I thought I would use Dolluxe Underlash B for this look.

I've trimmed them in half here so they'rejust on the outer corners of my eye.

It can take a little bit of practice to getthe hang of underlashes, but they can be a really cute addition toany dramatic eye.

I have just discovered e.



's EssentialAll Over Color Stick and I am currently obsessed with it.

You can use it all over your face, on yourlips, where ever.

But I love it as a blush because it has kindof a iridescent, like glowy kind of look, and it just looks really healthy and flatteringon the cheeks.

It also only cost a dollar so that's cool.

Just dab it on and blend it in with your fingers.

Easy! Finally, I'll finish off this makeup lookwith a red lipstick.

I guess there comes a time where you haveto change out of your kigurumi.

In to this cool Charmander outfit! Of course, you guys know my outfits are notcomplete without a super cool wig, so I am going to tie my hair back, and throw on a wig cap to prep for a wig.

This wig is the most perfect fire wig I haveever seen.

It is from the Triflect Collection from RockStarWigs.

It is called Screaming Crimson.

And not only is it perfect for this Charmanderlook, it is also perfect for any fire characterthat you could want to cosplay or incorporate into your daily fashion.

And now just a few more accessories like thisCharmander bow from Kawaii Blaby and we're almost done! The only thing left now is these freakingamazing, hand-painted Charmander evolution shoes.

These were hand-painted for my by the artistCatherine LaPointe.

I will link her shop below because you guyshave got to check her out.

She is so, so, so talented.

It's crazy! This brings me to my finished Charmander inspiredlook.

I hope you like it! Thank you guys so much for watching this Charmanderinspired look.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook,and Twitter for behind the scenes photos and lots more content.

And if you like this video, please, please,please subscribe to my channel.

I think you guys are all so perfect and I will see you guys next time.

Bye! [kiss].

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