Broken Doll Easy Halloween Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Broken Doll Easy Halloween Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys! Welcome back the Halloween teaparty where I'm attempting to do 31 tutorials for the 31 days of halloween.

Today's look is another completely drugstore look, it's a cracked doll, andyou don't need any fancy products to do this.

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So letsget cracking.

I'm starting out with an orange colourcorrector to correct my under eye bags, and because I wear glasses a lot of thetime, I have these kind of discolored patches where my glasses sit, so I'm alsocorrecting that with the same shade.

Then I'm blending out that color correction alittle, and, in case you haven't noticed the extreme amount of mustache sweat that I've got going on right now, I'm going in with some skin prep, and applying that to mymustache area, and just to the rest of my face because, I dunno, I was just sweating.

It was a warm day okay guys! Really, really warm.

Now that my sweat situation's under control, I'm going in with a light coverage foundation, and applying thatall over my face.

This shade pretty much matches my skin, but if you're trying togo for the porcelain doll, and you have a darker skin tone than me and you'rewanting to lighten it up, for this look I would use a heavy coverage becauseyou're trying to completely lighten it, not make yourself look ashy and dead.

Ifyou go like coverage you'll probably just look a bit ashy.

It's also best tostick to your own natural undertone, otherwise, again, you look a bit ashy.

Butif you are going to go for a different undertone, then it's probably best to gofor a cool undertone, and maybe do some color correcting underneath yourfoundation, so, if you know, if you have a lot of pink in your undertone maybegoing in with like a green primer or something to kind of cancel out thatpink.

Then I'm setting my foundation with a translucent powder and I'm going alittle bit heavier with the powder then I normally would just coz I'mworried about that sweat, just like breaking through my makeup.

For one of my eyes the eye that's going to be open I'm starting out with a coolish toned browneyeshadow and a small brush, and I'm basically trying to give myself a newcrease, a more rounded higher crease, which is kind of difficult because Ihave quite a hooded eyes, so I'm drawing out my new crease with the brown, andthen blending it out.

I'm more concerned with the blending towards my brow thantowards my actual crease.

Once I've got a pretty good blend, I'm going in with aclean blending brush, a fluffy one, and then just blending out some more, and I'm just going backwards and forwards between adding some more eyeshadow and blending it out and so I have the intensity that I want.

Then to define thatfake crease even more, I'm going in with some black eyeshadow on a small angledbrush I think, and just going along the bottom of my fake crease and blendingthat out, and I'm not blending it out as far as the brown, I'm keeping theblending quite tight along that black line, and again you know, just go back andforth between your black and your blending until you have it as intense asyou want it to be.

Once I'm happy with that, I'm taking a nude eyeshadow baseand I'm applying that all over my lid, and I'm trying to get a really niceprecise line against my new fake crease, and I'm setting that with a nudematte eyeshadow.

To line my eyes I'm using a black gel liner, and I'm notdoing anything fancy I'm just doing a very thin line along my lash line withno wing or anything like that, because I don't think dolls have winged liner,except maybe those Bratz dolls.

For the lashes I'm using these huge doll-likelashes, these lashes remind me of those dolls that used to blink when you wouldlike move them around.

For the under eye to make like my whole eye look moreround, my eyeball, I'm using a white eyeshadow base, and I'm applying thatwith a brush, because it just, with the brush you can get much more precise, and so I'm just drawing a big half-circle underneath my eye.

I'm taking some whiteeyeshadow and setting all of that, and I'm setting it really, really, well,especially in the areas where I know that I'm likely to have some creasinggoing on, because I want it to last as long as possible before it creases.

I'mlining my waterline with a white eyeliner so that it just you know, alllooks like an eyeball, and then I'm taking a black liner and just outliningthe white half circle, and of course we need lashes on that bottom lash line aswell.

I'm taking the second eyelash from the pair and I'm gluing that on andsticking it to the black line that I've drawn, and now when I blink I look justlike one of those dolls.

For the cheeks I'm taking a nice bright pink blusher,and a medium fluffy brush and I'm applying that right on the apples of mycheeks in circles, and I decided that wasn't quite bright enough for my dolland so I went back in with an even brighter pink eyeshadow and I appliedthat over the top.

I'm blending out the edges fairly well because I don't wantit to look too kind of painted on.

I'm using a red liner to draw kind of a weirdmouth shape, like the heart type mouth shape and filling that in with a redliquid to matte lipstick, and I'm filling in the rest of my lips with a beigelipstick.

You could use a concealer for this, it's just I find that you know, aconcealer doesn't tend to last that long on your lips and I really wanted my lipsto be nicely blanked out.

For all of the cracks on the face I'm using twodifferent liners, I'm using a gel liner to fill in kind of holes in the cracks,and I'm using a felt tip liner to do all of the cracks comingoff of those holes, the kind of more liney cracks.

For the huge crack overthe eye, I'm setting all of that with a black matte eyeshadow just to minimizethe amount of creasing or rub off I get.

This is a gel liner so it does tend tostay pretty well.

You can just use one kind of liner to do this whole look ifyou wanted to, the only thing I probably would avoid using is like a kohl linerbecause they tend to be much too smudgy to really stand up to very much wearwhen you're wearing them on your face like this.

So I'm using the felt tipliner to map things out, so if I have a big hole on my face, then I'll map outthe hole and then I'm filling that in with the gel liner.

For cracks they tendto be quite angular, they're not going to be very wiggly lines like you would getwith veins, it would tend to be a fairly straight line, and then an angle in adifferent direction with another straight line, and an angle, and sometimes it will separate off into kind of forks, and sometimes it will go in like ashatter, spider web pattern.

I'm just using all of those kind of patterns onmy face to build up the cracks.

As a warning, if you do the black eye thing,obviously it's only really going to look like a hole in your face when you haveone eye closed, and it's really hard to just keep one eye closed, especiallyfor a long period of time, and it tends to make your face look a bit strangewhen you're just trying to hold one eye closed, so this would be really, reallycool with sclera lenses, you can just wear one black sclera, or you could justposition all of the cracks and holes in other places, so not covering your actualeye.

Once I've done all of the cracks, I realized that my hairy human brows wereruining the effect, so I went in with the dark brown brow product and filled thosein, and one of the great things about this look is you are a doll so your brows would bepainted on, so you don't have to worry about any of the stuff you normally dowith brows.

You can just draw them on and colour them in.

I'm also filling inany of the brow that's poking out above the crack as well.

When I was doing thepictures for this look I realized that something was missing.

Freckles! Who has a doll without adorablefreckles! So I'm taking a brown brow pencil, andI'm just pushing it straight down onto the skin giving it a little twist andthen lifting it up again, and you should end up with some nice circular freckles.

You could use an eyeliner for this as well, I just had a brow pencil to hand.

And thats it guys! You are now a creepy doll! There will beanother video going live tomorrow so if you want to be notified when that's upthen you can subscribe to my channel, if you like this look you can let me know by clicking the likebutton, and if you have any comments or questions or anything like that leave them in the comment section andI'll do my best to get back to you.

If you decide to recreate this look I wouldlove to see how it turned out, you can post a picture to social media tag me(@teaisforteagan) in the picture, and use the hashtag #HalloweenTeaParty so I can see it and just marvel at how awesome you are.

I'm also having a little competition over onInstagram, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning some goodies all thedetails are over there, and in the description box below.

If this look isn'tquite what you're looking for, here are some alternative looks that might be abit more your style.

If you're wearing this out for halloween I hope you have anabsolutely amazing time, and I will see you in the next video.

Bye guys! It's really hard to keep one eye closed.

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