Caribana/Carnival Glitter Makeup Tutorial Summer 2016 | ShamelessMaya

Caribana/Carnival Glitter Makeup Tutorial Summer 2016 | ShamelessMaya

♪ ♪ What up beautiful people? It isyour homegirl Ms.

Shameless, all up in yourbuilding with a new tutorial; this has been a minute.

I'm going to be goingto Toronto for Caribana.

Caribana is one of the largestcarnivals here in North America celebrating Caribbeanculture in Toronto, Canada; which happens to be my hometown.

And I wanted to do aCaribana Carnival look that is inspired by the LacroseCollection by Savage Carnival.

So make sure youguys watch this video and how I achieve this look.

It's a lot of fun,it's a lot DYI, it's a lot of time,let me tell you.

But make sure youguys like this video and stay tunedand keep watching.

Step 1: Prime your face because you're goingto be sweating up a storm and you don't wantthat makeup to go nowhere.

Step 2: Born ThisWay, Two-Faced, liquid.

♪ ♪ Now you got to set all of thisin place so it don't go nowhere.

So you just wantto put it e'rywhere, except for maybe under the eyes because we have toconceal that bad boy.

This is going tokeep it on all day long when you want tosweat up a storm.

I'm showing you the way, boo.

Okay, leave it! Don't touch it.

Eyebrows, just usingsome Gerard Cosmetics Brow Powder, usewhatever you'd like.

Eye shadow.

I went ahead andgot one eye started, and as you can seemy face gobbled up all the air spun powderbecause, why? She oily.

There's some [unintelligible].

So don't mind this, we'rejust going to work on the eye and then I willreveal the butterfly that is under this cocoon, okay? So I'm using thisMakeup Forever Aqua XL, does that mean it's waterproof? Ugh — It — Girl, it'swaterproof! Even better.

Take this, going to runit all across my eyeballs, all across the balls of my eyes.

And then I'musing my ring finger.

I'm just spreadingher, that sounds awful.

There we go! She's allready.

Now that's the base.

Now I'm going to takemy NYX Shadow in Poolside and I'm going to dab, dab, dab.

Dab, dab on the eye.

We want it tostick on, not wipe off.

Dab, dab it on.

I'm going to take this offsince it looks ridiculous.

Get her off.

She'sbeen baking long enough.

Okay, I'm going to use thisElectric Palette by Urban Decay, and I'm going to use this colorover here, which is Fringe.

And I'm going to usea dense brush — not toofluffy, not too stiff — and apply in the crease.

This is fun, playingwith makeup is fun, guys.

And it depends on howdramatic you want to go.

Do you want to go the mile?Then you should for Caribana.


I'm going to go under.

She's going into the waterline.

The ugliest faceswhen you put on makeup.

[laughs] That's about right.

Screenshot that! Using an angled brushin my next Poolside blue.

She going to setthat in, like so.

So we're just setting her in,take the fringe, drop it in.


What I say? Ido this! What do I say? I say blend, trick,blend.

So you going to blend.

Blend in a circular motion,side to side, window-wipers.

There! She's giving you likeunderwater princess goddess.

Move over Ariel![water splashes] I'm going to take thisrevolt, it's a silver color, and put it on my browbone — look at that fleek.

Fleek the F out, ohshit, she's back at it again.

Back at it again with theglitter highlight brow bone.

And let's put onsome liquid liner.

[British accent] Absolutefavorite is the NYX Vinyl Liner.

[normal voice] And I loveher, and she's so affordable, and she goes on easy, stays on.

So I'm going to start allthe way from here to here because I'mputting it on a lash.

If you have neverdone a Carnival inyo' life, you should.

They have them in Brazil,Trinidad, Barbados, everywhere.

If you mess thisup it's okay cuz' we're going to put a lash ontop to hide all your mistakes.

So Disney has lashes, these arethe Disney Tinkerbelle lash, it starts from small andgets thicker towards the end.

So, when you pull offthe lashes, pull it down.

So now I'm going toput her on her face, you just kind of bendit, bend it this way, and you can cut them — If you have the issue where the lash stabs you inthe corner of your eyes, cut it, make it shorter, and then start the lashoutwards, on the outer part, as opposed to the inner part.

Let's just put onsome lash glue.


So let it dry a little bit.

Mascara! This isEssence, Lash Princess.

Go over your lashes thathave fall off of the shadow.

So you're makingyour lashes black, as opposed towhatever shadow you had.

And that gives youenough time to dry, and then you put it on like so.

♪ ♪ So you're going to put somemascara on your lower lash.

I'm going to go aheadand put some of the shimmer on my brow bonehere in the corner.

♪ ♪ I'm going to apply someconcealer underneath my eye, which I did not do because I was concernedthat shadow would fall down, but I'm pretty darn good.

Set the concealer.

Okay, so I'm going to letthat stay on for a wee bit.

Then I'm going to getmy powder foundation and I'm going to go inand add my color back where the air spun was.

♪ ♪ Now time to put on the jewels, that's the real fun,that's the fun part.

We're going to fierceher out, Carnival style.

5 hours later.

I'm going to walk you throughhow to create this on this.

Now this is the funpart, you can skip all this, just get this, get all that! First we're going to startoff with the thicker ones.

Okay so if you want youcan just put little dots, and you can use like a –oh, a brown pencil to like kind of like eyeball it.

Something that kind ofblends in with your skin.

The pain about this thingis it may not be even, but that's okay.

I'm going to takesome light blue gems because I did purplea few years ago.

Get some lash glue,get to pasting, okay.

Are these the same size?They're not the same size! I'll just move thisone over here.


Smaller one.

There you go! You tried to play me,you tried to play me, you can't play me! You can't play a playa, jewels! ♪ ♪ There, boom! Now I'm going to putsome of this thicker glitter that I got from like aMichael's or any craft store.

Just pour it onto a plate, and I poured itinto my lash tray.

Now I don't have myglitter glue, I forgot that, you know what I do have?I've got some hairspray.

So I'm going to spraythat onto a plate.

Bam! It's called beingresourceful, okay? So I'm just going to putthis hairspray on my face, do at your own risk,it's going to get tacky.

Then you take your glitterati, and I'm putting it on, there wego, boom, in yo' face, glitter! Bam! Then you get finer glitter, this is MarthaStewart glitter, I love it.


And then goin-between the lines.

This thing is calledart.

Art on my face! And this just addstexture and dimension.

We're almost done, finishup the look with those lips, I'm using Aries by Ofra, it's a nice pastel pink tocompliment those baby blue eyes, and I likelayering my lip color, so I'm using a deeper pink glosscalled Rose Julep by Buxom.

Don't wash yourface for two weeks because you're not going to takeoff the hard work you put on.

So then you want to set allof this hard-ass work, okay? So I just have, you knowwhat, grab what you got, I got this Buxom Total Fixation,does it work? Let's find out.

My cheeks smell good, though.

Listen, it was worth the wait.

Listen, these photos, listen, you want these photos becauseit's that one time of the year that you get to do all of this.

You're going to gothere with the outfit, you might as well gothere with the face, okay? We're going to go therewith the body.

So I'm going to be usingmy Alaffia Africa Secret, it's shea butter, and you justput this on all over your body, and it's going toact as an adhesive.

Make sure you guys watchmy previous Carnival video, it's so much fun.

For a differentlook, but put this on.

Then you take moreglitter, and you do what? You shimmy it, youshimmy it everywhere.

And they justthrow glitter at you! ♪ ♪ [unintelligible] Okay.

So that's the body,and you can do this all over,you can put it on your legs, the abs, all of that stuff,your muffin top, shoulders.

Now this look was inspired by the Collection byLacrose from Savage Carnival and that is the costume that I'm going to berocking for Caribana.

Yes, your girl will be inToronto for Caribana July 30th, which is at theend of this month, and she's going to be palancing,palancing on these streets; the six, watch out, yes,your homegirl is from Toronto.

And I'm going to bepalancing with Latoya Forever, Shannon Boody, and we're going to tear down.

Thank you Lacrose,thank you Savage Carnival.

We're going to have so much fun.

Make sure you guys follow meon Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat so you can see thefestivities happening because you know I'm a bit slowon that Maya's World upload, you know how it goes? But yeah, make sureyou guys check her out, she's an awesome,amazing designer.

I'm going to put itin the description box so you too can takepart in Caribana, or maybe another Carnivalin another part of the world.

Oh, but Shameless I can'ttake part in the festivities, what am I going to do? What you going to do isget yourself a whistle, show some skin andting, a little crop-top, a little booty shorts,you know what I'm saying? Like this video, makesure you guys are subscribed and comment belowand let me know, what's your favoritecolor to wear on your face? Serving you face.

Remember to doyou, boo.

Be shameless.

[air horn] ♪ ♪.

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