Blackest of the Black – Eyeliner Challenge – NYX – Rimmel – MAC and Estee Lauder

Blackest of the Black – Eyeliner Challenge – NYX – Rimmel – MAC and Estee Lauder

HI i am Kirsty Meakin and this is Naio Makeup, In this video i am gonna test out some liquideyeliners, to find out which is the blackest of the black, this is a bit like the new iPhone,you have got the matte black one.

and then you have the blacker than black one, I havethe matte black one, You have the rubbish matte black one, I have the jet black coming,it's gonna come.

I've had mine for three weeks, and you haven'tgot yours yet.

So we are gonna test which is the blackestone out of these four, i will show you which we have, we have a a big variety, their isa variety of expense and a variety of brands, thats the word.

So we have rimmel Scandaleyes,the rimmerl scandaleyes precision micro eyeliner, and then we have Estee Lauder darling, don'tyou know, Double Wear, Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner, this is the most expensiveone we have it should be amazing.

, and then we have My favourite if i am honest, i wearit nearly every single day.

it's NYX superfat eye marker and then we have got MAC RetroBlack Fluid Line Pen, so on this side, We are gonna do a MAC, the MAC one, and on theotherside we will do Scandal eyes from Rimmel, So JJ has got on just her normal day makeup,she has done it herself it's just a normal day makeup and what we are gonna do is testthese eyeliners and see how fantabulous they are.

If you don't know what Fantabulous means lookit up on Youtube, or google or something like that because it's not in the dictionary.

Iam gonna do a lovely fat flick, because we want to see how black it is, we don't wantto do you know like a little tiny skinny flick we want to see how black it is, so we needa nice big flick, it looks nice that, it looks nice but i don't think its, it''s got likea blue tinge to it, I think it's a little, it's got, to me it's got a blue tinge to itit has.

Nice though, nice, in all fairness, lets have a go of the Scandal Eyes, from Rimmel,again a nice big fat flick, now i am not really concentrating on getting theses exactly thesame as each other, we just want to see how black the black is, Oh, there is a defintewinner there, there is a definite blacker than black.

there is a black and there isa not so black.

this one is definitely the winner.

this is not so black, this is definitelyblack.

So we have difinitely got a winner there.

this is definitely the blackest one,but is it gonna be the blackest one we use today, lets wait and see so we have got thesuperfat eye marker we are gonna do that one next.

compare it to this one.

because thisis the winner so far.

we are the winner.

now i love this one it is one of the favouritesso i am kind of rooting for this one.

i am like YEScomeon NYX you need to be the winner.

But i will be completely unbiased.

I will take bribes.

So as it stands the rimmel next,which was the winner from before, next to the superfat eyemarker is the loser, and theNYXSuperfat eyemarker is the winner so far, but will it still gonna win, we have got totest the Estee Lauder, lets see what is gonna win now.

are we ready for the estee lauder,oh it's got a little ball in, la cucaracha, la cucaracha, close your eye for me and letssee how black this really is it's quite wet is this, it kinda, when youare drawing it on it kinda, i don't know whether the brush is so stiff, but it kinda dragsit off, when you put it on.

i don't know whether the brush is so stiff or that it's so wet.

So if you look at it, i was looking at it thinking oh it's crinkley and everything , butit actually cracks, can you see how it's cracking, it's cracking but not in a good way.

Now i will give it, it is very black, it'sa great black, but it does crack and go a bit tight, So my opinion wearability for itto be comfortable to wear and be blacker than black i would go with the NYX i think, theNYX is gonna be the winner, because as you look at that, there is some serious crackgoing on.

i can still feel it on.

does it feel really uncomfortable.

because you canfeel it, can you feel this one.

I think sometimes these longer wear ones have got a bit of likea rubbery texture to them and they do go a bit cracky.

it is very black, but it is abit cracky , so i definitely think that the blackest one for being blacker than blackis the estee lauder double wear but it is a little bit cracky, but if you put a secondcoat on you'll cover the cracks, it won't be the most comfortable you have worn in yourlife but it is the blackest, so if you want something that is a b=little bit more comfortablei would go with the close 2nd the NYX superfat eyemarker.

there you are Very Good There you are guys i hope you enjoyed thati hope i have helped you to the blackest liquid eyeliner out there, so give it a go see whatyou think, have a try, i prefer the NYX one really because it's more comfortable but youknow, don't forget to subscribe to this brand spanking new channel, and also subscribe toour Naio Nails channel as well, and i will see you all next time for some fantabuloousamazing make up.

bye bye.

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