– Hi guys! Today I'm with Marina.

– Hi! It was her birthday yesterdayand she celebrates tonight, so we had to make a tutorial! I decided to create this makeup,almost monochromatic: all based on neutral brown tones.

It's inspired by Kylie Jenner's lookat the Golden Globe Awards, but with some changes.

For exemple, on the lipsI chose this brownish mauve instead of a total nudebecause I found it too dull.

On the eyes I used eyeshadowswith satin and opaque finish: not too metallic.

And a super glowing,perfect, flawless base.

Let's move on to the tutorial,I hope you like it! I start applying Bobbi BrownSkin Foundation Stick in a slightly darker shadethan Marina's face to give the effect of a moretanned and healthy complexion.

I blend it in using theContour Brush by Real Techniques.

And I make sure that it'swell blended also on the neck.

I'm testing the Inglot sponge,similar to a Beauty Blender, I love it.

And I blend in some more toachieve an even more natural effect.

On the eyes I'm usingBakery by Nabla which became one ofmy favourite cream eyeshadows.

It's an elegant medium brown,with a light taupe satin finish.

I apply it on the eyelid,blending the edges up to the brows.

From the Gwen Stefani palette,I use Zone – an hazelnut brown very similar to Bakery,just a bit warmer and darker, and I define the outer part,creating an almost horizontal line in order to elongate the eye.

I join it to the lash linecreating a V shape and I blend very well.

I keep blending also on theside of the nose, below the brows: this adds even more emphasisand sensuality to the eyes.

I use Made to Last by Pupan.

202, a matte dark brown, and I apply it on the eyelash baseon the outer edge of the eye and I blend it with a small brush.

I don't want any defined lines,it all needs to be super soft.

I then use Bathwater,a light champagne shade, and I apply it on the corner of the eye for a delicate, bright effect.

I fill in the eyebrowswith Brow Divine by Nabla, long lasting and automatic,in the shade Venus.

With this light taupe shadeI create the base of the brows and I will add definitionwith a darker pencil.

I'm now using Jupiter,a darker brown shade, to mimic the naturaleffect of the hairs.

This is the final result.

With a precision brushand some concealer I trace a line following thenatural shape of the brow to add more definition and tocreate a contrast with the eyes.

I love this effect, whichreplace the classic highlighter because the makeupbecomes more sexy and elegant I set the brows with the Clear Gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

For the under eye I usethe Concealer Circle by Kryolan.

I apply a very thin layer andI mix the colours for the perfect shade.

I use the same concealerto give more definition to the makeup.

I blend in the productwith the Inglot sponge.

For a highlighted skin, I useRadiant Creamy Concealer by NARS in Custard and I blend it in with the sponge.

I create a soft contouringwith my new Shade and Illuminate by Tom Ford.

I'm using a fat brush to createa shade under the cheekbones and to bring backdimension to the face.

I'm loving this product: the textureblends in perfectly with the skin, without leaving any patches.

and it's not the usualcool contouring tone, which tends to makethe complexion dull.

On the contrary, this givesa natural healthy and warm shade.

With a small brushI also contour the nose.

I apply the highlighton the high points of the face: cheekbones, nose,cupid's bow and chin.

The result is a superglowing skin, which I love.

With the Inglot spongeI blend the product into the skin.

I set the face with thetranslucent powder by Laura Mercier and I pad the sponge where I want a more matte effect: under the eyesand on the T zone.

For the rest of the faceI apply a thin layer of powder.

I complete the eyesadding Bakery on the lower lash line and joining it with theupper part of the makeup.

I use Zone to addintensity to the lower lash line.

I apply the highlighter alsoon the lower part and I curl the lashes.

For mascara I applyPupa Vamp Extreme, which, unlike Pupa Vamp,has a silicon applicator which gives volume andallows to comb the lashes.

I also apply it on the lower lashes.

And it's time for false eyelashes: I'm using the individual lashesfor a more natural effect.

These are from K.


I mix the shortand the medium ones to obtain volume,but also a very natural effect.

With the contouring Paletteby Anastasia Beverly Hills I go back to the shadesthat I created on the face.

Before applying highlighterI spray some Dewy Spray by NYX.

and I apply Mary-Lou Manizer.

This way it createsan even more glowing effect.

On the cheeks I applyFetish by Urban Decay.

I chose this colourfor a natural flush to the cheeks.

I line the lips withKiko lip pencil n.

301 and I fill them in with Lolitaliquid lipstick by Kat Von D.

With the small brushI fill in and define the lips.

Since it was looking too dark,I applied a bit of Pure Hollywood: a nude liquid lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

This thin layer gives a moreromantic effect to the lips.

So this is the makeupI achieved for Marina's birthday, with a perfect,flawless, glowing base, neutral eyes withdelicate texture and shades.

and with an elongate, sexy shape.

For lips, a matte brownish mauve,absolutely beautiful.

  Let me know what you thinkin the comments down below.

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