Bronz Yaz Makyaji + Nasil Eyeliner cekiyorum + Biraz Sohbet I TurkishBeautySa

Bronz Yaz Makyaji + Nasil Eyeliner cekiyorum + Biraz Sohbet I TurkishBeautySa

Hi I'm Merve I have given you today painted a beautiful glowigen summer look.

If you want to know how I made up this look, then stay tuned.

Let's start with the Foundation.

What I use as a Foundation? How do I add them to? Of course, with my sponge.

I will apply it with a sponge, although it is not soo clean.

I sprinkle my sponge with the UD fixing spray.

This helps us better to blind the Foundation.

The Foundation is on it now.

This makeup is not soo opaque.

It's just a make up what I use for everyday life.

I will grade not that it is too opaque.

You should look more natural.

As concealer.

I had sorted the things times.

I find degree gaaarnichts.


I use even a slight.


Where am I? I live in Germany.

I was born here.

Work here.

My family is here.

Bin 27th I married a month ago.

What else? I'm a little excited, I'm sorry.

Because my first video is likely.

I use again the Fixierspray of UD.

I do want to brighten up even more under the eyes.

Use the concealer of Gold Rose.

If I do not talk to me a few words.

If our TURKISH TEACHERS / INTERIOR should say something.

I warn before you.

My Turkish is not perfect.

Since I live in Germany.

I talk with my husband no Turkish so.

Since we only speak German, it may be that I have forgotten something Turkish.

Years ago I made some long-distance high school in Turkish.

Since I have improved my Turkish.

But after that.

Was it away.

To setup my eyes, I use the powder from MAC.

In the Color Light.

I do not always.

Actually, only when I remove the makeup slightly stronger.

It may be that I forgot to show the products, because I'm so excited.

I have makeup on the lips.

Now I'm still on it with powder.

I use this one.

By that I do not shine.

I eyeshadow degree just for the video, I go straight to work.

And before I go to work I will abschminken me.

But anyway.

It's not as much work.

As Blush I use Mac margin.

I link you to brush the bottom of the infobox.

Where you can buy and order.

In addition to the Blush I still carry on the bronzerhighlighter Mac.

Very easy.

About the Apfelbäckchen.

My favorite highlighter.

Dior Transat Edition.

To my eye makeup I will use a palette.

This eye shadow palette of Zoeva.

The color I'm going to use this as the first here.

You can use a base, I do not use.

This I verblende with a matte tone.

I'm very easy to apply on my crease the Pressed pigment from Mac.

I carry on my crease.

This color I wear on the outside.

Only I carry it on with a brush.

Then I verblende it with a blender brush.

I always start at the end.

On tail.

Imagine that nothing is now because I record.

I'm freaking out when something happens.

Then I go forward slowly.

And I will stop here.

Then I start again.

I see the mascara that I will use.

I'll highlighten under the eyebrows.

So glowy.

The eyelashes which I will use are of RedCherry nr 523rd I also want to show you how I Sticker them to me.

The want to know how to do that a lot.

The glue must dry slightly.

Oh no extra draufgemacht cement.

I let it dry a bit him.

20 seconds.

I start at the end to stick to.

Glue it on at the end.

Many do it with tweezers, but I get there so not out.

Many stick it first in the center, I also can not get out.

If only I had rather taken a ponytail.

I'm bursting here because of the heat.

Now we have the eyelashes also adhered.

Now again mascara lashes.

I use the Dior waterproof eyeliner kajal.

For the waterline.

Now the lips turn.

For the lips I use the Mac dervish lipliner.

This color is similar to my natural lip color very.

Now the lipstick's turn.

I have long wondered what lipstick I should use.

And I'll use 2 lipsticks Mac.

The first is Honey Love and the second is fishing.

That's up to the makeup.

I hope you liked it.

If you liked it do not forget to click like me.

If it did not you like I would be happy if you give me Write'd why it did not you like.

Sorry for my Turkish is not perfect.

And because I'm so excited.

First Video halt.

Be not very angry with me.

If you have to ask, have video wishes, please let me know.

See you in the next video until then.

Source: Youtube