Bowser Makeup Tutorial (ft. NerdECrafter)

Bowser Makeup Tutorial (ft. NerdECrafter)

Hey everybody! Today we are going on a classic video gameadventure where I will show you how to do a glam Bowser-inspiredmakeup look.

So of course, I'm going to start by puttingin some bright red circle lenses to give myself really big, bright red eyes.

And then the next few steps are to put onmy base makeup which is foundation, concealer, powder, andeyeshadow primer.

Since these steps are pretty much the sameas they are in most of my other videos, I'm going to take this time to tell you aboutthis video, which is a Super Mario themed collaborationwith Jackie or NerdECrafter.

Jackie's channel NerdECrafter is a DIY craftingchannel which is just full of super cute tutorials that are based around nerd and geek culture.

So as someone who loves crafting and lovesall of the geeky things of the world, I could not be more pumped up to team up withJackie on this video.

Without Jackie, I would have had no one tokidnap and fight as Bowser in the beginning and end of thisvideo because she actually made those little polymerclay figures of Mario and Peach.


how cool are those? She made them!So cute.

In addition to that, you may have also alreadynoticed the Poison Piranha plant necklace that I amwearing right now.

You can click this little preview or followthe link in the description box below to check out her tutorial on how to make thisPoison Piranha plant polymer clay and Pearl Ex powder necklace.

You will not be disappointed.

It is so helpful and informative and justso cute.

And now, on to my glam Bowser tutorial.

So now that my face is all prepped and readyto start adding some fun colors in there, I'm going to start by putting this brightlime green eyeshadow all the way across my lids.

I am applying this by pressing it insteadof sweeping it just to really pack that color in there andmake it extra bright.

And then I'm going to deepen that by addinga darker green color on the outer corners and up throughmy crease.

Then using a fluffy brush, I'm going to sweeparound and blend those two greens together a little bit just to give myself a nice little gradientfrom light green to dark green.

Be careful when picking your dark green thatyou're not picking anything too dark.

You want to keep the overall eye look prettybright and colorful because it's going to make it look more animatedand cartoony that way.

Bright colors are gonna work much better forthis look.

And then I am going to use a bright yelloweyeshadow along my brow bone as a highlight.

And again I'm really packing this color into keep it as pigmented and bright as I possible can.

And then using a fluffy brush, I'm going tosoften that edge between the green and the yellow.

But I'm not going to totally blend it together.

Just soften it up a little bit.

For my eyeliner, I kinda figured that Bowserwould have like this insanely huge eyeliner wing.

So that's what I did.

Then I took that lime green eyeshadow color thatI used before and patted it on underneath my eye and outunderneath that wing as well.

Then I just softened that whole under-eyearea up with a clean fluffy brush.

And then I will use a white eyeliner alongmy waterline to really open my eyes up even more.

I am using NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in milk, which is my favorite white for the eyeballarea.

Next up, I'm just gonna hit my lashes withsome black mascara.

I'm gonna do my top and bottom lashes to get them all nice and black looking beforeI put on my falsies.

So while my mascara is drying, I'm going to go ahead and move on to my eyebrows.

I'm using this bright red lip liner to fillin my brows because it's just the exact color that I want.

You can use lip liner for stuff like this.

You just have to be careful that you don'taccidentally smear it.

If you cover it with something like with ared eyeshadow or if you wanna do like me and cover it inglitter.

As long as you seal it up, you should be fine.

For this Bowser look, I wanted to go withsome really big, dramatic lashes and Lashing Out Loud from Rock-A-Lash areeasily the biggest, most dramatic lashes that I have.

They are great for cartoon characters andanime and anytime you want a really big dramatic lash.

For my underlashes, I'm using Underlash Bfrom Rock-A-Lash as well.

And I have cut these underlashes so that they'renot the full strip.

I think I left three little lashes on thereso it's more of like a half-lash.

And now I'm going to use that same red lipliner that I used on my eyebrows to line and fill in my lips.

Then I'm going to add a red lipstick on topof that.

This is a cream lipstick that dries matte.

And since I'm going to be putting glitteron top of this, a matte finish is what I want because the glitter may not stay in placequite as well if you have a glossy kind of finish.

The glitter that I'm using for my brows andlips in this look is from Lit Cosmetics and it is called Firecracker, which is a bright red glitter.

Using the liquid glitter base that comes inLit's glitter kits, I'm able to apply the glitter exactly whereI want it using a little brush.

And it stays there and it gives you so muchcontrol over the glitter which is pretty amazing.

And then you can just add glitter everywhere! Of course, this look is just inspired by Bowser.

It's not like Bowser is over here actuallywearing red glitter on his eyebrows.

So you can do this however you want.

Or you could leave it out if you're not aglitter person.

That's fine too.

That's what's so fun about doing looks thatare inspired by characters but you're not trying to do like an exactcopy of what they look like, because you can just get super creative anddo it however you want.

It's completely up to you! After I finished up all that red glitter, I decided I wanted MORE GLITTER! So I took an even smaller tiny little brush, dipped it in the Lit glitter base, and then I lined the top of my eyeliner witha very pretty gold glitter.

Again because I'm using that glitter base, I can really just put this anywhere and Ihave lots of control over it, especially when I'm using a teeny tiny brushlike this one.

The nail polish that I've been wearing inthis video is one of Madam Glam's gel polishes, and it's actually from their chameleon line which means it changes colors! This is Hot, Hot, Hot which changes from orangeto red.

I showed you guys a few of these in all oftheir color-changing glory in one of my Favorites videos so I will linkthat if you want to check it out and see how they work! And now it is time for.

Bowser suit! My little Bowser suit is from Wholesale HalloweenCostumes and it comes with this suit and this adorablelittle inflatable shell.

Oh, and the costume also comes with the maskthat I was wearing at the beginning of the video! So clearly, my long black hair isn't lookingvery Bowser-y.

So it's wig time! This wig is a new wig that is not out yet.

It is a redesign of the current Shag collectionfrom RockStar Wigs, but this new one is a lace front which isperfect for Bowser because he has hair that kinda just flipsup and back and all over the place.

So obviously this wig has been styled already.

It does not come in Bowser form.

But it's not too far of this look either.

I have mostly just styled this top bit, making it stick up really far and have thesebig curls in it.

Since it's not out yet, let's just considerthis a sneak peek, and this is what it looks like.

It's going to come in several different colors and it's just perfect for so many differentcosplays.

I cannot wait to see what you guys do withthis wig.

And the final touch is to put in my Bowserhorn hair clips.

I made these out of yellow and orange polymerclay.

They were super easy to make and it perfectlytops off this Bowser cosplay! And that's it for this Super Mario adventure! I hope you liked it and if you did, give ita thumbs up and subscribe to my channel.

And also don't forget to check out Jackieover on NerdECrafter.

She puts out super cute craft videos everyweek and she's even going to have a tutorial forthe Mario and Peach in this video too! Thanks so much for watching, you guys.

I'llsee you next time! Bye! B: Your horn fell off.

ALEXA: I know! *laughing*.

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